Demonstration 13

Demonstration 12.6 The Pinocchio Effect. This one may be a little weird. You'll need a good friend and two chairs. First, set up the two chairs, one b...

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Demonstration 13
As one final illustration, first spin around rapidly and then try to stand on one leg. The unusual stimulation of your vestibular sense caused by spinning around ...

Demonstration 13
an adaptation procedure: • Take a mouthful of diluted vinegar and swirl it around your mouth for about 30 seconds. Spit it out and then take a drink of plain water.

Charcoal Demonstration
The men who made charcoal from wood were highly skilled COLLIERS. A furnace like Pine ... The daylight hours were used to cut wood, pile it and burn it.

Demonstration 5
figure, and the one with the concentric circles looks like the ground, continuing behind the figure. With some effort you can force the radially marked cross to.

Demonstration 6
Does the motion displayed in the cartoon lead to a richer sense of depth? Link - Victor Vasarely is an artist who created a sense of a 3D world on a 2D canvas.

Demonstration 3
Demonstration 3.4 Night Vision and the Fovea Choose a clear night and find a place with no bright lights nearby. Look up at the stars and locate a very dim star.

Demonstration 6
Demonstration 6.2 Motion Parallax. For this, you'll need a car and a driver (since your attention will be directed out the side window and not on the road).

Demonstration Form
Tioga County. Demonstration. Evaluation Form. Name___________________________________ Age_____ Date of Birth________________.

Demonstration 7
to a darkened room and wait about 10 minutes until you are mostly dark adapted. Now compare the two objects to see which appears lighter. Photo by R.

Demonstration Update
Jul 2, 2015 - Location. Spadra Ranch, Pomona, CA. Investigator Mohammad R. Chaichi and Sowmya Mitra. Cal Poly, Pomona, CA. Soil Type. Sandy loam.

Demonstration 12.6 The Pinocchio Effect This one may be a little weird. You’ll need a good friend and two chairs. First, set up the two chairs, one behind the other. Now, sit in the first chair, and have your friend sit in the chair right in front of you. Close your eyes and have your friend take your dominant hand and place it on their nose. Here comes the weird part. Put your other hand on your own nose. Start tapping and stroking your friend’s nose at random intervals, the more random your movements, the better this works. Imitate these movements on your own nose. Try to make the movements synchronize as best as possible. Continue this for thirty seconds to a minute. If you are susceptible, you may start to feel as if your nose is three feet long! Not everyone will feel it, so don’t worry if you try it a few times and you don’t fee anything different.

Photo by R. Oldmixon

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