Den Hartog, Anika Leithner, Scott Englund, Shelley Hurt, Jennifer Denbow, Matt Moore, Amelia Andrews, Elizabeth .... Robert Sly (Political Science, '7...

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ALUMNI connections FALL 2018

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Political Science Department faculty: (L-R) Kathryn Mulholland, Jean Williams, Craig Arceneaux, Doug Pierce, Robert Reyes, Chris Den Hartog, Anika Leithner, Scott Englund, Shelley Hurt, Jennifer Denbow, Matt Moore, Amelia Andrews, Elizabeth Lowham, Martin Battle, Allen Settle, Ron Den Otter, Jeremy Bowling, Lily Curtis, Justin Cooley, Sara Wilkinson.

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California Bill Project Students use Learn by Doing to tackle textbook prices

Students traveled the U.S. horizons

Model U.N. and Mock Trial year

Student Travel and world to expand their

Student Club Recap provide highlights from the

Editors: Rachel Schultz

Updates from your alumni chair and peers

/ calpolypoliticalscience

Elizabeth Lowham

Alumni Updates


Awards Celebrate the accomplishments of our outstanding students


from the


Welcome back to Political Science! The end of my first term as chair has put me in a somewhat reflective space, thinking about the things we’ve accomplished, the wonderful people that surround me every day, and the work we have left to accomplish. The last year has been a complicated year at Cal Poly, in the country and around the world. I am so impressed by our students, staff and faculty — they continue to challenge me to think through and about the values we hold and the community we aspire to be. Our department continues to be a vibrant space for our community to engage with complex ideas and problems — and the growth in our major, minors

line faculty member, Nancy Arrington, from Emory University. Nancy will start in the fall and will focus her teaching and research in the areas of public law and research methods, with an emphasis on gender and the courts. We are excited to have Nancy join us! In this issue of Alumni Connections, you will read about our successful Model UN (first delegate award!) and Mock Trial seasons. You can catch up with what your fellow alumni have been up to since graduation. You will read about the first group of students selected to compete in a statewide research competition. And, you can read about our newest Learn by Doing activity — the California Bill Project.

and graduate programs over the course of the year indicates

Thank you for your continued support of our students, faculty

that students at Cal Poly are hungry for places to critically

and staff. You make so much of what we do possible. If you’d

engage with these issues and develop the skills that will

like to reconnect with the department, please do let us know!

serve them well professionally.

We’d love to hear from you!

This year, Dean Doug Epperson announced his retirement and we have started the process to hire a new dean for the college. Kathryn Rummell (English) will serve as the interim dean for the 2018-19 academic year during the search. The Political Science Department successfully hired a new tenure-

Photo: Jean Paul Molyneux

Department Chair


ALUMNI ADVISORY BOARD MESSAGE Greetings to all Political Science Department Alumni! It has been a fun and productive year so far for the Alumni Advisory Board. Members have actively assisted in: organizing and participating in panels for the College of Liberal Arts Career Fair; inviting a local congressional representative to speak to the board and current students about “A Day in the Life of a Congressional Staffer”; building our social networking profile; introducing the Mock Trial officers to the San Luis Obispo County Bar Association to create networking and mentoring opportunities for the students in the Mock Trial program; and working with the Political Science Club on planning collaborative events, such as community forums and student networking receptions. I am continually impressed with the caliber of students in the department, and it makes me grateful that I was admitted back in the old days, since I’m not sure I’d even get into Cal Poly now! The faculty is similarly stellar, with fascinating course offerings, research projects and numerous accolades to their credit. The Political Science Club has started a database of potential mentors, resources for students, and internship and job opportunities, and I encourage all of you to add your names to the talent bank. Your involvement can be at any level that works for you, whether it’s for a 15-minute chat about what it’s like to teach at the secondary school level or how to pick the right area of law to go into. Or perhaps you know of internship or job openings in your field. I’m sure you all remember how rewarding it was as a student for someone to take an interest in you, and now is your chance to return the favor! To be added to the database, please email me at [email protected]



@cal_poly | @cpmocktrial | @calpolycla



KEEP US UPDATED We’d love to hear from you and keep you connected to the Cal Poly Political Science Department! If you have an update you’d like to share, please email [email protected] If you’re interested in being more involved with the department, please consider becoming a Friend of the Board. You can get more information on the alumni board at


ALUMNI 1970s


started a charity, been a guest lecturer

look forward to retiring in December. //

at a multitude of universities, provided

Marcia Godwin (Political Science, ’86)

Robert Sly (Political Science, ’72)

assistance to the executive teams of

I was recently promoted to Professor of

I was a member of the first graduates

several companies, published another

Public Administration at the University

in political science at Cal Poly. Just saw

book (“Damocles Dilemma”), opened

of La Verne, where I am also serving as

that Dr. Settle is still teaching after 45

two offices in Europe (London and

director of our MPA program. Upcoming

years. How wonderful to know there is

Paris, with Berlin and Rome in the

publications include co-editor of “The

still one last familiar name from my years

final planning stages), worked on

Roads to Congress 2016: American

at the university. Please wish him well; I

cybersecurity issues with national

Elections in a Divided Landscape”

still fondly remember Constitutional Law

government entities, and earned

(Palgrave MacMillan). I am also part of

class. We were so lucky to have some

my rotary wing and multi-engine jet

a research team that has surveyed U.S.

of the best instructors in those years. //

certifications, complete with IFR. Things

mayors about psychological violence

Richard Krum (Political Science, ’77)

are very busy, but I wouldn’t have it any

(bullying, threats, harassment). I’m

After graduating, I attended law school

other way. If I ever get a chance to take

looking forward to visiting Wales and

at Santa Clara, and my first job was at

a vacation, I know I’m going to enjoy

Ireland soon and continue to enjoy

the D.A.’s office in Fresno. After four

it! // Debbie (Atkinson) Livingston

coming to the Central Coast. // Todd L.

years as a prosecutor, I went to work for

(Political Science, ’79) I have retired

Cramer (Political Science, ’87)

a large Worker’s Compensation Defense

from a 30-plus-year career as a teacher

My daughter, Kristen Cramer, just

firm in Fresno where I have been for the

and administrator and am moving back

graduated high school and will be

last 33 years. I wanted to come back

to San Luis Obispo. My husband, Jim,

attending Cal Poly this fall (Chemistry).

to the San Luis Obispo area ever since

and I have been married 39 years, so it

I am looking forward to visiting and

graduation. Finally, dreams are realized!

is exciting to be able to move back to

getting back involved with Cal Poly over

My wife and I just bought a house

where it all began ... and be close to our

the next four to five years.

in Arroyo Grande. I will be handling


workers comp defense in the Central Coast. Things have gone full circle. I’m currently starting to handle litigated workers compensation claims on behalf of Cal Poly! Strange how things work out! // Patrick Hale (Political Science, ’78) Since my last update, I’ve started a venture capital company, purchased several vineyards, bought two wineries (seemed like the logical extension of the aforementioned vineyard acquisitions),



1990s Jim Malloy (Political Science, ’95)

Bill Mabie (Political Science, ’85) After

Since 2003, I have been with Impac

graduating from Cal Poly and serving in

Mortgage Holdings Inc. as SVP, Capital

the Peace Corps (at the suggestion of

Markets, managing a variety of activities

Cal Poly Professor Richard Kranzdorf), I

in connection with the company’s

returned to California and spent most of

residential mortgage origination

my career in the California Senate. I am

and servicing platform, as well as its

now completing my fourth year as Chief

securitized portfolio of residential and

Deputy Secretary State of California and

small balance multifamily/commercial



the POLS Department. //

loans. Prior to that, I served in a variety

Specialist. Having enlisted and served in

of investment banking roles at firms

the U.S. Navy prior to attending Cal Poly,

Kayla Saadeh (Political Science, ‘13)

including Salomon Brothers and Merrill

it has been a very rewarding to return

After getting my bachelor’s degree, I

Lynch, as well as a brief stint for a couple

and now serve my fellow veterans in the

went on to get a Master of Public Health

of years at the peak of the first dot-com

San Diego area.

(MPH) in epidemiology at George

era at a privately held tech company (an SRI spinoff) that, sadly, went kaput (although the company’s technology lives on: if you have digital cable and stream on-demand content, you can thank the company’s predecessor for inventing the technology, which interestingly dates back to the early days of the Cold War). I just read the recent Alumni Connection newsletter and saw with much surprise that Dr. Allen Settle is FERPing (Faculty Early Retirement Program). As the Dick Clark of Cal Poly’s POLS Department, I assumed he’d be there for at least another decade or two, inspiring tomorrow’s leaders and engaging in all manner of civic involvement. I especially, and very fondly, remember Drs. Settle, Culver, Kranzdorf and Lutrin for their rigorous academic standards and openness for debate across the political spectrum. I cherish my days in POLS classes and Cal Poly in general, and wish Dr. Settle (as well as all retired POLS professors) the best of health and happiness. // James Lindholm (Political Science, ’91) Current positions: James W. Rote Distinguished Professor of Marine Science and Policy and Director at the Institute for Applied Marine Ecology at CSU Monterey Bay. Recent activities: Published first novel, “Into a Canyon Deep” (Synergebooks). Working on sequel, “Blood Cold.”


2010s Alexandra Sander (Political Science, ‘10) After graduating from Cal Poly, I earned my master’s degree in international security from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. Recently, I moved back to California after living in Washington, D.C., where I was a research associate with the Technology and National Security Program at the Center for a New American Security. I am currently working for the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx), a DoD organization headquartered in Silicon Valley that is dedicated to rapidly prototyping and fielding commercial technology for the U.S. military. // Bryan Podzius (Political Science, ‘12) I recently joined Weil Gotshal and Manges LLP as an associate in their Business Finance and Restructuring Department. // Lauren Feuerborn (Political Science, ‘13) After Cal Poly, I attended the University of San Francisco and earned my master’s degree in public affairs in 2017. I now work as a political consultant at Muir Consulting in San Francisco where I work on political campaigns throughout the Bay Area. // Emily Matthews (Political Science, ‘13) I’ve been working in political consulting after I finished up traveling Asia in August. I worked at a digital strategy firm, and then switched jobs in January to work at one of California’s leading

Chris Collins (Political Science, ‘00) I

political strategy firms, SCN Strategies

relocated to San Diego to continue my

(its clients include Gov. Jerry Brown, U.S.

work with the Department of Veterans

Sen. Kamala Harris, and Lt. Gov. Gavin

Affairs as a Vocational Rehabilitation

Newsom, among others). Much love to



Washington University in Washington, D.C. I now live in the Bay Area and work as an epidemiologist at the California Department of Public Health, specifically working on HPV surveillance in the STD control branch. I also volunteer as an HIV test counselor at Magnet, which is a nonprofit clinic providing free HIV and STI testing services in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco. // Nikki Lanshaw (Political Science, ‘14) I’m currently in the middle of the Master of Public Health program at UC Berkeley. My concentration is health and social behavior, and I’m specializing in maternal, child and adolescent health. // Carlos Villacis (Political Science, ‘14) Following my graduation from Cal Poly, I stayed in San Luis Obispo for a year, working with organizations including Stockman’s Water and Energy, SLO Clean Energy, and GRID Alternatives to increase my skillset in the energy field. I eventually moved to Washington, D.C., to earn a master’s in environmental policy and am now a contractor for the Department of Energy, working as an analyst in the Bioenergy Technologies Office. Since my time at Cal Poly, I have made efforts to improve my diet and routinely exercise, and now feel healthier than ever. One thing that has not changed is that I am still doing my best to enjoy as much time with friends and colleagues as possible. // Chloe Czabaranek (Political Science, ‘15) I am now attending Santa Clara University School of Law to pursue my passion and career in immigration law as a deportation defense attorney to keep families together. Now married to my

develop and implement projects that

the U.S. Big thanks to the department

marching band, and our family includes

support communities with sustainable

and all my professors. I am so grateful for

our newly adopted dog. // Kennedy Poe

agriculture techniques, approaches

you all! // Nicole Angelini (MPP, ‘17)

(Political Science, ‘16) I am a rising 3L at

to improved nutrition and methods to

After graduation, I started at the Fortune

Pepperdine University School of Law and

establish local economies. // Anelise

500 company Booz Allen Hamilton,

husband, whom I met through Cal Poly’s

plan to take the California bar exam next

Powers (Political Science, ‘17) I

and am proud to call my new home

July. I worked this summer at Santander

decided to go to Pepperdine for law

the city of San Diego. While exploring

Consumer, USA in Dallas, Texas, as a

school and have absolutely loved it;

the large metropolitan setting, I have

corporate regulatory legal intern and

my professors at Cal Poly definitely

been invigorated to serve the nation’s

aspire to practice business law in some

prepared me well. As a part of

largest defense divisions as a senior

capacity after graduation. I am also

Pepperdine’s Global Justice Program I

consultant. A majority of my projects fall

the managing editor of the Journal

have mostly been working as an intern

in the confidential and national security

for Entrepreneurship and the Law at

to the Technical Advisor to the Judiciary

category; several highlights have

Pepperdine. I am happy to be pursuing

in Uganda, but have also been able

included project management of multi-

my dream of becoming a lawyer, which

to go to several different prisons to

divisional collaborations including: the

developed while at Cal Poly. // Bryan

help prisoners reach plea agreements

Space and Warfare Systems Command

Pride (MPP, ‘15) After graduating from

alongside Ugandan lawyers and law

and Systems Center Pacific. // Kyle Libby

Cal Poly, I joined the U.S. Peace Corps,

students. Uganda has a Memorandum

(Political Science, ‘17) After graduating

serving in Ghana at an Agriculture

of Understanding with Pepperdine Law

I moved to Washington, D.C., for an

Extension Office. My work consisted

to help improve their rule of law, so

internship with the Aerospace Security

of supporting rural farmers to improve

the long-term goal right now is to help

Project at the Center for Strategic and

crop yields and focused on helping

Uganda implement plea bargaining

International Studies. After working

communities become food secure. After

as a way to combat the massive case

for six months there, researching

my two years living in a rural community,

backlogs here. I am looking forward to

issues surrounding space security and

I started working for a USAID project

starting my 2L year and competing on

air power, I started working with the

called RING, Resiliency In Northern

the school trial team when I get back to

Ghana. I help local government officials

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments as a research assistant.

IN MEMORIAM Over the course of the last academic year, the Political Science Department and the Cal Poly community lost three of its esteemed former faculty: David L. George, Richard Kranzdorf and Carl Lutrin. Professors George, Kranzdorf and Lutrin had lengthy careers at Cal Poly, influencing generations of students and challenging them to think deeply about the world, politics and their places in it. Our department, university and communities were better places because of their work and their lives.

ALUMNI connections FALL 2018

| 5


By Alexis Flores

An unmatched experience Cal Poly’s Mock Trial program embodies the university’s Learn by Doing mantra in the political science setting. Each year, students of all majors and years are encouraged to join the program. Current continuing members put up flyers and hold informational meetings that ultimately lead to auditions. Out of that, typically four amazing and determined teams are formed for both fall and winter competition seasons. Competition revolves around the national case, which is provided toward the end of summer. Students are able to practice both criminal and civil cases in a mock-court setting. Participants become mock lawyers, mock witnesses and sometimes both. They get to begin to master the art of direct and cross examining. Students also improve their public speaking skills by presenting those pieces in a full room, potentially along with longer statement pieces. In addition to this, participants are exposed to strategy by creating case theory, while working inside Rules of Evidence that are based on what is actually used in the profession. Our Mock Trial team is able to gain semi-real world experience through this encouraging community.

Not only do students get further insight on a potential career, but they also build a solid support network that


becomes an essential tool during their time at Cal Poly and beyond. The holistic experience provided through this program is unmatched, with students making progress academically, professionally and personally. Last year, the case was about an attempted murder caused by a love triangle. Students were able to handle a plethora of circumstantial evidence, like telecommunications data, text messages and notes, in

order to build a solid case. Participants were also able to deal with life themes like revenge, coincidence and jealousy in the legal realm. The program competed against schools like UC Berkeley, Stanford, UCI and Claremont, among others. Several of our witnesses and attorneys brought in awards in competition, including our coach, Justin Cooley, at UC Irvine’s invitational. Two years ago, the Cal Poly Mock Trial team went to Nationals for the first time ever. Being such a young program, this was extremely impressive and put us on the Mock Trial

TOP Cal Poly Mock Trial students in

map. Going forward, the team is looking to keep up that

competition in Fresno, Calif.

momentum and return to the national stage. We will one day be a part of the 48 teams that make it to Nationals again.




MOST SUCCESSFUL YEAR YET By Amy Holmes Over spring break, a group of eight Cal Poly students

Two weeks after returning from New York, 10 students

Craig Arceneaux, to participate in the National Model United

13th annual Model U.N. conference. Students represented a

traveled to New York City with their advisor, Professor

spent a weekend in Hollywood participating in UCLA’s

Nations Conference. The students represented Sierra Leone

variety of countries on a multitude of topics. These included

weapons, protection from cyber warfare, and the impact

in Myanmar; a state councilor of China on the topic of the

some of New York’s most popular tourist destinations, such

of artificial intelligence and humanitarian aid. The students

time. They also enjoyed a traditional African meal in Harlem.

Hollywood sites. Students were privileged to hear Karen

On the last day of the conference the students were able

for former President Obama and currently works in the

and worked on issues such as the eradication of nuclear

of pollution on marine life. The students enjoyed exploring

as Central Park, Brooklyn and Greenwich Village in their free

to attend a committee session at the United Nations

headquarters, as well as hear the Singaporean ambassador to

the U.N. speak at closing ceremonies. This year’s delegation

Saudi Arabia on the topic of protecting Rohingya Muslims

One Belt, One Road Initiative; and South Africa on the topic

enjoyed exploring Universal CityWalk, as well as local

Richardson, who previously served as a state policy advisor leadership of the Time’s Up movement, speak at LAMUN’s opening ceremonies.

won the first award in Cal Poly Model U.N. history, honorable mention delegation.

TOP Cal Poly represents Sierra Leone in the 2018 National Model United Nations Conference. RIGHT (L-R) Benjamin Shultz, Ashley Therien, Amy Holmes, Emily Meyer, Connor Hennessey-Niland, Michael Huber, and Amy Boggan outside the United Nations in March. ALUMNI connections FALL 2018

| 7


USING LE ARN BY DOING TO TACK LE TE X TBOOK PRICES By Michael Huber and Victorica Tonikian



Cal Poly’s California Bill Project granted students the opportunity to take a truly hands-on role in conceptualizing, drafting and advocating for a bill in the California State Legislature. As part of that team, we worked hand-in-hand with a variety

of influencers and professionals involved in state government.

From house representatives to lobbyists, our team strived

to bring student issues to the forefront of California politics

while gaining as much knowledge as we could along the way. Our project’s team consisted of 15 students, Professor Chris

Den Hartog and former 35th District Assembly Member

Katcho Achadjian. This flagship project was brought about in large part by Achadjian, who not only approached Cal Poly

with the idea but supported our team throughout the year by

offering guidance, as well as insight regarding the mechanics of California’s legislature. In addition, our team also worked

closely with current 35th District Assembly Member Jordan Cunningham, who along with his staff introduced and

advocated for our project’s bill in the assembly. State Sen. Bill Monning supported our bill within the Senate. The language of the bill itself was drafted by our students and is geared

toward promoting, as well as protecting, students’ rights by

urging textbook companies to increase transparency between textbook editions on their websites.

We worked through three distinct cycles throughout the

development of the bill, which required our team to tackle different problems. The first cycle involved brainstorming

existing issues that students faced, as well as what potential solutions could be implemented to combat these issues

through the California legislature. Thus, most of fall quarter

focused on various research assignments, as well as in-class

collaboration to discern the problems our fellow students face that would be best resolved at the state level. Our team

ALUMNI connections FALL 2018

| 9

The language of the bill it self was draf ted by our student s and is geared toward promoting, as well as protec ting, student s’ right s by urging tex tbook companies to increase transparenc y bet ween tex tbook editions on their websites. narrowed it down to a handful of problems and, by

Sacramento to sponsor the bill. Students individually

using a voting system, we chose to focus on textbook

contacted the staff of assembly members who sat

would be an opportune problem to tackle because it

to discuss our bill the day before it was to be heard

transparency. Students in the class felt that this

impacted students throughout the entire California State University system.

Cycle two involved refining the problem, as well

as drafting and testing our potential legislation

through mock debates and discussions in addition to gathering feedback from Achadjian and other

professionals who regularly attended our meeting times in early winter quarter. Lastly, cycle three

involved outreach to the various assembly members involved in the education committee and trip to

on the education committee to schedule meetings before the education committee. Three students,

Lindsay Wallace, Ivana Medina and Chase Dean,

offered testimony on AB 2385 on April 24. The bill

passed on the Assembly floor on May 10 with a final

vote of 71-0, with seven no votes recorded. The bill

passed on the Senate Floor 35-0, with four no votes

recorded. The bill went back to the Assembly floor for

a final vote before being presented to the governor. Overall, our research covered a variety of subjects,

including effectively demonstrating challenges to

TOP (L-R) Michael Kelker, Former Asm. Katcho Achadjian, and Jesse Vallejo, in Sacramento. ABOVE Students and alumni meeting up in Sacramento while advocating for their bill.



Cal Poly political science students with Asm. Jordan Cunningham, Former Asm. Katcho Achadjian and Professor Chris Den Hartog in the state capital.

university students, illustrating ways our bill rectifies

and work on creating laws or regulations within

bill’s proposal, uncovering the potential adversaries

experiences, grow from our mistakes, and help the

these issues at the state level, identifying flaws in our

and obstacles we may face, and figuring out how to

our legislature. To continue to expand upon our

next group of students, a few individuals from the

draft a bill that improves upon current legislation.

pilot class created a manual with tips and tricks for

interesting endeavor and has offered many insights

our experiences and help future teams start with a

The California Bill class has proven to be an

into the policy making aspects of the California

legislature as well as within-group dynamics. Not only has this class exposed our team to some of

the work that goes into policy making, but also the troubles one may come across when trying to pass

legislation, including pushback from parties affected

future classes. By doing so, they hope to highlight

solid foundation. As the first team for the California Bill Project class, we’re excited to see what future

issues will be tackled with this platform that Cal Poly

and the Political Science Department have afforded students.

by the bill and gathering support from like-minded


Many students believe that this class has been a

brilliant experience and a great learning opportunity

that exceptionally highlights Cal Poly’s Learn by Doing philosophy. We believe that this class is a

Editor’s Note Governor Brown approved AB 2385 on August 27, 2018. It is chaptered into law by the Secretary of State — Chapter 214, Statutes of 2018.

wonderful opportunity to allow students to learn

ALUMNI connections FALL 2018

| 11

STUDENT TRAVEL As part of co-curricular work, several students presented

Megan Marques: “Farmers Markets Versus

research in competition or participated in professional

Supermarkets: Measuring the Sustainability of Food

conferences. The department helped students defray


some, and in many cases, all of the travel expenses for 18 individual trips. Four students were invited to compete at the 43rd Annual

In addition, the department supported student travel for another 10 trips: •

making and doing session at the Society for the Social

Social Science Student Symposium at Cal State Long Beach: •

Studies of Science conference in Boston. He also

Mira Seyal: “The Human Rights Movement: A Failure to

attended the 13th annual Engineering, Social Justice

Secure Group Rights.” • •

and Peace Conference at the University of San Diego as

Connor Hennessey-Niland: “Regional Hegemony in the Arctic: The Push for Arctic Dominance.” Ashley Therien: “Exploring New Frontiers: Space

part of the research for his senior project. •

participated as the one representative from California

Madalyn Vieira: “Regulations on Agriculture Biotechnology and How They Affect the Agricultural Sector.”

Additionally, four graduate students were accepted to

in Congressional Visit Days. • •

San Diego. •

Happiest University.” •

Sara Wilkinson: “Shades of Green: Potential Drivers for Kristin Ventresca: “Salaries and Satisfaction: Understanding Employee Motivators to Improve

Abibat Iriafen traveled to Atlanta to participate in the Humanity in Action Fellowship.

Environmental Agenda Setting within the CSU System.” •

Ellie Lupo, Annie Campbell and Erin Chazer attended the 2018 California Democratic Convention in

Annual Conference in San Francisco: Philip Goodwin: “Food Insecurity at America’s

Mick Bruckner participated in the 2017 UMASS Queer Studies Symposium in Amherst.

present at the 2018 Western Political Science Association •

Juan Ortiz attended the 2018 International Studies Association Conference in San Francisco and

Is Not Apolitical.” •

Matt Klepfer presented a paper and participated in a

Dezeray Cruz traveled to Madrid, Spain, as part of the 2018 Lex Fellowship cohort.

Annie Campbell traveled to Washington, D.C., to intern with U.S. Rep. Salud Carbajal in spring 2018.


4 4


Social Science Student Symposium Presentations

Western Political Science Association Conference Presentations


10 8

Individual student trips

Cities and two countries visited by students




Political Science

Academic Excellence,

Lindsey Wallace


Senior Project (Paper)

Elana Muroff

Jamie West

Academic Excellence, Graduate

MPP Seminar Paper

Kristin Ventresca

Elizabeth Esparza

Outstanding Service,

590 Paper


Sara Wilkinson

MPP Philip Goodwin

CLUC AS AWARDS George and Janice Clucas Awards Lauren Davis Colton Marino George and Janice Clucas Scholarship Elizabeth Esparza

Undergraduate Research Paper Dominic Scialabba

Matt Klepfer Outstanding Service, Graduate Philip Goodwin Irebid Sanchez Gilbert Undergraduate Non-Research Paper Emma Branch

Department award winners at the 2018 Spring Dinner in May: (L-R) Colton Marino, Lauren Davis, Dominic Scialabba, Irebid Sanchez Gilbert, Elana Muroff, Elizabeth Esparza, Philip Goodwin, Sara Wilkinson and Matt Klepfer.

ALUMNI connections FALL 2018

| 13

1 Grand Avenue San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0328






1. Jaime Bowker and Lizzie Bentler at the 2018 POLS Graduation Celebration. // 2. Juan Ortiz, Alexis Flores, Amy Holmes, Anaysa Rodriguez and Kaitlin Cook welcoming accepted students at the 2018 Open House. // 3. Ashley Therien presenting at the 43rd annual SSRIC Conference in Long Beach, Calif. // 4. Former Asm. Katcho Achadjian, Chris Byrd and Michael Huber in the bill writing project in the fall. // 5. Dr. Martin Battle and Matt Klepfer at the 2018 POLS Graduation Celebration. // 6. Students at the UCLA Model United Nations conference.


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