Adding Authorizations

Adding Authorizations. 1. Navigate to Patient > Authorizations [1] and click on Add [2]:. 2. Select a Contract [1], Discipline [2], Authorization [3],...

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Adding Authorizations 1. Navigate to Patient > Authorizations [1] and click on Add [2]:

2. Select a Contract [1], Discipline [2], Authorization [3], Service Code [4], From/To Date [5,6], and Max Units for Auth [7]:

3. Instead of setting a value for Max Units for Auth, you can select a Period [1] for the Authorization:

4. For a Daily Period [1], set the maximum number of hours for a Visit for each day of the week [2]:

5. If the Weekly, Monthly, or Entire Period value is selected for Period [1], set the Max units for period [2]:

6. Use the Additional Rules [1] checkbox to add rules to the Period. Use the Maximum Visits / per / of [2] field to specify the rule. Use the Add Row [3] button to create more rules:

7. Any external documents or notes may be added to the Authorization using the Document [1] and Notes [2] field. Once done, click Save [3] to activate the Authorization:

8. Once saved, you may review all Authorizations on the Authorizations/Orders page:

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