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May 1, 2018 - May Tech/PBL ... Ramirez Burks Elementary, have been chosen as Tech/PBL teachers for the month ... Yahoo Kids ( https://www.search.com/ ...

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Cotulla ISD

May 2018

May Tech/PBL Teachers Jennifer Garcia-Rodriguez, Vanessa Sanchez, Valerie Perez, Bryancy Adams and Elena Zavala, first grade teachers at Ramirez Burks Elementary, have been chosen as Tech/PBL teachers for the month of May. They recently had their students complete a PBL titled, “WorkForce Ready.” The Driving Question was: “How can we as potential members in the workforce prepare for a career in the future?” Their Objective was: “Students will be learning skills and characteristics of potential careers to become successful members of society.” Students researched careers and created a poster and then presented their findings.



Teachers: THANK YOU for everything you do each and every day! You are appreciated!


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