18-20 March 2019

Big Sight Exhibition Center. Tokyo, Japan. 18-20 March ... The clinical trial sector in Japan will continue to strengthen over the coming years, as re...

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Big Sight Exhibition Center Tokyo, Japan

hi.com/jp 19

18-20 March 2019


pharma professionals

From 60+ Countries

5 events in 1 location

3 days

of business, learning & networking opportunities

“Attending CPhI Japan was a good chance to get in contact with Japanese companies and to understand the Japanese pharma industry and trends. We are looking forward to attending this wonderful exhibition again and to exchange our experience with local Japanese companies.”


Andrea Salvadori, Sales Area Manager, PQE

“An event that is full of potential to expand existing business, explore new markets, learn the latest trends in the industry and to learn about the business culture.”

of CPhI Japan visitors found new partners for future collaboration*

Ashish Trivedi, Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Limited

* 2018 post show survey


For more information contact:  [email protected]

Facts & figures of the 2018 show 550 exhibitors from 32 countries and 19,509 visitors from 67 countries! Top 10 visitor countries

1. Japan

5. Taiwan

2. China

6. Germany

Positions -

3. South Korea

7. Spain

4. India

8. USA




Quality Control/Production









Positions 9. Vietnam

10. Italy

Pharmaceutical manufacturing/ Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing

Fine chemical manufacturing/ Intermediate manufacturing/ API manufacturing




Quality Control/Production









Visitor business categories 33%

Pharmaceutical manufacturing/ Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing



Primary purpose of visit Looking for new suppliers, ingredients & services


Attending conferences and exhibitor presentations

Obtaining market / product information


10% 22.6%

Fine Chemical/ API/ Intermediates Manufacturing


Trading Company

Maintaining business relationships





For more on market trends visit www.cphi.com/japan

Pharmaceutical Market Forecast 105

3. T  he global biopharmaceutical market is forecasted to reach $306bn by 2020. Asia-Pacific is forecasted to emerge as the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 12.2%





Ageing Population: Japan’s ageing population will further drive demand for pharmaceutical products. By 2030, the pensionable population as a percentage of the total will grow to 31.2%, up from 25.8% in 2014. Research & Development: Japan’s R&D remains at the forefront of the global pharmaceutical industry. In biomedical R&D spending, Japan is the third largest in the world, accounting for approximately 10% of the total expenditure.


Pharmaceutical market growth

Reference: BMI


2. T  he Japanese pharma market is expected to reach a value of $105bn by 2021 and $109bn by 2026

(2017 - 2021)


1. Japan is the 3rd largest pharma market in the world

US$bn in Sales

Why Japan?






2018 – The European Union and Japan strengthen collaboration

A global hub for drug development & clinical trial:

A Monumental Free-Trade Deal: As a rich country of 127 million people, Japan holds huge potential for EU firms to export even more. In April 2018, the EU and Japan signed a monumental trade deal, making it easier for EU pharmaceutical companies to export to Japan.

Japan is a member of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PIC/S), enabling overseas suppliers to synchronise manufacturing & quality control with Japanese manufacturers.

GMP Inspection: In April 2018, the EU and Japan have agreed to extend the scope of their mutual recognition agreement (MRA) to cover a wider range of medicines, including sterile medicines, certain biological medicines, vaccines and immunological product, and APIs of any medicine covered in the agreement. The EU and Japan thus recognize GMP inspections in each other’s territories.

The clinical trial sector in Japan will continue to strengthen over the coming years, as reflected by the government’s focus on transforming the landscape and improving drug approval times.

Japan has a high dependency rate for APIs on overseas suppliers of generic drugs*

51.2% - 57.8%

of APIs are imported from outside Japan for Generic Drug Manufacturing in Japan

Top 6 API suppliers in 2 categories Value based

For APIs which are used without additional purification/reprocess

For APIs which required additional purification/ reprocess

1. Korea 31% 2. China 12.3% 3. Spain 9.9% 4. Italy 8.9% 5. Hungary 8.4% 6. India 7.2%

1. India 30% 2. Korea 26% 3. China 24.1% 4. Germany 9.6% 5. Italy 1.4% 6. Taiwan 1.4%

Key factors to choose overseas API suppliers for generic drugs manufacturing in Japan* 86.7%

Meet Japan’s GMP standard


Maintain a stable supply


Competitive price


Keep delivery date


Quality control capability


Management stability


History with Japanese companies


Social & political stability

*Reference: The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Generic Drug Report conducted by Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.

For more on market trends visit www.cphi.com/japan

Exhibitor profiles:

Exhibitors at CPhI Japan and co-located shows are active in a range of business sectors, including:


Finished Formulation

Contract Services

Technology & Machinery

Networking & learning at the show


Packaging, Drug delivery

NEW for 2019

Laboratory Equipment

Natural Extracts

Visitors’ top 3 job positions

Exhibitor Showcase

Educate the industry about your products, services, new launches, innovations and news during a 30 minute presentation attended by visitors, press and fellow exhibitors. Create a buzz around your news at the show and benefit: •M  aximise exposure before, during and after the event • Drive attendees to your stand • Generate new leads



CEO/Chairman/Vice President/Director Takeda, Astellas, Daiichi Sankyo, Mochida, Kyowa Hakko



Management Shionogi, Mitsubishi Pharma. Teijin, Taisho, Pfizer Japan


Seminars on trending industry topics give valuable insight into the Japanese pharma industry. As the industry is undergoing change, be sure to attend and gain competitive advantage. Seminars included sessions by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, leading international and domestic pharmaceutical companies and prestigious universities.

Business Matchmaking Programme

 he “Business Matchmaking Programme” is a gateway for T exhibitors to meet potential buyers. Exhibitors can find visitor enquiries on products or services they are looking for. You can contact the visitors whom you are interested in by making appointments. All exhibitors are welcome to participate FREE of charge!

CPhI Online

Enhance online exposure of your company and products on

CPhI Online. Stay connected with buyers before and after the show. With 42,000+ unique visitors per month, CPhI Online is a pharma sourcing directory that allows you to: • Generate leads • Increase brand awareness • Stay updated on pharma industry news and trends


For more information contact:  [email protected]



NonManagement Chugai, Otsuka, Nichi-Iko, Eisai, Otsuka

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