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Dec 15, 2016 - The babyTEL voicemail service answers your calls when you are not able .... 0 To reach an operator if one has been defined (Business Ph...

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babyTEL Voicemail Reference Guide The babyTEL voicemail service answers your calls when you are not able to and takes messages that it stores and delivers to you. In addition, the babyTEL voicemail system can:     

Notify you of new messages Transcribe your voice messages and send both transcription and audio to you by email Let you record a temporary greeting and set its expiry date Let you retrieve your messages by telephone and you can access it from any phone Accept fax messages which it delivers by email as PDF attachments (per page charges may apply)

The remainder of this document provides additional details and should serve as a useful reference covering various babyTEL voicemail service features and capabilities.

Forward my messages by email When this function is activated on your user account via the portal, a copy of each message will be sent to the email address provided. Each email will contain the received message as an attachment. Voice messages are delivered as audio files that you can listen to at your convenience. Fax messages are delivered as PDF attachments. Like any email, these messages can be saved permanently, organized or deleted.

Transcription of voice messages In addition to the transfer of voice messages to your email address, the babyTEL voicemail service also allows you to request a text transcript of your voice messages. This transcript, if requested, will be visible in the body of the email.

Message Waiting Indication (MWI) When you receive a new message, the system will send a message waiting indication to your telephone. The indication may be in visual form (either a fixed or flashing light or a message on the display of the phone) or audible (a stutter tone for example), depending on the type of device you use. You may disable MWI via the Messaging menu of the online user account portal.

Temporary greeting and expiry date The babyTEL voicemail service allows you to record a temporary greeting in addition to your regular greeting. This temporary greeting will be played to your callers instead of your regular greeting until it is deactivated. You can change your temporary greeting any time or you can simply deactivate it or reactivate it as often as you like. You can also set an expiration date to automatically deactivate it. Note: management of greetings is done via the telephone user interface.

babyTEL Voicemail Reference Guide Accessing your mailbox You can access your mailbox from your babyTEL line or from any other touchtone phone.

Calling Your Mailbox From Your babyTEL Line Dial *98. The system asks for your personal code.

Calling Your Mailbox From Any Other Phone Call yourself and let your phone ring until voicemail answers. When you hear your greeting, press *. The system then asks you for your personal code. NOTE: There are options available for calling your voice mailbox directly without first ringing your lines. Contact babyTEL to discuss the available options and determine which is most suitable for you.

Initializing your mailbox The first time you access your mailbox, the system will ask you for your temporary password and will guide you in the initial configuration of your mailbox. Note: The temporary password of a new mailbox is 12345. This initial configuration of a new mailbox consists of choosing a new password, recording your spoken name and your greeting. A few tips: (1) For security reasons, it is advisable that you change the existing password to a new one that only you know. Choose a sequence of 4 to 10 digits that cannot be easily guessed. (2) The name is used to identify the owner of the mailbox to callers. We recommend you use your first and last name. (3) Any caller who is redirected to your mailbox hears your personal greeting. If you do not record a greeting the system will play a default one using your name. If you choose to record a greeting be sure to speak clearly, identify yourself and keep it short as per the following example: "Hello, this is James Wood. You’ve reached my voicemail service. Please leave a message after the tone. Thank you."

babyTEL Voicemail Reference Guide This initialization procedure will be performed once, during the first call to your mailbox. System prompts will guide you as explained below:



Enter your temporary passcode.

Enter 12345 or a different temporary password if you were provided with one.

YOUR PASSWORD To begin setting up your mailbox, press the pound key.

Press the # key.

Please enter your new passcode.

Enter a new 4 to 10 digit password.

The system will repeat your entry and ask if you want to keep it.

Press 1 to save it or 2 to change it.

YOUR NAME Say your name after the tone. When you have finished, press the pound key.

Say your name then press #.

The system plays your recorded name and asks if you Press 1 to save it or 2 to change it. want to keep it.

YOUR GREETING Please record your greeting after the tone. When you have finished, press the pound key.

Record your greeting then press #. Alternatively you can press * to use the system greeting.

If you have recorded a greeting, the system will play it back and ask you if you want to keep it.

Press 1 to save it or 2 to change it.

Once the customization is complete, the system will tell you if you have any messages in your mailbox.

babyTEL Voicemail Reference Guide Navigating the Telephone User Interface (TUI) As a general rule, pressing star ‘*’ in any submenu cancels the current operation and returns you to the previous menu level. Pressing * at the main menu is equivalent to hanging up. Be careful not to press too many stars when returning to the main menu. Another general rule is that the pound ‘#’ key is treated as a termination key. It is typically pressed at the end of dialing a number or recording a message to indicate that you are done. Most menu options are presented by the TUI in the form of a prompt. In some menus, too many options are available so some will not be played but you will be told to press zero ‘0’ for more options. Pressing 0 in this case will play the missing options. Note that even though an option is not played by a menu prompt, it is available without having to press 0 first. The following diagram illustrates the full TUI navigation scheme.

babyTEL Voicemail Reference Guide To find a deleted message Before hanging up, you can find a message that you have deleted during this session because the system only erases the messages once you have hung up. Before hanging up, follow these steps:

FINDING A DELETED MESSAGE If you are in the Listen Options submenu, return to the Main Menu by pressing (*). If you are in another submenu, press (*) as many times as necessary to return to the Main Menu, being careful not to exit. In the Main Menu, press 1 to listen to your messages. The system will offer you the option to listen to your erased messages. Select that option. After playing your deleted message the system gives you the choice of saving or deleting it. Press 2 to SAVE it. You can press 2 to save it even while the message is still playing.

Automatic deletion of messages The system retains your new and saved messages for 30 days. After 30 days, your message will be automatically deleted. To keep a message for more than 30 days, listen to it again and save it.

Temporary Greeting The babyTEL voicemail service allows you to record a temporary greeting that will be played to your callers instead of your standard greeting. Recording a temporary greeting does not impact your standard greeting. In effect you are recording a second greeting that will be used temporarily. When setting up a temporary greeting, you can assign an expiration date. If you do not assign an expiration date, you must manually deactivate it to resume use of your standard greeting. Assigning an expiration date is recommended whenever you mention a return date in the greeting in case you return and forget to deactivate it. As an example your greeting may say something like: “Hello, this is James Wood. I'm currently on vacation and will be back on November 1. Thank you.”

babyTEL Voicemail Reference Guide In the above example, assuming your work day starts at 9:00 AM, you would set an expiration date of: "month=11, day=01, hour=08, minutes=59" (i.e. November 1 at 08:59 AM).

RECORD A TEMPORARY GREETING WITHOUT AN EXPIRATION DATE From the Main Menu, press 9 1 3 to record your temporary greeting Record your temporary greeting then press # Press 1 to SAVE it Press * to return to previous menus => Your temporary greeting is now active and will require action from you to disable it

RECORD A TEMPORARY GREETING WITH AN EXPIRATION DATE From the Main Menu, press 9 1 3 to record your temporary greeting. Record your temporary greeting then press on # Press 1 to SAVE it Press on 1 to set an expiration date Enter a number between 1 and 12 for the month of expiry Enter a number for the day of expiry Enter a number between 0 and 23 for the hour of expiry Enter a number between 0 and 59 for the minutes of the expiration time => The system repeats the expiration date for your temporary greeting

Caller options When a caller reaches your voicemail, available options while listening to your greeting are: 

# To Skip Greeting and start recording

* To login to your voicemail

0 To reach an operator if one has been defined (Business Phone accounts only)

babyTEL Voicemail Reference Guide Frequently Asked Questions How do I leave my voice mail? In the main menu, press the star (*) or hang up.

How many messages can my voice mail contain? 300 messages. This total includes the new messages and saved messages.

How long are messages kept? Your messages are kept for 30 days.

What is the maximum duration of a message that a person may leave me? 5 minutes (300 seconds). How to go back when I listen to a message? Press 4 to rewind by 5 seconds. You can press 4 several times to go to the part in which you are interested. You can also press 3 to go to the beginning of the message. How to skip a saved message? Press the pound (#) key.

How to get the date and time of the message while listening to it? Press 9 then 5 at any time during the message.

How to enable or disable the automatic indication of the date and time of each message? Go to the main menu and enter 9 3 3. How do I change the order in which the messages are heard? Go to the main menu and enter 9 3 2. This will reverse the current option (begin with the most recent or oldest message in chronological order). How do I cancel a recording? Press the star (*) key.

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