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This section ends where trail crosses a service road. Several unmarked trails short-cut to Logan's run. LOGAN'S RUN: White, Moderate, 2 mile section...

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PERRY RESERVOIR BIKE TRAILS DEVELOPMENT The Perry Bike Trail was created to provide a competitive level trail in Northeast Kansas. Planning started in early 1995 with the first trail clearing beginning in the spring of 1996. These trails are built and maintained by volunteers under the direction of the Kansas Trails Council (KTC) and Perry State Park. There are approximately 20 miles of single-track trails completed. Work on additional trails and improvements are ongoing.

TRAILS- SKILL LEVEL & DISTANCE The sections of the trail system are named and marked in two colors, blue and white, to help people identify the area of trail they are on. The Blue sections are farther up hill from the lake. The White sections are closer to the water. The basic descriptions below for each section should help users prepare themselves for their activity. SKYLINE: Blue, Easy, 3.5-mile loop Starts and ends at trail head. This loop accesses other sections of the trail. WILD WEST: White, Easy/Moderate, 1-mile section Connects trailhead to intersection of Great White and Skyline. GREAT WHITE: White, Difficult, 2.5 mile loop Descends below skyline with many rocky steep sections. MAD MILE: White, Difficult, 1 mile loop Descends below Skyline & climbs back to Skyline. BLACKFOOT: Blue, Difficult, 2.5 mile section This section ends where trail crosses a service road. Several unmarked trails short-cut to Logan’s run.

TRAIL RULES * It is the responsibility of the trail user to know where they are, and how to get back to the trail head. * Carry plenty of water. There is NO water available on the trail.


* Proper clothing in case of weather change. * Know your skill level. This trail can be very challenging. Know when it is time to turn back. * Control your speed at all times. Be ready to stop in an instant. * Avoid skidding – skidding causes needless trail erosion. * Ride on marked trails only. Be aware and respect private property. * Leave no trace. Carry out at least as much as you carry in. * Avoid riding or hiking in muddy conditions. * Cyclists should yield to hikers. Be courteous. A friendly greeting makes a positive impression of our sports. * Downhill riders should yield right of way to uphill riders. * Report illegal trail use to park authorities.

COPPER HEAD: White, Difficult, 2 mile section between service road and 74th street in Grasshopper Point camp ground.


CARLYLE: White, Moderate, 2 mile loop Loop trail north of 74th street. Crosses camp road and uses a small section of gravel road near shore.

State Park

* Be prepared. Carry proper supplies for your ride. This should include at least, spare tube, patch kit, pump, multi-tool, and knowledge to use them.

LOGAN’S RUN: White, Moderate, 2 mile section Runs parallel to Blackfoot but closer to shore. Has several unmarked trails short cut uphill to Blackfoot.

TWIN PEAKS: Blue, Moderate, 2.5 mile section Between service road and 74th street in Grasshopper Point campground uses small section of paved road.


* Wear a helmet!.

To assit with this effort, please call Lyle Riedy (KTC coordinator for Perry Bike Trail) at (785) 286-4103. [email protected] Equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from programs described herein is available to all individuals without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or handicap. Complaints of discrimination should be sent to Office of the Secretary, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, 1020 S Kansas Ave. Suite 200, Topeka, KS 66612-1327 01/06

Perry State Park Office 5441 West Lake Rd. Ozawkie, KS 66070 (785) 246-3449 (Park Office) (785) 273-6740 (Regional Office) e-mail: [email protected] Department Website:

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