ASBMT Corporate Council

Enhance meaningful dialog between industry and BMT thought leaders. • Share information, advice and assistance for developing new products and servi...

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ASBMT Corporate Council

Mission Statement The Corporate Council was established to:   

Enhance meaningful dialog between industry and BMT thought leaders. Share information, advice and assistance for developing new products and services to improve BMT. Create workshops and demonstration projects to address BMT issues

Current Goals 1) Establish and strengthen relationships with pharmaceutical and medical device makers. Continue to recruit members to the Corporate Council. 2) Share information, advice and assistance in developing new products and services to improve blood and marrow transplantation. 3) Build relations which Industry and BMT thought leaders which can result in problemsolving discussions throughout the year.

Ongoing Objectives 1) Increase Corporate Council membership. 2) Explore new membership opportunities (e.g. institutions, payers) 3) Provide educational value to members. 4) Develop strategies to solve industry problems and capture opportunities.

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