F6: A Maturity Model for the Data-Driven Enrollment Office

Stephen Lee. Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management, West Virginia University. Bridget Kurkowski. Regional Vice President, NRCCUA ...

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F6: A Maturity Model for the Data-Driven Enrollment Office


Kim Reid Principal Analyst, Eduventures

Brent Benner Director of Enrollment Management, University of Tampa

Stephen Lee Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management, West Virginia University

Bridget Kurkowski Regional Vice President, NRCCUA


A Dynamic Environment Fundamental shifts in college enrollment in play

Echoes of the past • Declines in traditional enrollment in many markets

Déjà vu?

• Demographic changes • Recovery from recession

New considerations… • Seismic shift in cost and funding of HE • Federal subsidies declining, families taking on more of the burden

Source: Eduventures’ Top Trait: Looking to the Next Generation of Leadership


What Does This Mean For Universities? Stuck in a difficult business model •

Increasing dependence on tuition revenue

High price high discount model persists, but can’t be sustained

Must deliver high value

Enrollment leaders are both… •

Stewards of financial sustainability

Advocates for student success

Source: Eduventures’ Top Trait: Looking to the Next Generation of Leadership


Six Critical Areas of Focus True penetration of enrollment management across the student lifecycle

Data and discernment

Giving voice to the changing student market

Holistically managing enrollment

Balancing sustainability and access

Leading complex organizations


Enrollment Management Maturation Model


The University of Tampa • Medium-sized liberal arts (7300 students) • 23% from FL, every state represented, 140 countries (15% international) • Ethnically and socioeconomically diverse (23% Pell eligible) #NACAC17

The University of Tampa – 2006-2008 • Began waitlist & tracked yield for spring • Automated accept letter to include merit • Purchased & implemented document imaging • Financial aid leveraging


The University of Tampa – 2009-2012 • Implemented segmented email track for undergrad, transfer & specific grad programs • Automated daily counselor funnel reports • Automated counselor call reports • Utilized predictive model for student search • Set up concurrent, but different reports for VP & Director


The University of Tampa – 2013-2017 • Analyzed high school GPA and academic probation for UT students • Implemented an NPC with great analytics • Automated financial aid packaging; 8 page brochure, 16 variable fields • Use data transfer programs to eliminate human data entry (upload ACT, SAT, etc.) #NACAC17

The University of Tampa – 2013-2017 • Use “likelihood to enroll” & “likelihood to retain” model scores for admission decisions • Use Data Lab as the foundation for recruiting in new territories


West Virginia University • Land-Grant, Flagship • Comprehensive, R-1, D-1 • Three campus locations • 33,000 students • 22,000 undergraduates at Morgantown Campus

• 47% resident, 53% non-resident • 14 colleges and schools #NACAC17


Enrollment Management Maturation • Presidential Initiative to Grow

• Data Driven Strategy • Influential Enrollment Management Committee

• Campus Engagement • Coordinated Enrollment Management Division Approach • Improved Communication • WVU System Alignment #NACAC17

Role of Technology and Data Science • Informed decisions lead to better outcomes for institutions AND students! • Macro objectives can be reached with micro strategies

• Identify opportunities and focus on what is actionable vs. impactful



Action vs Impact

Impact #NACAC17

Importance of Professional Development • Skill gaps in data science and enrollment policy • The new enrollment Vice President/Dean/Director

• Balance the Science and the Art


"The job is numerical and verbal. It's still all about relationships. You still need a sense of that person on the other end of the admissions process. If you lose that, you just become another technocrat, and you've lost the reason why you're doing this job." - David W. Oxtoby, Pomona College President


Importance of Professional Development • Across all team members – not just management and recruiters/counselors – The “Why” of good data practices – Service is about purpose


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