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August 26: Pray for our GF executive team (Joe Roberts, Daniel Boone, Steve. Hammers and Matt Wilson) as they finalize preparations. August 27:Pray fo...

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focus focus
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Global focus

30 days of prayer

August 26: Pray for our GF executive team (Joe Roberts, Daniel Boone, Steve Hammers and Matt Wilson) as they finalize preparations. August 27: Pray for our partner’s travel schedules to be finalized. August 28: Pray for all of our champions who work with our mission partners. Ask God to give them clarity as they plan trips for the next year. August 29: Pray for our Liberty Church Network (LCN) center at Judson as we meet today with church planters. Ask God to give us opportunities to plant more churches in the Metro area. August 30: Pray for Nepalese pastors we partner with through The Timothy Initiative (TTI). They are facing incredible opposition from the government who recently passed laws making it illegal to share Christ. August 31: Pray for David Nelms. As the president of TTI he is leading them toward 60,000 church plants. September 1: Pray for Legacy Mission Village. As one of our local partners they work with refugees to share the Gospel and provide life skills training. September 2: Pray for Lighthouse Christian Camp located in Smithville, TN as they share the gospel with hundreds of boys and girls each year. September 3: Pray for Remedy Church in Portland, OR. Pray that God will give them a great harvest this year, and that He will lead them to a building. September 4: Pray for Church of the Blue Ridge in South Carolina. Ask God to give them opportunities to share the Gospel and to expand their core group. September 5: Pray for Connecting Church in Maryland. Ask God to let them see many people changed by the Gospel this year. Also pray for them to find a forever home. September 6: Pray for Matt and Mary Cureton. Ask God to bless their efforts to reach an unreached people group with the Gospel September 7: Pray for the Morris family as they minister in the Philippines to orphans. Pray for great house parents to love and care for the children.

September 8: Pray for Greg and Ellen Kingry. Ask God to provide direction for the London mission as they plant and revitalize churches and provide seminary education to pastors. September 9: Pray for Casa David as they minister to families with sick children. September 10: Pray for Begin Anew as they train men and women in Nashville with life skills and share the Gospel with them. September 11: Pray for our country. Ask God to send a great awakening to the American Church. Pray that we would have boldness to share the Gospel. September 12: Pray for our Global Focus budget. Begin asking God what he might want to give through you to support our partners this year. September 13: Pray for the Josiah Conference at Faith Comes By Hearing. This conference connects donors that fund recordings of the Bible in over 2,000 languages. September 14: Pray for Morgan Jackson as he leads Faith Comes By Hearing. Ask God to give him wisdom as he leads. September 15: Pray for our Global Impact Celebration team. They work hard behind the scenes to take care of our partners every year. We could not have a GIC without them. September 16: Pray for this Sunday to be a special day. Pray for Pastor Jeff as he casts the vision of Faith Promise giving. September 17: Pray for Pioneer Bible Translators. Ask God to give them the resources they need to keep putting the Bible in different languages. September 18: Pray for Greg Pruett. Greg leads Pioneer Bible Translators and will be preaching on Sunday. September 19: Partners Arrive! Pray for safe travel. September 20: Meet the Partners night for 10:30 am Life Groups. Pray for great connections. September 21: Meet the Partners night for 9:00 am Life Groups. Pray for great connections September 22: Pray for our partners to rest well and enjoy a day off with family and friends. September 23: Pray for God to supply our one day offering need of $80,000 to fund a translation. September 24: Pray for our partners as they leave to go back to the mission field. Ask God to grant them favor and protection.

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