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LIBERTY CORNER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. #libertycornerchurch at a glance. #ChristmasEve. #candlelight. Liberty Corner Kids help ... publications-media...

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lcpc908 LIBERTY CORNER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH #libertycornerchurch

#ChristmasEve #candlelight

Liberty Corner Kids help tell the Christmas story!

#LiveNativity #worship

#LiveNativity #childrensermon

#holyfamily #LiveNativity TCC sounded great at TCC’s adorable reindeer! studentLIFE Christmas their Christmas program! #ChristmasProgram party & gift exchange

LCKids share gifts at Christmas #GLA

#GLA #shoeboxes #smiles

2018 at a glance Choir & Worship Team share holiday favorites!

Live Nativity offers crafts for all ages!

Christmas Concert comeback! #success

#GLA Packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child

Living On Purpose #sermonseries

A new Faith Cafe offering! I AM: high school retreat 9:15 & 10:30 each Sunday #lifechanging

studentLIFE Retreat fun! #lederhosen

#retreat #worship #music Middle School Retreat: #friendship #faith shaving cream, anyone?

#MiddleSchoolRetreat #fun&games

Exploring faith together at LCKids

All smiles for the first day of The Children’s Corner!

Fall Leadership Brunch: planning & friendship

Mission Mondays make New City Kids shares ideas Books change lives! #SportsCamp2018 an impact locally #SHARE w/ Hearts For Honduras Malawi Visions Libraries #BreakingFree

Fall Leadership Brunch #excitedfor2018

#libertycornerkids #balance


Sports Camp huddle #favoriteweekofsummer

Ordaining/installing our new leaders! #elders #deacons

Seekers claim their faith Maundy Thursday meal #EggHunt&OpenHouse #studentLIFE teaches about communion #familyoffaith

We’ve had a great year! See more photos & videos at

Liberty Corner Kids is the reason we chose LCPC. LCKids is the only children's ministry we found that offered our three children a true and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, while still being fun and exciting. Our children have developed such a strong faith , I know that whatever obstacles they may face, they will overcome because of the values, love, and Bible-based instruction they have received from LCKids programs! - Amanda, Liberty Corner Kids parent

It’s just awesome to walk together as we grow. Faith Cafe gives us that weekly opportunity. - Aaron, Spiritual Growth leader

As a student from Ridge it was hard to make friends, but at the church it's a safe place to be yourself and make good experiences with people and your faith.” - Royner, grade 12

I grew up going to Presbyterian churches every Sunday. Sunday school and then church. Knew about God and Jesus intellectually. Graduated from Presbyterian College in SC. But it wasn’t until the July of my 26th year when I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

” ” ” ”

Our contemporary service seems more like those of the first Christians. No dress up. More spontaneous. No restraint to tell a brother or sister in Christ about prayer needs, or to listen to theirs. It is wonderful to feel and see the Holy Spirit working there. - Rone, member

2018 at a glance 2018 Budget Income: Offerings $1,375,000 Other Income $22,250 Total Operating Church Income $1,397,250

$266,022 $92,991 $146,527 $189,110 $69,741 $53,674 $818,067

$291,191 $97,499 $144,220 $206,034 $71,299 $60,547 $870,790

Program Expense Total Adult Spiritual Growth Total Outreach Ministries Total Liberty Corner Kids Total studentLIFE Total Worship Arts Ministries Total Care Giving Ministries Total Leadership Total Program Expense

$3,000 $5,650 $10,753 $25,000 $18,650 $7,638 $1,300 $71,991

$1,403 $3,836 $8,552 $20,689 $10,335 $6,229 $618 $51,661

$2,800 $4,550 $5,675 $15,000 $12,250 $6,935 $10,500 $57,710

Other Expense Total Business Office Total Communications Total Buildings and Grounds Replacement Reserve Total for Other Expense

$65,350 $21,000 $279,431 $60,000 $425,781

$65,906 $17,058 $269,011 $60,000 $411,975

$64,850 $18,200 $266,350 $75,000 $424,400

















Total Church Expense

$1,485,000 $31,250 $1,516,250

$278,001 $97,922 $150,078 $141,375 $71,161 $49,434 $787,971

Total Benevolence/Misc.

$1,364,599 $23,235 $1,387,834

Expense: Staff Expense Total Pastoral Services Total LCKids Staffing Total Worship Arts Staffing Total Administrative Staffing Total Facilities Staffing Total Staffing Costs Total Staff Expense

Total Miscellaneous

I have witnessed my children grow academically and spiritually through The Children’s Corner. The loving environment has nurtured their kindness, encouraged their strengths, and set the foundation for years of learning. Most importantly, though, is knowing their ‘school family’ is caring for them as I would when I can’t be there. - Karyn, The Children’s Corner parent

2018 Actual 2019 Budget

Income - Expense

Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church ended the year with a deficit of $44,473. Actual 2018 financial results were in line with the 2018 projected loss of $40,225. Actual offering and other income was essentially as budgeted, $9,416 below budget. Total expenses were $5,168 below budget resulting in the deficit. The Session is recommending a balanced budget for 2019. Budgeted giving represents a 9% increase over actual 2018 giving. The 2019 pledge commitments received to date are 12% higher than in 2018. For 2019 projected staffing costs reflect an increase over 2018 budget largely due to the full-year filled position of Executive Director. Additional details are reflected in the Annual Report online at publications-media.

45 Church Street, Liberty Corner, NJ 07938 (908) 647-0340

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