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Jan 23, 2018 - Carol Walters - recovery from knee replacement ... Mike Barrett - immunotherapy. Angie Moffett .... Jamie, Janet, Hunter, and Michael M...

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January 23
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January 23, 2019
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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2010
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January 23, 2019
Jan 23, 2019 - Ticketmaster by calling 1-800-745-3000 or online at www.ticketmaster.com. Lawn chairs can be purchased on-site for $7 each, cash only.

THE CHURCH CALENDAR Sunday, January 28 8:30 A.M.

Men’s Chorus - Sanctuary

9:00 A.M.

Chancel Choir - Sanctuary 10:00 A.M.

Sunday School 11:00 A.M.

Worship 6:00 P.M.

Children/Youth Classes Wednesday, January 31 7:00 P.M.

Adult Prayer/Bible Study Saturday, February 3 10:00 A.M.

Share Our Table Cooking

JANUARY RESPONSIBILITIES Elder: Jack Marsh (803-285-6464) Tape: Jack Marsh, Howard Williams Ushers:

Anthony Carnes, Tommy Deason, Chris Thomas, Olivia Thomas Deacon: Tommy Deason Greeters:Bill Carraway (outside) Nursery 01/28: Robin C./Joan B. Nursery 02/04: Jean M./Janet M.


Family of Margie Richburg Family of Lessie Ragsdale Betty McCain - recovery from pneumonia/flu

Robert Watterson - recovery from surgery Vernon Hallman - recovery Cecilia McAteer - recovery from strokes Larry Cauthen - serious health issues Bobby Parker, Sr. - cancer; Hospice called in Mike Barrett - immunotherapy Angie Moffett - shut-in Herman Hubbard - shut-in

UNITY A.R.P. CHURCH 3495 UNITY CHURCH ROAD LANCASTER, SC 29720 803-285-3492 [email protected]

Carol Walters - recovery from knee replacement

Robert Watkins - recovery from surgery

Betty Sneed - leukemia


Susie Wallace -CBGD disease













The Newsletter for Unity Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church VOLUME 43, NUMBER 4


JANUARY 23, 2018

ADDISON THOMAS, ELDER EMERITUS 1 Timothy 5:17 “Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor...


Ronda McCain - pneumonia


This past Sunday, January 21st, Addison Thomas was awarded the honorary title of Elder Emeritus during our morning worship service. This title gives special recognition to elders who have made extraordinary contributions to the life of the church through their many years of faithful and loving service to Jesus Christ and His Church. Addison was born and raised in this church. When he was nine years old, Addison came to faith in Christ an enrolled as a communicant member on December 6,1939. He our nation in the US Navy from 1952 to 1956. On July 18,1958 Addison married Libby Holden Thomas and they have been at one another’s side ever since. Addison was ordained and installed as a deacon on April 7, 1957. As a deacon, he served as a member of the Finance Committee for the construction of the present Unity Church (1962), a member of the committee to raise funds for the Erskine Capital Funds Campaign (1968), chairman of the committee to conduct a search for a land suitable for a ball field (1977), vice president of the Catawba Presbytery Deacons Association (1977), and a member of the Finance Committee for the addition of Carson Hall (1978). In 1982, Addison was elected as Unity’s congregational treasurer and served faithfully in this office for 24 years. In 1983, Addison was ordained and installed as an elder on December 18, 1983. As an elder, Addison served on various committees as well as clerk of Session (1992, 1997) and vice moderator of Session (1999). Addison and Libby also served as youth advisors for more than ten years and taught the Senior High Sunday School class for eighteen years. Addison was president of the the Men of the Church (1984), and chairman of the Pulpit Search Committee that led Unity to our current pastor, Rev. Charles Hammond (2005). The Session and congregation of Unity ARP Church give thanks to God for Addison’s service in His Kingdom. Congratulations, Addison! SHARE OUR TABLE COOKING Cooking for Share Our Table will be on Saturday, February 3rd (note the change of date) beginning at 10:00 a.m. CONTRIBUTION STATEMENTS Contribution statements for 2017 will be available in the narthex on Sunday.

INTERESTED IN SHAPING THE FUTURE OF OUR CHURCH? On Sunday, February 11th, at 5pm, Rev. Hammond and Jordan Kennington will host a “roundtable” discussion on the purpose and direction of our church and ministry. The discussion is open to anyone who would care to discuss our purpose and direction and openly evaluate our programs and ministries. If you would like to join us, please sign-up on the sheet located outside the church office. We will contact with more information.

ENDOWMENT SCHOLARSHIPS Just as a reminder...all applications/letters of intent are due to Karen Baxley no later than February 9, 2018.



2018 Budget


budget needs to date

$18,591 $15,114.67

Offering to Date BEHIND needed 01/21 offering 01/21

GENERAL FUND, CON’T: YPCU In honor of Mike Barrett for his loving kindness and very giving spirit by Ken and Lisa Muennich MEMORIAL

GARDEN In memory of Margie Richburg, Lloyd Moore, Sam Robinson, and Lessie Ragsdale by Jewel Steele In memory of my mother, Sula Langley, on her birthday by Jewel Steele ENDOWMENT In memory of Margie Richburg by Byran and Karen Thomas

$3,476.33 $6,197 Contributions - $3,690 FACILITY RENTAL - $ COTTAGE RESERVATIONS -$

total received - $3,690 In memory of Margie Richburg by:

Robert and Debbie Vickery

Bobby and Janice Hughes

Todd and Rita Jamison

Ben Richburg

Helen McCain

Tony and Debbie Crenshaw

J Connie and Adrienne Robinson

Richard and Patty Carter

Ken and Mary Esther Faile

Guy and Betsy Smith In memory of Lessie Ragsdale by:

Don and Karen Baxley

Robert and Nancy Watterson

John and Rhonda McCain

Steve and Elaine Carnes

Guy and Betsy Smith

Paul and Kimberly Stephenson In memory of Eddison Thomas by:

Bobby and Janice Hughes

Al and Hazel Starnes In memory of Hugh Hallman, Lloyd Moore, Margie Richburg, Debbie Roberts, and Lessie Ragsdale

by The Don Deas Family In loving memory of Lessie Ragsdale by The Pageland SC High School Class of 1955 In loving memory of Margie Richburg and in honor of our circle sister, Nancy Watterson, by The Boyce Circle BACKPACK MINISTRY In memory of Margie Richburg by Billy and Geraldine Carnes In memory of Margie Richburg by Fran and Kristen Melton


Bldg. fund 2018 year to date


BUILDING FUND 01/21 Needed weekly for new building payment In memory of Margie Richburg by:

Sara Logan

Lisa and Sam Clawson

Jean McWhorter

William and Brenda Robinson

Jamie, Janet, Hunter, and Michael McCowan

Mike and Donna Hagins

Dot Huey

Mary Frances Hudson

Michael and Carol Walters

Julie Taylor In memory of Lessie Ragsdale by:

Jean McWhorter

Mary Frances Hudson

Julie Taylor In memory of Eddison Thomas by:

Jean McWhorter

Mike and Donna Hagins

Michael and Carol Walters

Lisa and Sam Clawson In honor of Anna Grace’s 17th birthday! Love - Mom, Dad and Sissy In memory of Mary Katherine Simpson by Richard and Patty Carter In memory of my grandmother, Sula Langley, by Julie Taylor THANK YOU From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the cards, thoughts, and prayers over the last several months. Please continue to remember me in your prayers. Betty M. McCain


INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN A DRAMA? We are looking for individuals interested in participating in faith-based drama performances. If you have an interest, or even if you are simply curious and would like more information, sign-up on the sheet located outside the church office. Jordan will contact you with more information. This is open to everyone regardless of age.

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