Connection to Mark 4:35–5:43 Jesus has power over the

Jesus has power over the evil one as well as everything else, even death. ... That's how the man who came out of nowhere responded to Jesus. He had li...

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Mark Sermon Series To Be Used: Session 4: Restores Potential Sermon Title: When Jesus Shows Up Passage: Mark 5:1-20

Connection to Mark 4:35–5:43 Jesus has power over the evil one as well as everything else, even death. Introduction/Opening Do you have one of those folks in your family who likes to redecorate, but not just in his or her house? They want to change everything in every room of every house they visit. It can be a little troubling to let such an artistically-driven person wreak havoc in your house one room at a time. But when it’s all finished, you usually admit—at least to yourself—that everything really looks much better and that the troublesome visit was worthwhile after all. Jesus tended to make lots of changes when He visited, but not by redecorating rooms. Everywhere He showed up, things changed in the lives of the people He encountered, and the change was always a vast improvement. For example, when He led His disciples across the sea to the Gerasene territory, He made some drastic changes in a person’s life. The responses to His upsetting visit leave us with some observations about the ways people respond to Christ. As we examine the ways people respond, we do well to evaluate ourselves honestly and determine which response describes us best. Outline 1. Embracing Jesus (1-13) a) The demoniac embraced Jesus. That’s how the man who came out of nowhere responded to Jesus. He had lived a tortured life. Everyone had given up on him. He lived alone and in agony, crying out for help but expecting nobody to come to his rescue. Then Jesus showed up, and the man embraced Him. Indeed, he didn’t know exactly what to do, but he knew that he wanted to be in the presence of Jesus. The battle between the Son of God and the demons commenced. Of course, the Son of God won, and the man with a settled soul proved it. b) A person in the grip of the enemy can embrace Jesus. Agony comes in different shapes and sizes. Evil has many faces. People in spiritual agony may not be screaming in caves, but their pain leaves them in anguish just the same. Only Jesus can make a difference. When He shows up in their lives, He can release the enemy’s grip and settle them with peace in His presence. He’s got plenty of victories to prove it in the transformed lives of people who have surrendered to Him.

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2. Rejecting Jesus (14-17) a) The Gerasene residents rejected Jesus. The enemy exhibited an ambition to destroy, first in the life of a tormented man and then in the death of some pigs. The men who tended the pigs ran and reported it to the people of the town who then went to see what had happened for themselves. When they arrived at the scene, they saw the pigs floating in the water and the demon-possessed man clothed and in his right mind, sitting at the feet of Jesus. That’s when they had a choice to make. Either they would take hold of the Christ who had delivered the man, or they would hold on to the life they had built for themselves. They rejected Christ and asked Him to leave. They chose to live without Him. b) People can reject Jesus and choose to live without Him. Granted, when Jesus shows up, things can be turned upside down. But He alone can settle us into all the joy that comes with new life in Him. Even so, countless individuals reject Him. They prefer to hold on to their uncertain lives rather than to give themselves to Him and rest in the certainty of eternal life in Him. 3. Following Jesus (18-20) a) The man who had been liberated from the devil’s control wanted to follow Jesus. Jesus showed that He wouldn’t stay where He wasn’t welcome, so He got ready to leave. That’s when the man whom He had delivered from demonic control made an appeal to Him. He wanted to follow Jesus. For him, following Jesus meant staying close to Him and serving Him in whatever way possible. Of course, Jesus had a better plan. He wanted the man to follow Him by sharing his testimony with others. In obedience to Jesus, he went throughout ten cities, telling everyone about Jesus. b) Anyone who has been set free by Jesus wants to follow Him. When we consider what Jesus has done to save us, we’re eager to follow Him and talk about Him. We want people to know Him personally because we want them to experience new life in Him. Even though telling others about Him may take us to places and encounters that will stretch us, we press on with joy over the possibility that someone will welcome Him into their lives. Conclusion When Jesus shows up, He turns everything inside out and moves us to respond to Him. How will you respond to His presence? Will you embrace Him or reject Him? If you’ve embraced Him, will you follow Him, even when He calls you to step out of your comfort zone? Argile Smith serves as the pastor of Parkway Baptist Church in Biloxi, Mississippi. A graduate of William Carey College (BA) and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv, PhD), he has also served as a theological educator and Baptist college administrator. He and his wife, Connie, have three grown sons, three remarkable daughters-in-law, and four fairly perfect grandchildren.

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