Newsletter 2018-2019 November 8,

Nov 8, 2018 - KG: Gayle. First: Ray. Second: Meister. Third: Bockelman ... Elijah Wilson. Ethan Neumeyer. Eshleen Kaur. Toby Ray. Addy Ketron. Skyler ...

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Newsletter 8 12th November 2018
Nov 12, 2018 - Penguin Class. Mason. Emilia. Marlie. Dolphin Class. Jessika. Robyn. Faith. Mathletic. Winners! Dominic. Maisie. Alex. Kaitlyn. Mya. Princess ...

Newsletter 8 12th November 2018
Nov 12, 2018 - Penguin Class. Mason. Emilia. Marlie. Dolphin Class. Jessika. Robyn. Faith. Mathletic. Winners! Dominic. Maisie. Alex. Kaitlyn. Mya. Princess ...

November Newsletter
As I checked into our hotel here at zero dark thirty early this morn- ing, I gave a small tip to the front desk worker assisting me. It seemed to really make her day/.

November Newsletter
will be given to a Yonkers Women and Children's shelter. Sneakers should be worn for those students who have gym. Because we are collecting pajamas on ...

November Newsletter
Swart, Dave and Ben Eck, JD Ward and any others whose names have been ... shampoo and bath, bottles and sippy cups. Appropriate team boxes will be in the ...

November Newsletter
Nov 27, 2018 - compare and contrast the pumpkins, squash, and gourds and their seeds. It was. You are invited to also fun to dig in the goo! Our 3's also ...

November Newsletter
ACT score improvement not only impacts a student's ability to get into ... AT NO COST, except for the purchase of a low cost preparation manual. If ... Stage Awards program member, Joshua Gross, from the Broadway tour of Les Miserables.

November Newsletter
FINANCIAL AID HELP FOR YOU AND YOUR PARENTS @ Fair Play. November 6, 4-7 p.m.. The next step in your “Journey to College” is to get your FAFSA ...

November Newsletter
Dec 5, 2018 - Last month we had a ton of events, like the Heart to Heart. Reveal and our resume workshop! Reminder. Dues have now increased to $20.

November Newsletter
That's a whole lotta love in Iconography, Vestment Making,. Praying the Rosary, Mandalas,. Outreach News & Comments: Walking the Labyrinth, Labyrinth.

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@YOUR_BES Break O Day Elementary (@YOUR.BODE) ParentVUE November 8, 2018 Dear Break-O-Day Families,

Upcoming Events Nov 21-23

Thanksgiving Break No School

Dec 6

For this edi#on of the newsle%er, I want to share a few quick updates related to transporta#on with families. • Bus Safety: With recent events in the news, it is important for everyone to remember the importance of bus safety at the bus stop. Please review the graphic below to ensure that you, as a driver, understand the rules for bus safety when a bus has it’s stop arm extended. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our children safe at the bus stop. If you ever have concerns at the bus stop, please contact us for assistance!

5th Grade Holiday Program 6:00 p.m.

Dec 19

End of 1st Semester

Dec 20-Jan 2

Winter Break No School

Jan 3

2nd Semester Begins

• Car rider dismissal #mes: We have a large number of a2ernoon car riders. Please remember that car rider dismissal begins at 3:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Each Wednesday, our car riders are dismissed at 3:00. This will be our last newsle%er un#l we return from Thanksgiving Break! I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday and that you are able to spend #me with those you love most! Thanksgiving is a holiday to express our gra#tude and thanks. The students, families, and staff at Break-O-Day are on my list of thanks each and every day. Keep up the hard work Break-ODay! Mrs. Shipp Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, or individuals with disabilities, including limited English proficiency, in its programs, or employment policies as required the Indiana Civil Rights Act (I.C22-9-1), Title VI and VII (Civil Rights Act of 1964), the Equal Pay Act of 1973, Title IX (Educational Amendments), and Section 504 (Rehabilitation Act of 1973).

                          Warrior Food Pantry and Wardrobe Open to any Johnson Country Residents Government Issued ID required to shop Open when school is in session for Clark Pleasant Schools Located in WCHS North Building Enter Door 7 Open Friday Only 8:30-2:30 Break for Lunch 10:45-Noon

BREAK-O-DAY ELEMENTARY PTO Spirit wear is NOW on sale! An order form was sent home with your student. Orders are due November 20.

T-shirt $12 Baseball T-shirt $15 Hooded Sweatshirt $25

Example of the Baseball T-shirt

Fall Box Top Classroom Winners KG: Gayle First: Ray Second: Meister Third: Bockelman Fourth: Owens Fi2h: Grady Each class will celebrate with a popcorn party!


Special surprise!

Warrior Way Winners Week of October 22, 2018 Be Posive - Be Respecul - Be Responsible Kindergarten

1st Grade

2nd Grade

Zuri Fernandez

Lucy Tomamichel

Jericho Bryant

Andrew Lee

William Piercefield

Cooper MacCabe

Damon Russell

Chloe Hernandez

Damian Puklus

Izzy Lawler

Liam Archer

Avery Eakle

Lily Skirvin

Jaxon Chapella

Kendal Albers

George McCaulley

Willow Dean

Linnea Lister

Armani Monroe

Jeremiah Stephens

Payson Fuller

Jayvani Jones

Rhya Zimmerman

Chris#an Rose

Khloe Mills

Kendallynn DeWi%

Mei Steffen

Hallie Westerfield

Luna Duran

Khloe Buccos

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

Brandin Griffin

Isaac Hunt

Izzy Hood

Cameron Thomas

Yazmyn Cas#llo

Sebas#on Englert

Alex Norman

Toby Ray

Chloe Morris

Conner Ingram

Jazmyn Denning

Kayleigh Macharia

Madelyn Qua%rocchi

Addy Ketron

Lauren Sho%s

Greyson Meador

Hailey Flores

Camden Gibson

Alex Gu#errez

Olivia Clark

Kaitlyn Barton

Landon Smith

Tavion Jones

Elyana Taylor

Heaven Taylor

Grant Kirchmeier

Abraham Gonzalez

Caine Silvers

Abby Ward

Carrington Pi%s

Warrior Way Winners Week of October 29, 2018 Be Posive - Be Respecul - Be Responsible Kindergarten

1st Grade

2nd Grade

Korina Quinn

Karsen Akers

Makenna Gray

Paizleigh PeHcord

Grace Baar

Gage Sanford

Briggsley Bowles

Abby Bogert

Riley Levesque

Hailey Vice

Ethan McKee

Izabelle Pulley

Zuri Fernandez

Chloe Hernandez

Khloe Buccos

George McCaulley

Lyla Priddy

Willy Arias

Armani Monroe

Ava Robinson

Charlee McKeown

Addy Russell

Micah Cur#s

Cooper MacCabe

Brianna Shafer

Kendallynn DeWi%

Logan Whitaker

Ava Williams

Lucius Lacava

Oliver Quednau

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

Gavin Miller

Elijah Wilson

Aaden Holtzleiter

Mikey Neuwirth

Ethan Neumeyer

Audrieanna Gimlich

Lillian Burns

Eshleen Kaur

Danika Caudill

Brady Lipps

Toby Ray

Wya% Day

Cameron Thomas

Addy Ketron

Brayden Mar#n

Kyle Kramer

Skyler Eads

Abigail Oswald

Madelyn Qua%rocchi

Wya% Gauthier

Braedon Combs

Leiah Napier

December Stoel#ng

Marley Slavens

Kaydyn Sizemore

Margos Lacava

Nicholas Yarnell

Landon Smith

Kaden Mason

Emma Eads

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