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Jan 4, 2016 - ter mile races in colonial days. Hence the name. ... quarter. The Belmont Stakes is a mile and a half. For modern-day horse races, you ...

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Guyton Christian Church
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Guyton Christian Church
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Guyton Christian Church
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Guyton Christian Church
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Guyton Christian Church
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Guyton Christian Church
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Guyton Christian Church
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Guyton Christian Church
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Guyton Christian Church
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Guyton Christian Church
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Guyton Christian Church January 2016 Newsletter E-mail: [email protected]

Pastor’s Peace/Piece The quarter dollar coins in 2001, recognizing Kentucky, had a horse at Federal Hill on the reverse. Three other state’s coins also included a horse (There’s a trivia test for you). Some quipped that the images were “quarter horses.” You may know that a quarter horse is a breed that excels at sprinting proved by fastest times at quarter mile races in colonial days. Hence the name. The Kentucky Derby is a mile and a quarter. The Belmont Stakes is a mile and a half. For modern-day horse races, you need a thoroughbred horse to go the distance. We have been through the sprint to Christmas and now we look to the marathon to go the distance into a new year. The tree is probably down, the batteries included, and the lights unplugged even though we are still within the twelve days of Christmas. After a sprint, we need a breather. Indeed, take some time off if you can. As we rest, we reflect on the days, months and maybe even the years ahead. This transition from “the holidays” into the winter of a new year is like changing horses after we cross the stream. A life of maturing faith has both sprint and marathon times. We make resolutions for the new year that may including taking God more seriously, witnessed by active participation in the way we call church. If we approach the goals in a sprint, we will soon falter, out-of-breath. If we train in the marathon way of thinking, for behavior modification, our resolutions may survive to become new norms. We will pick up the pace again as Easter approaches considering baptism and commitment to church membership following the confessions of Lent. In these in-between times on the calendar and in the coming and coming again of Christ, we need as much marathon training as sprint motivation. A maturing faith needs sustenance, in a community of brothers and sisters, through the worship, prayer, study, and action becoming a Jesus-follower. Check out the menu at Guyton Christian Church. Come to the training Table of our Lord. We’re here every Sunday. Grace and Peace,

January Birthdays

Jan 20 Jan 22 Jan 24 Jan 26 Jan 27

Jan 2

Sheri Hall John Taylor Jan 6 Leana Radcliff Jan 9 Joyce Taylor Jan 10 Chad Zittrouer Medie Still, IV Kim LaFountaine Jan 14 Melissa Proctor Jil Trower Jan 17 Julia Bolen Karen Cote

Brandon Long Bill Exley Matthew Proctor Mandy Brockett Joyce Ann Tuten

January Anniversaries Jan 1 Woody & Angie Mackay Jan 2 Tommy & Debbie Snooks Michael & Mandy Brockett Jan 7 Bill & Sue Exley

Week of Jan 3, 2015 Mon Jan 4

6:00 pm Un-decorate sanctuary 6:30 pm Elders/Diaconate Orientation 7:30 pm Church Board Meeting

Tue Jan 5

10:00 am Food Pantry open til 2:00 pm 6:30 pm Loose Threads Quilting Group

Wed Jan 6

5:45 pm Younger and Older Youth 6:30 pm Committee Chairs Meet 7:00 pm Prayer in the Prayer Room

Thu Jan 7

10:00 am Food Pantry open until 2:00 pm

Sun Jan 10

Begin Hosting Family Promise

Latest NEWS AND CALENDAR always at:

Communion for January Joyce Taylor

Disciples Men January 18, 2016 7:30 pm

Eula Powers Circle January 21, 2016 7:30 pm

Prayer Concerns Home Brazier Family Luther Hammond Pat Little Neal Ratchford Ray Zittrouer

Bereavement Family of Jim Bullard All of our Military at home and abroad

All who are Fighting Cancer Jerry Burns Alex Burdo Annette Lamb Chris Orrico

Our seniors both at home and in Nursing Homes Miriam Griffin

News You Can Use We will again be hosting homeless families with children the week of January 10, through our covenant with Family Promise of Effingham. We will need volunteers for suppers, light breakfasts and sack lunches and to spend the night at the church. Sign up on the bulletin board in the Gallery or contact Wesley Dawson, (912) 321-3928. There is currently one family of four in the program, one adult and three children, ages 1-4, but that is always subject to change. After elections by the Board and Congregation, we have some new faces in among the officers of the church. You can see the complete list of Board members posted in the gallery outside the church office. New members or positions are: Historian, Joyce Ann Tuten; Jack Malcom, Elder; Steve Lafontaine, Deacon; Johnny Taylor, Deacon; Shaw Wilkerson, Deacon; Stacey Carothers, Deaconess; Nancy Summerour, Deaconess. The Ladies’ Bible study led by Kay Grandgeorge at the Parsonage will begin on Monday, January 11, 7:00 – 9:00 pm. The study will be Breath, the Life of God in Us by Beth Moore. Contact Kay, 772-3550, for details or questions. The 2016 Youth Assembly at Epworth By The Sea on St. Simon’s Island will be February 5-7. We already have several early registered at $160. Regular registration ($180) is due before January 1. We will need at least one adult for every five youth attending. That means one adult male for every five boys and one adult female for every five girls. Can you help out? Our church website,, now has Pastor David’s sermons and our monthly church newsletter online. To read the newsletter, click on the “Info Center” tab and then “Monthly Newsletter.” Select the month that you wish to read. To hear a sermon, click on the “Sermons” tab and select the title for the Sunday date listed. You can also access our pictorial directory with the login and password listed in our worship bulletin. Remember that you can access the website and content on all of your mobile devices. From Pati: For the last sixteen and a half years I have had the pleasure of working as secretary here at Guyton Christian Church. I have also had the pleasure of working for Reiser and Reiser for the last 3 years. Both positions have been part time and I hope I have juggled them fairly well. I was recently given the opportunity to take on a full time position with Reiser and Reiser and decided to do so. I am looking forward to this next step in my life. Thanks to all of you who have helped me on my journey here at the church. See you next Sunday!

Youth News You Can Use January-February 2016 Happy New Year! I pray that this New Year will be a year of renewing, growing, and becoming closer to God. I hope you enjoyed your winter break! Here are some things planned for the month of January and February: January: Wednesday nights will resume January 6th! We will begin a new series called: Best Year Ever. It is a 6 week study. Come learn how to have the Best Year Ever!! We will also begin working on our banner for Youth Assembly February: Youth Assembly: February 5-7th More information will be sent about due date for last payment as well as the itinerary for the trip! As of right now we have 8 youth attending! WinterJam 2016! Columbia, SC: Feb 26th (Friday Night) The concert is $10 at the door. Doors open at 6pm. Concert starts at 6:45pm. We will leave The Rock no later than 4:00pm. Please plan to spend the night at The Rock. The concert is a “first come, first serve” event. We really need to leave around 3:30pm, but 4pm is the absolute latest we can leave! What is WinterJam? Follow the link below to discover more about this awesome concert! Other Things to Ponder: While we are meeting on Wednesday nights, I thought about starting small groups. The purpose of these small groups would be a time to come together and learn about God in a way that is unique to ourselves. We would have a girls group and for right now a guys groups (with the intention to eventually separate middle and high school). What would we do in small groups? Bible Study Fellowship Who is needed to make this happen? Fearless leaders who wouldn’t mind opening their houses and themselves to lead our youth in Bible Study.

When would we meet? This would be completely up to the group. I would like it be another day be sides Wednesday nights. It could be Sunday evenings. Please parents and youth, let me know what you think. We will discuss it on Jan 6th. As always, If you have anything you would like for our youth to do, please email me at: [email protected] I welcome all ideas and am always looking for new, fun, out of the box things to do with our youth. Thank you for all your support. It truly means a lot to me. I am loving what God is doing in our group and I anticipate a lot of growing spiritually as we welcome God in the midst of our group!

Blessings, Nancy Summerour Committee chairs will be meeting Wednesday, Jan 6 at 6:30 pm, to select members. If you feel called to serve on any of our committees, please let us know. Below is a list of our committees and committee chair persons.

COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS Education—Becky Malcom Evangelism—Vicki Wilkerson Long Range Planning—Marshall Reiser Ministerial Relations—Lainie Jenkins Personnel—Michael Moore Property—Chad Zittrouer/Michael Moore Social—Michael Bodnar Finance, Stewardship & Outreach— Worship—Sue Exley

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