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Groups from property management and vendor companies dressed in costume and/or .... Rochelle Reilly and Bernadette Bush of ..... along with CAMT, Adva...

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Robin Neal President of the Board
Aug 9, 2018 - Signed by, /S/ Robin Neal President of the Board. TABLE OF .... Is operated for the transportation of students from home to school, from school.

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Jersey Shore. Southern. President. P-Elect. P-President. Treasurer. Secretary. ECC Chair. QUALIFICATIONS: YES. NO. Current active membership in ENA.

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Flagler Fall Slam
Oct 23, 2018 - Eleonor Skoog (5). 80. 75. 155. 2. Lenoir-Rhyne University. 297. 306. 603. T3. Abbey Hartsell (1). 69. 76. 145. 8. Megan Robb (2). 76. 72. 148.

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Flagler Fall Slam
Oct 23, 2018 - 79. 78. 157. T61. Diana McDonald (3). 77. 83. 160 ... Deanna Confessore (3). 83. 80. 163. T79. NoraNoël ... Trinity Falzone (3). 85. 81. 166. T90.

2015GirlsHolidayRound Robin
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PAA East Helping Hands Amazing Race

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IREM NJ Industry Partner River Cruise June 12 NAA Apartmentalize Conference

June 13-16

MMHA New Member Orientation

June 22

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July 18

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The APTS | 3 | June 2018

Wet Weather Cannot Dampen High Spirits at PAA East Amazing Race


A little rain couldn’t get in the way of PAA East members as they descended upon West Chester, PA for the annual Amazing Race Fundraiser, hosted by the Helping Hands Committee. This unique event brought members together to support the HEADstrong and Travis Manion Foundations while also providing a fun and competitive day out with colleagues and friends. Groups from property management and vendor companies dressed in costume and/or matching attire and completed various contests, crossing checkpoints throughout the course to make their way to the finish line.

This year’s challenges were some of the most creative yet, ranging from blind taste testing of ice cream flavors to balancing toilet paper rolls using pretzel rods and tennis balls. Following an afternoon full of excitement, the fun continued at Barnaby’s of America for Happy Hour where West, Central & East Versions the top three teams were crowned Amazing Racers. Participants traded stories and laughs about the event’s challenges, knowing that their exciting day also benefited two great causes.

Version of Logo without using West, Central & East

“Proud Member of...” Version Colors Used in all Logo Versions

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PMS UNCOATED: PMS 151 CMYK: 0, 43, 91, 0

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Members of the Helping Hands Committee at registration were: Pat Sandor, Cathy Gear, Jody Pierson, co-chair Mary French (with cutout of any-minute expectant mom and co-chair Ashley Mlodzinski), Colleen Soper and Julie Troendle joined by PAA East’s Ashley Porrini and Erica Caceres

A record crowd packs Barnaby’s in West Chester, site of the after party and awards presentation

2018 Amazing Race champions were the team from Berger Rental Communities, Delco Division

The energetic Woodward Properties team took third place overall honors

Runner-up was Team Guinan including former Helping Hands co-chairs Kristin Guinan and Meg Guinan The APTS | 4 | June 2018

PAA East Amazing Race

The BET Investments team prepares to head to their first contest

Ingerman had several teams, all of whom came ready to play

2017 champion Berger Rental Communities Westover Companies fielded several teams eager to defend their title and had the most overall competitors

Morgan Properties shows their “Morgan Pride” on their uniforms

The fun-loving Woodward Properties team impressed with their competitiveness and energy

One team laments the rainy weather but it did not deter anyone from having a great time and completing the course

The Helping Hands Committee includes: Kristin Guinan, Colleen Brown, Meg Guinan, Jody Pierson, Heather Kamasa, Monique Horsey, Mary French, Colleen Soper and Julie Troendle joined by PAAE’s Marlynn Orlando, Ashley Porrini and Erica Caceres


FIX DAMA™ exclusive Pavement Preservation Program will save you time and money! The Galman Group celebrated their team colors and Helping Hands on their uniforms

Providing pothole repair solutions all year long. Contact us today for more information


[email protected]

The APTS | 5 | June 2018

PAA East Amazing Race

Awaiting racers to their “game” with cotton balls in hand are Morgan Properties’ Breanne Metz and Heather Kamasa from Acadia Windows & Doors

The BET team was joined by colleagues at the Happy Hour after party at Barnaby’s

Monique Horsey from BG Multifamily was a first-time game sponsor

Boot camp push-ups was just one of the physical demands at the race, with one competitor (far right) apparently a brief casualty

The interesting thing is not how they got like this but rather how long it took them to untangle from it

CORT Furniture asked players to figure a way to make change and stack ‘em

The Wojnar family from Old City Renovators welcomed racers to their pavilion: Adam, Agnes, Marlena and Kevin

OUTDOOR SERVICES Environmental Excellence By Caring Professionals We specialize in: Grounds Maintenance, Snow & Ice Management Irrigation, Flower Displays Landscape & Hardscape Installation

Proudly serving the Greater Philadelphia region

Chris Thomas and Terry Treadwell from Pothole Repair required contestants to stack cans of Coke

Contact us at:


The APTS | 6 | June 2018

Justin Yaskowski from Penn Outdoor Services offers Westover players a taste test to identify specific flavors

PAA East Amazing Race

Players at the Ferguson Facilities Supply venue

Delaware Valley Paving welcomed players to their venue on High Street

Rochelle Reilly and Bernadette Bush of MSB Resources employ their idea of hoop-it-up at their venue

Nintendo is everywhere as Mario, Luigi and Yoshi prepare to head out to the course

Kelly Williams from Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators welcomes a Westover group with the cool team name of “Four Divas and a Dude”

Alan Rosenberg and the RestoreCore crew held court shielding players from the rain

Chillin’ after being out in the wet weather were Dave Moore and Pat Gillespie from Delaware Valley Paving along with Robert Wilson of Penn Outdoor Services

Welcome to a New Standard of Living. Valet Waste is now Valet Living. But we’re also a lot more. We pioneered and perfected the doorstep collection amenity. But we’re also setting the standard in turn services, maintenance support and pet solutions. If you’re looking to impress your residents and enhance your property’s value, join the nation’s leading provider in setting a new standard for residential living: Valet Living.

Why is this man smiling? P. Cooper Roofing’s Steve Dicker’s idea of heaven is being stationed at a bakery while the rain pours down ensuring a busy week ahead Doorstep

The Klein Company was once again a formidable and fun team




Contact us today to see how living up to our high standards will benefit both your community and your bottom line. | 877-574-2587

The APTS | 7 | June 2018

The LARGEST Apartment Renter NETWORK. The MOST Accurate Rental DATA. © 2016 CoStar Realty Information, Inc.

The APTS | 8 | June 2018

COHEN, WILLWERTH & MARRACCINI PRESENTS: THE TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION “The Celebrity Tenant” A negative aspect of apartment living is the close proximity you have to other residents. This can even be true for high end apartment complexes inhabited by celebrities.

Trivia Time

Be the first to answer the following questions and win 2018 Phillies tickets courtesy of: 1. Name at least 5 athletes who have been NAA keynote presenters. 2. Who currently has the longest tenure of the region’s Apt Assoc Executive Directors? 3. When is the DAA Apartment Angels fundraiser? 4. What famous director is an uncle of Nicholas Cage? 5. Which property management company is celebrating their 35th anniversary? Call today (215) 938-7733 or e-mail us at: [email protected]

Recently, Hilary Duff, known for her role on Lizzie McGuire, had an issue with a neighboring tenant in her apartment building. She took to Instagram to call out her neighbor by name regarding his behavior of smoking cigarettes to her 9 million followers. She even went as far as tagging his Instagram handle and screenshotting his profile picture. Whether right or wrong, this demonstrates that everyone, even celebrities, can encounter bad neighbors or become bad neighbors.

More Things You Need To Know Part XCVI: Beer 1. The oldest known recipe is for a 4,000-year-old beer made by the Sumerians. 2. Sumeria’s neighbors, the Egyptians, built the pyramids under the influence, workers at Giza received about four liters of beer a day. 3. Researchers at the University of Western Ontario found that micronutrients called polyphenols in one 12-ounce beer create protective levels of plasma antioxidants that can prevent heart disease. But at three bottles a day, the cardiovascular benefits are reversed by the pro-oxidants your body creates as it metabolizes excess ethanol. 4. A beer expert is called a cerevisaphile - a word derived from the Latin name of the Roman goddess of agriculture, Ceres, and vis, meaning strength. 5. Hops, the bittering agent in beer, belong to the family Cannabaceae, making them marijuana’s close cousins and lending a little perspective to the term “hopped up.” 6. Stanford researchers found that beer bubbles create a gravitydefying loop. Bubbles head up in the center where frictional drag from the glass is less and down on the outside as the top gets crowded. 7. It was the accepted practice in Babylon, 4,000 years ago, that for a month after the wedding, the bride’s father would supply his son-in law with all the mead he could drink. Mead is a honey beer, and because their calendar was lunar based, this period was called the “honey month,” or what we know today as the “honeymoon.” 8. While you’re examining your beer, try an experiment: Tilt the glass to see if foam adheres to the side. If it does, that’s called “Brussels lace,” considered by some to be a sign of high-quality beer - and clean glasses. 9. India Pale Ales were first developed when English brewers in the early 19th century were looking for a way to export their traditional ales to India. The journey by sea would take too long, and the beer would spoil by the time it arrived. Extra hops were added, and the IPA was born. 10. The Speakeasy originally got its name because of the “practice of speaking quietly about such a place in public, or when inside it, so as not to alert the police or neighbors.” The name is considered to have originated from the owner of an unlicensed bar in 1880s Pittsburgh.

Take Notes

There was an elderly couple who in their old age noticed that they were getting a lot more forgetful, so they decided to go to the doctor. The doctor told them that they should start writing things down so they don’t forget. They went home and the old lady told her husband to get her a bowl of ice cream. “You might want to write it down,” she said. The husband said, “No, I can remember that you want a bowl of ice cream.” She then told her husband she wanted a bowl of ice cream with whipped cream. “Write it down,” she told him, and again he said, “No, no, I can remember: you want a bowl of ice cream with whipped cream.” So he goes to get the ice cream and spends an unusually long time in the kitchen, over 30 minutes. He comes out to his wife and hands her a plate of eggs and bacon. The old wife stares at the plate for a moment, then looks at her husband and asks, “Where’s the toast?”


Instead of “the John,” I call my bathroom “the Jim.” That way it sounds better when I say I go to the Jim first thing every morning.

2017-18 Top 25 Golf Courses in the U.S.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Golf Course Yards Par Location Pine Valley 7,101 70 Pine Valley, NJ Augusta National 7,435 72 Augusta, GA Cypress Point Club 6,524 72 Pebble Beach, CA Shinnecock Hills 7,450 70 Southampton, NY Oakmont Country Club 7,254 71 Oakmont, PA Merion (East) 6,592 70 Ardmore, PA Pebble Beach G. Links 6,828 72 Pebble Beach, CA National G. Links of America 6,957 72 Southampton, NY Sand Hills 7,089 71 Mullen, NE Winged Foot (West) 7,258 72 Mamaroneck, NY Fishers Island Club 6,615 70 Fishers Island, NY Crystal Downs Country Club 6,518 70 Frankfort, MI Seminole 6,836 72 Juno Beach, FL Chicago 6,846 70 Wheaton, IL Muirfield Village 7,392 72 Dublin, OH The Country Club 7,350 70 Chestnut Hill, MA Oakland Hills Country Club 7,445 70 Bloomfield Hills, MI Pacific Dunes 6,633 71 Bandon, OR Friar’s Head 7,049 71 Baiting Hollow, NY Oak Hill Country Club (East) 7,152 70 Rochester, NY The Ocean Course 7,356 72 Kiawah Island, SC Whistling Straits 7,790 72 Haven, WI Los Angeles Country Club 7,236 71 Los Angeles, CA Riviera Country Club 7,040 71 Pacific Palisades, CA Wade Hampton 7,302 72 Cashiers, NC

The APTS | 9 | June 2018

The Month in Review

Month in Review Spring blooms each The year with a constant stream of golf outings and trade in the multifamily industry this year’s lineup didindusOne ofshows the most interesting years in theand region’s rich apartment not disappoint. to athe Valley Forge Casino dinners, Resort for try history camePAA to a returned close with combination of awards ofits annual Trade education Show & Education which welcomedstream ficer inductions, programsConference and, of course, a constant more than parties. 1,600 attendees for the day-long event. Featuring ninepresiof holiday On the heels of the intense and bitterly fought informative education sessions, a bustling show floor and, were dential election, new administrations in realtrade estate organizations new year, a keynote presentation from St. Joe’sover basketball head readythis to assume leadership. Brian Paule presided both AAGP’s coach Martelli, the conference was aofficers great success for all elected, in CasinoPhill Night, where the new executive were formally attendance. members descended the upon the Borgata Hotel and and the final NJAA event of his administration, Holiday Party, which rethe Atlantic Convention Center for two-plus days of education, turned to theCity Union League after a few years at other venues. DAA networking and fun at the Annual Conference & Expo. JAHMA’s President Kevin Wolfgang announced he would not be seeking anSpring Management Event also tookof place in Atlantic City along with other term and that Melinda Bosco Buccini/Pollin Group would the JAHMA Foundation’s annual golf outing at Stockton Seaview succeed him. All three regional chapters of IREM held elections with Golf Club, which was held prior to the conference and raised funds for two, Chapters No. 1 and 3, renewing the terms of current presidents the organization’s scholarship foundation. CAI-PA DelVal hosted their Larry Sauer and Michael Carr, respectively. Chapter No. 101 bid conference and expo, also at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King farewell andPA. offered a genuineManagers appreciation for the two(PMA-DC) year term of of Prussia, The Property Association held Sandy Cipollone who at officially Darrell Williams to lead the their annual PMEXPO FedExwelcomed Field in Hyattsville, MD. NJAA mainsouthern NJ chapter. Alexandra Jackiw was formally announced as tenance professionals gathered at the Collins Arena at Brookdale chairman of College NAA at for theaAssembly of Delegates. The effects at of HurriCommunity day of competition and camaraderie the cane Sandy had a significant impact upon many facets of the industry 10th annual Maintenance Mania event. PAA Central presented their as numerous communities affected. Virtually allNook organizations annual Maintenance Maniawere extravaganza at Spooky Sports conductedinfundraisers withIREM NJAAChapter leading No. the way many ofdistheir Complex Manheim, PA. 101 as members members werestrategic hit especially hard. fundraiser of different was cussed a new plan for theAorganization atathe Springsort Dinner both highly effective and at incredibly as in many fromNJ. theThe region Meeting which was held Bogey’semotional Club & Cafe Sewell, showed their support for Scully Company Bill HolAPTS Magazine continued the industry golfRegional tour withManager its 14th annual lin who, once again, washeld instrumental in the We Will Rock Cystic Invitational Golf Classic at PineCrest Country Club in Lansdale, Fibrosis eventAwards providing funds for the dreaded disease that afflicts so PA. The MVP for Management and Vendor Performance manypresented including Bill’s son niece.dinner Though the hockey star game were during theand evening banquet whichallimmediately followed outing. MMHA its first-ever Spring at Chryshas beenthe cancelled, dozensheld of AAGP members wereJam on hand for the alis at Symphony Woods Merriweather Park. The outdoor event Apartment All Stars whoinbrought their tireless energy and enthusiincluded beer and wine festival, food trucks, and lip sync battle asm for aaspecial seminar in Fort Washington. The afinal education between members. Education sessions continued at with a rapid classes were held by AAGP, AACP, NJAA and DAA thepace newest with a variety of classes to choose from FirstsesTime offering on Lead Dust quickly selling out including resulting MMHA’s in additional Supervisor and MMHA PAA Central’s Training. NJAA provided sions to be course scheduled. held theHVAC first NAA Maintenance Mania a Financial Bootcamp wellthose as the which competition in the areaas with of NALP NJAA certification (March 12th)course and DAA was held in conjunction with the conference. (March 14th) quickly approaching, as we head into the new year.

The Month in Preview

The temperatures are finally rising and action in the industry is The Month in the Preview getting hotter by thedropped day. IREM Southern and Delaware Well, the ball finally and, followingNJ a long yet mostlyValley exciting chaptersbowl will host a Joint the Freedom Elite football season, the Dinner industryMeeting games aboard for 2013 officially have beyachtTraditionally, which will include a buffet dinner, meet andForecast greet withLuncheon the capgun. the annual Joint Real Estate tain and a tour thewill vessel. continues theAAGP, industry golf tour kicks things off of and once MMHA again be hosted by IREM, BOwithand theirthe annual outing at Mountain Branch Golf Club in Joppa, MD. MA Tri State Realtors Alliance. New presidents will begin The event Theorganizations Baltimore Station which supports men who are their termsbenefits for several this month. Gunti Weissentransitioning thepresident cycle of poverty, abusewill and homeberger, who through served as of DAA substance for many years, assume lessness to self-sufficiency. The Delaware Valley chapter of IREM will office at AAGP. Brent Kohere will complete the final half of his twopartner with AHMA host the annual Maintenance year term at PennDel NJAA, which willtoannounce his successor at theirMatters next event at Live! in Philadelphia, a full daywill of extensive training for board of Xfinity directors meeting. Kevin Wolfgang bring a conclusion to maintenance professionals. IREM New Jersey will present its annual his illustrious administration and will be followed by Melinda Bosco Industry Partner River Cruise and Wine Tasting event aboard the River during formal ceremonies in March. AAGP begins their education Queen, a replica Mississippi river boat, which sails from Brielle, NJ. year with CAM classes on Community Analysis and Fair Housing. Multifamily professionals from across the nation will gather at NAA’s NJAA will open conference. their schedule with programs focused upon “Leasing” Apartmentalize This year’s three day convention returns as well as “Reducing Property Taxes” with a special session for assoto San Diego and will feature a special keynote line-up including: 2009 ciate on how toAlex get Rodriguez, the most benefits being involved Worldmembers Series Champion host of from the TV series Dirty with organization. NJAAofwill also host itsShabnam Annual Meeting where Jobsthe Mike Rowe and CEO SoulPancake Mogharabi. the officers and board members for 2013 will be officially inducted More than 9,000 attendees will also take part in the industry’s largest followed by athe cocktail reception. theMania ceremony, a private trade show, national finals of Preceding Maintenance and some of the reception willmost be held for those membersevents who joined the past coolest and anticipated networking of theinyear. DAAyear. will AAGP willmembers once again up the mountain to Camelback in theatPowelcome for head their quarterly Membership Meeting, held the conos where the ever-expanding annual Ski Trip within will offer chance University & Whist Club in Wilmington. Education thethe industry to slide fall, either on the or outside Trade does notand slow down during theslopes summer months the but clubhouse. instead ramps up show season is beginning a little bit than in recent to provide non-stop opportunities for later professionals in theyears regionwith to exIREM presenting the Tri State Management Conference once again pand their knowledge. PAA East will host an EPA Lead Dust Sampling at The Borgata Hotel &along Casino in Fair Atlantic City. and A record number of will course for technicians with Housing Beyond. NJAA hold Maintenance for Property Housing &for Be-memattendees are expected for the Managers day and a and half Fair extravaganza yondof in Chapters North, South Centralands Jersey. MMHA will present several bers No. and 1, No.101 No.3. Just one week later, refresher coursesmembers at its training facility including: & Cooling, MMHA welcome for their annual eventHeating in Baltimore. In Electrical, Appliance CFC, Plumbing, March, both DAA andRepair, AAGPCarpentry, will host their largest eventsSafety of theProdyear uctsone andweek more.apart With with an eye toward the fall awards season, Mania judges, just DAA also including Maintenance including association members well will as outside industry expertsexwill prior to the exhibit floor opening.asNAA begin their continually be visiting apartment communities in JuneHousing and JulyConference throughout the panding national events with its Student in Las area asAAGP they determine bestspeaker of the best a variety categories Vegas. welcomesthe guest BillinRancic of of “The Apprenfor PAA East, PAA and DAA. tice” fame during theCentral, annual NJAA President’s Membership Dinner Meeting.

The APTS | 10 2013 The APTS | 10| |January June 2018

20182013 INDUSTRY WinterCALENDAR Calendar JUNE


21: NJAA Seminar: Fair Housing forLuncheon, Maintenance (South Jersey) 8th: Joint Real Estate Forecast Philadelphia 10th: NJAA Seminar: Leasing&A-Z 21: PAAE Seminar: Fair Housing Beyond 14th: NJAARefresher: Seminar: Reducing 21: MMHASTA Heating &Property Cooling Taxes 16th: AAGP CAM Kickoff Classes 22: MMHA New Member Orientation 16th:Membership NJAA Seminar: Membership Benefits 26: DAA Meeting 17th: AAGP CAM Class: Community Analysis 29: MMHASTA Refresher: Electrical 18th: AAGP CAM Class: Fair Housing 23rd: NJAA Annual Meeting 25th: AAGP Ski Trip, Camelback 10-11: PAAE Class: 608 Certification 31st: Drexel University on Careers in Management 10: MMHA Seminar: Fair Housing 2 18: PAAE Seminar: Purchasing Standardization & Compliance February 18: PAAC Bus Tour - Central PA 5th: NJAA CAMT Class: 19: MMHA Annual Crab FeastBasic Appliance Repair 7th: AAGP CAM Class: Marketing 19: PAAE Seminar: Advanced Plumbing 11th: NJAA Aspiring Leadersfor Happy Hour Managers 24: PAAE Seminar: Maintenance Property 12th: DAA General Membership Meeting 26: PAAC Bus Tour - Lehigh Valley 13th: AAGP Membership Dinner Meeting 13th: NJAA Seminar: Internet Leasing 19th: AAGP Supplier Success Program 2: DAA Apartment Angels Fundraiser 15th: AAGP CAMT Class: Basic Electricity Day 1 7: PAAE Seminar: Leasing 101: LearnAtlantic the Basics 21st: IREM Tri State Conference, City 7-8: 22nd: NJAA AAGP Class:CAMT CAMTClass: - Electrical Basic Electricity Day 2 9: PAAE 24th:Seminar: AcademyFinancial Awards Boot Camp 25th: NAA Student Housing Conference, Las Vegas 9: Families in Crisis Fundraiser 26th: DAAAffiliate Seminar: Membership Benefits 13-15: NAAEI Education Conference 27th: MMHA 14: NJAA Class: Trade CAMT Show - Plumbing 16: PAA Central Golf Outing 28-29: NJAA Class: CAMT - Basic Appliances March



4th: DAA Officer & Board Installation SEPTEMBER 5th: NJAA CPO Program

5: DAA Golf Outing 6th: New AAGP CAM Class: Property Maintenance 6: IREM Jersey Chapter Heritage Night 7th: AAGP CAM Class: Human Resources 11-12: NJAA Class: CAMT - HVAC 7th: AAGP Helping Hands Fundraiser, The Field House 12: IREM EthicsConference, for the Real Washington, Estate Manager 10th: Class: NAA Capitol DC (ETH800) 12: MMHA Class: NALP 12th: AAGP NALP Classes 13: MMHA Seminar: Fair Housing #3 Maintenance 12th: AAGP CAMT Class: Int/Ext 17: NJAA Charitable Fund Golf Outing 12th: NJAA Maintenance Mania 19: IREM Budgeting, Cash Flow and Reporting (FIN402) 14th: Class: DAA Trade Show, Newark 20: NJAA Seminar: Fair Housing Beyond (Central Jersey) 16th: Robyn Hoover Wedding,&Punta Cana 17th: NCAA Selection Sunday& Beyond 20: PAAE Seminar: Fair Housing 20th: AAGP Show 21: NJAA Class: Trade Supplier Success 20th: Industry AACP Maintenance Mania 24: IREM Partner Golf Outing & Dinner Meeting 21st: NJAA Seminar: Leasing the Digital Age 25: NJAA Class: CAMT - Interior &inExterior 24th:East NAHMA Meeting, Washington 27: PAA BestWinter of Apartment Living AwardsDC

2013 Industry Trade Shows OCTOBER

1: IREM 3 Class: Capstone February 21:CPM IREM Tri State Track Conference 1-3: NAA Maximize February 25: NAA Student Housing Conference 9: PAA Helping27: Hands Cornhole February MMHA Ind DevTournament Day & Expo March 14: DAA Trade-Show 9: NJAA Class: CAM/CAS Industry Essentials & Finance March 20:ofAAGP Trade ShowAwards 10: DAA Best Delaware Living AprilClass: 10: Atlantic Convention 10: NJAA CAM -Builders Marketing April 10: Trade Show 11: MMHA StarPOA Awards AprilClass: TBA: AACP Showin New Residents / Marketing 11: PAAE NALPTrade - Bringing April 18: PMExpo, Landover, MD Active Shooter Training 11: NJAA Seminar: Homeland Security May 21: NJAA Conf & Expo 17: NJAA PAC Reception & Board of Directors Meeting June 20: NAA Education Conf & Expo, San Diego 18: PAAE Class:Ingerman NALP - Competition Matters / Sales Process July TBA: Leadership Conference 21-23:September NAHMA Fall Meeting (Regulatory Issues) TBA: NJ Governors Conference 23: PAAE Class: NALP - AHMA Relevant and How to Apply Them Sept/Oct: PennDel FallLaws Conference 23: MMHA Seminar: Resources November TBA:Human NJ League of Municipalities 24: NJAA Class: CAM/CAS - Legal and Risk 25: NJAA Amazing Race

The APTS | 11 | January 2013

The APTS | 11 | June 2018

AAGP Education Update VERSIONS OF LOGO & COLOR INFORMATION The association’s program wasEvents sucPAA East education Education & Update cessfully completed with a busy end-of-year PAA East members departed the annual Trade Show schedule. Included among the sessions were the and Education Conference on a high note with a plethora Apartment All Stars (see next page), Financial of new information, both to share with their teams and Boot Camp with Cynthiann King and a new semiimplement at their communities. The conference is known nar that the proved wildly providing popular, a Lead Dust throughout statetoforbealways wonderful Sampling. members continue to setindustry rec- to opportunity forAAGP professionals in the multifamily West, Central & East Versions ordsthe forone attendance NAA designations as well special attend day eventfor and leisurely explore the tradeasshow floortopics while sit in on valuable seminars, all at no cost to the alsothroughout having thethe chance attendee. It is one of the primary reasons why the show continues to grow AAGP andRecently, set records eachcreated year. a special task force which will review all potential instructors and topics to ensure that the program continues set the standard theconference industry. Members are strongly encourThetoeducation portion ofinthe was top notch with classes such aged to submit topics they to see presented as well as as “Supervising Employees” by would Robin like Flagler of AION Management; Version of Logo without using West, Central & East “Internet Marketing Tools and Trends” Jordan Silton fromseminar Co-Star or and nominate themselves to serve as with the instructor for that “Engaging with Today’s Customers” from has Jessica Sachs of Scully Comany other. A small select committee been formed who will carepany, allapprove jam packed with inquiring minds. Most programs were standing fully each and make recommendations to the AAGP educaroom includingwho the will keynote presentation from St. Joe’s University to tiononly, committee announce those chosen. For information coach Phil proposals, Martelli. please contact Linda Ryan (see below). submit

ButAAGP this is will nothing for the it constantly strivesprograms to oncenew again hostassociation, a full slate as of NAA designation “Proud of...” Version it comes to education for its members. provide the bestthe of theMember best when throughout year beginning with CAM classes this month. CAMT Coming up this spring and summer, the organization will hold EPAin gets underway in February followed byUsed CAS in April andthe CAPS in all Logo Lead Dust Sampling Technician Course,Colors instructed byVersions LEW Corporation May. NALP will be hosted in October. A new series for associate along with CAMT, Advanced Plumbing and a Financial Boot Camp.

For information on AAGP education programs please contact Education Director Linda Ryan For information on PAA East education (610) 664-1800 or [email protected] programs, Judy Watman Upcomingplease AAGP contact Education Classes & Events at (610) 664-1800 or visit

January 8

RE Economic Forecast Luncheon

January 17

CAM Kickoff: Community Analysis

Upcoming Education Classes & Events


January 18 CAM/CAS Fair Housing 19 EPA Lead Dust Sampling Technician Initial Course January 25 Ski Trip Technician Refresher 20 EPA Lead Dust Sampling 21 Beyond February 7Fair & 8Housing & CAM Class: Marketing

JULY February 13 10-11

Membership Dinner Meeting

608 Certification

February 15 CAMT Class: Electric, Day 1 18 Multifamily Purchasing Standardization & Compliance February 19 Suppliers Success 19 Advanced Plumbing February 22 CAMT Class: Electric, Day 2 24 Maintenance for Property Managers March 6 AUGUST

CAM Class: Property Maintenance

7 7 Leasing 101: Learn the Basics March CAM Class: Human Resources

9 Financial Boot Camp March 12 CAMT Class: Interior/Exterior Maintenanc SEPTEMBER March 20 Trade Show, Valley Forge members is entitled, “Suppliers Success” and will be an overview of 20 Fair Housing & Beyond PMS COATED: PMS 151 PMS UNCOATED: PMS 151 PMS COATED: PMS 300 the industry and its and property management comCMYK:organizational 0, 60, 100, 0 CMYK: 0, 43, 91, 0 CMYK: 99, 50, 0, 0 The Education Committee and association staff are already hard at work April CAMT Class: HVAC, Day 1 2710 Best of Apartment Living Awards structure. It PMS is COATED: a is prerequisite for the CAS PMS 2188 to include PMS UNCOATED: PMS 2188designation. on pany the 2019 lineup which sure even more valuable and inforCMYK: 100, 39, 0, 63 CMYK: 100, 38, 0, 49 April 11 CAM Class: Risk Management mative sessions for every type of professional in the industry. PMS COATED: PMS 2188 SAVE THE DATE - SEPTEMBER 27 PMS COATED: PMS 300 to attend PMS UNCOATED: PMS 300 For information individual classes, CMYK: 100, 39, 0, 63 CMYK: 99, 50, 0, 0 CMYK: 100, 35, 0, 0 please contact: Best of Apartment Living Awards AAGP Trade Show

For information to attend individual classes, AAGP Education Director Linda Ryan please contact Education Director Judy Watman at (610) 664-1800 at: (610) 664-1800 or [email protected]

or email: [email protected]

FERRY’S CARPET CLEANING, INC Carpet Cleaning and Repairs

Servicing many of the leading Property Management companies in the tri-state area Member of AAGP PAA East Phone: (609) 790-2246 Fax: (609) 654-4128

Wednesday, March 20 Valley Forge Drexelbrook, Drexel Hill, PA Conv Cente

For information attend ormore sponsor, contact: Erica Hun Contact PAAtoEast for information. (610) 664-1800 or email: [email protected]

AAGP Education Price Schedule

Your Promo

CAMT or CAM: Full Program - $849/members. $950/Non-members Individual Classes - $125 ea/members $150/non-membe NALP: Full Program - $399/members Individual Classes - $95/members


Hello, I’m Megan Campbell and I specialize in finding that perfect promotional item for your next event.

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We Also Provide Signage, Printing, Direct Mail, Graphic Design and Much More! Call Megan Campbell, your Promo Concierge at Cell: 201-.615.4057 Office: 800.575.6210 x123 or email: [email protected] The APTS | 12 | June 2018

The APTS | 12 | January 2013

NJAA Education & Events Update The annual NJAA Conference & Expo has been successfully completed and members are still riding high from what was a three day series of education and networking in Atlantic City, NJ. As usual, the association provided a wide variety of sessions, including the opportunity to obtain an NAA certification, along with classes taught by national speakers and industry experts. Back in the classroom at NJAA HQ, the summer months will bring many attendees to Monroe Township for classes that are quickly filling the calendar. On deck are three sessions of Fair Housing with each taking place in a different part of the state to accommodate and reach all members. The organization will also be hosting the Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technicians course with the Electrical, Plumbing, Basic Appliances, HVAC and Interior/Exterior modules taking place through September. A Maintenance for Property Managers session will also be held at the main office and will be instructed by Mike Bias of Wilmar. The class will provide a thorough understanding of a community’s maintenance issues for Property Managers including: regulations on HVAC and pools; record-keeping tips; service request tips; preventative maintenance; increasing property value; budgeting tips and more. In September, the association’s charitable arm will hold its annual Golf Outing at a new venue this year, Preakness Hills Country Club in Wayne, NJ. For more information or to sign up for a foursome, contact the association.

To enroll in the professional designation courses or participate in individual classes, please contact Sarah Shaw at (732) 992-0600 x107 or [email protected]

Upcoming Education Classes & Events JUNE 5

Fair Housing & Beyond (Central Jersey)


Maintenance for Property Managers


Fair Housing for Maintenance (North Jersey)


Fair Housing for Maintenance (South Jersey)


CAMT - Electrical


CAMT - Plumbing


CAMT - Basic Appliances




Charitable Fund Golf Outing


Fair Housing & Beyond (Central Jersey)


Supplier Success


CAMT - Interior & Exterior

SAVE THE DATE - SEPTEMBER 17 NJAA Charitable Fund Golf Outing Preakness Hills Country Club, Wayne, NJ For more information contact NJAA at 732-992-0600

The APTS | 13 | June 2018

DAA Education/Events Update The Delaware Apartment Association continues to ramp up their 2018 calendar with the addition of several new classes and events. The association also adds education sessions and programs to the calendar throughout the year so be sure to check for more information.

For information on education programs, please contact the Delaware Apartment Association at: 302-691-5141 Upcoming Education Classes & Events

Members are looking forward to the second half of the year with the Apartment Angels Summer Fundraiser taking place on August 2nd at Catherine Rooney’s Trolley Square in Wilmington, DE. Save the date for the following events: Golf Outing (September 5) returning to White Clay Creek, General Membership Meetings at the University & Whist Club (September 18 & November General Membership Meeting 13), the Best of Delaware Awards (October 10) and the award-winning Holiday Gala (November 29). The November Membership Meeting will also include elections for 2019 officers and board members. Stay tuned for more details. DAA has been reorganizing several of their committees in the past few months. It is critical for members to participate and be engaged with the association. Please bring your creativity and industry knowledge to support DAA in any of the open spots currently available, contact Susan Whitehead for information.

For information on classes and events, visit: or call: 302-691-5141

August 2

Apartment Angels Summer Fundraiser

September 5

Annual Golf Outing

September 18

General Membership Meeting

October 10

Best of Delaware Awards

November 13

General Membership Meeting

November 29

Holiday Gala

SAVE THE DATE - AUGUST 2 Apartment Angels Summer Fundraiser Catherine Rooney’s, Wilmington, DE For more information contact (717) 730-0409 DAA Apartment Angels Program

Each year the Delaware Apartment Association helps individuals and families in financial need through their Apartment Angels program. Utilizing support and donations from DAA members, the program provides six months of FREE RENT to individuals awarded housing. If you would like to contribute by recommending applicants or providing services, contact DAA for more information.

The APTS | 14 | June 2018

PAA Central Education For information on education programs, & Events Update VERSIONS OF LOGO & COLOR INFORMATIONplease contact PAA Central at:

Although school will soon be out for the summer, education sessions will continue through the warmer months at PAA Central HQ. With a continuously expanding calendar of events, the association carefully selects courses to ensure that there is something for West, Central & East Versions everyone.

(717) 730-0409


This month, the organization will host two Risk Management sessions, one in Lehigh Valley and one in Harrisburg which will be presented by Evan Rosen from Diamondhead Insurance Agency and Sharrod Parker of Millers Mutual Group. The workshop will cover the process that involves recognizing, confronting, and preparing for any potential threat Version of Logo without using West, Central & East to a property, residents, contractors, visitors and employees. Don’t miss PAA Central’s Summer Mixer which will be held at Loxley’s at the Heritage Hotel in Lancaster, PA. Come out for a fun evening with fellow members while enjoying the beautiful weather and laid-back atmosphere. “Proud Member of...” Version


Summer Mixer


Risk Management - Lehigh Valley


Risk Management - Harrisburg


New Construction Bus Tour - Central PA


New Construction Bus Tour - Lehigh Valley


In July, the association will host New Construction Bus Tours in Central Colors Used in all Logo Versions Pennsylvania and Lehigh Valley. Each trip will visit several new member AUGUST sites where guests will have the opportunity to step off the bus and take PMS COATED: PMS 151 PMS UNCOATED: PMS 151 PMS COATED: PMS 300 a first hand look at the property. CMYK: 0, 60, 100, 0 CMYK: 0, 43, 91, 0 16CMYK: 99, 50, 0, 0 Annual Golf Outing PMS COATED: PMS 2188


39, 0, 63 CMYK: 100, 38, 0, 49 As always, the excitement is heating upCMYK: for100,the Annual Golf Outing on August 16 which returns to Iron Valley Golf Course in Lebanon, PA. PMS COATED: PMS 300 PMS UNCOATED: PMS 300 To CMYK: 99, 50, 0, 0 sign up for a foursome contact the association today. CMYK: 100, 35, 0, 0

For information on classes and events, please visit: or call (717) 730-0409

SAVE THE DATE - AUGUST 16 Annual Golf Outing

PMS COATED: PMS 2188 CMYK: 100, 39, 0, 63

Iron Valley Golf Course, Lebanon, PA For more information contact (717) 730-0409

Introducing A Full Service, Multifamily Digital Marketing Agency

Visit Created by Multifamily Marketing Expert and 4 Walls Founder, Ellen Thompson

The APTS | 15 | June 2018

cabinetry and the processes to develop and manufacture the best products and manufacture the best products

showroom, operations, warehousing and service centers and service centers

and also allow for specific Q & A for issues attendee’s communities at at attendee’s communities

Filthy Pests Freak Tenants Out!


by Western Pest Services

hat do you feel when you see a cockroach scurry across the kitchen counter? Would you scream? Would you run? If you’re like most people, cockroaches disgust you. They are filthy pests, and carry disease-inducing pathogens in their bodies that spread anytime a cockroach’s body makes contact with something – including walking across counter tops and other surfaces.

But cockroaches aren’t the only disease-causing pest; flies and rodents are also disease-ridden and pose major health risks. Together, cockroaches, flies and rodents are three of the filthiest pests and most likely to infiltrate a tenant’s residence. That makes them more of a concern when it comes to your bottom line, as pest sightings inside units is never good for business. Cockroaches, flies and rodents reproduce fast, which means a pest problem can turn into an infestation if left untreated. Larger populations mean a higher chance of a pest sighting, so it’s always best to resolve issues quickly before they have time to escalate. In the age of online reviews, having pests around simply isn’t worth the risk to your property, tenants or bottom line.


Known for their resilience and ability to popup seemingly out of nowhere, cockroaches are a persistent bunch of scavengers. Although the most common species varies from region to region in the U.S., they all share some similar characteristics. Most are primarily nocturnal and leave droppings, which look like dark brown or black specs, everywhere they go. And roaches love to hang out in garbage. That’s because they’re constantly in search of food, water and shelter – the three things pests need to survive – and they can eat just about any organic food source they find. They’re also known to consume other items like cardboard, books and decaying matter, so they’re certainly not picky eaters.

Cockroaches are adept at locating food sources, once they’ve detected them using their antennae. Potential food sources, of course, are in your tenants’ pantries, garbage bins, dirty dishes or any other area there might be food. Even crumbs are enough to sustain a hungry cockroach. Able to fit through tiny cracks and crevices, cockroaches love to slip into walls and attics where they can hide out near a potential food source. Once inside, cockroaches become a big problem. They reproduce quickly – one female brown-banded cockroach can produce about 14 oothecas, or egg sacks, which each hold 10 to 18 eggs, in her lifetime (about 150-300 days). These oothecas can be attached to surfaces, so they’re incredibly difficult to spot. If left unnoticed, cockroach populations will grow fast.


You could say that flies are underrated when it comes to their filthiness. Most people think cockroaches are the filthiest pest around, but in actuality studies have shown that flies are twice as filthy as cockroaches! House flies, fruit flies and drain flies are the three types of flies tenants are most likely to deal with on a day-to-day basis. They are often found in: ● ● ● ● ●

Food prep areas, like kitchens Food storage areas, like pantries Trash cans, drains and dumpsters Building exterior Plants, foliage, and any areas with decaying organic matter

It’s incredibly important to keep flies away from food. By simply landing on a food item, flies shed off pathogens collected on their legs and mouths that could cause diseases like typhoid, cholera, salmonella, anthrax, tuberculosis and dysentery. These pathogens are picked up when a fly lands on some of its favorite food sources, like feces,

The APTS | 39 | January 2013 The APTS | 39 | January 2013

The APTS || 16 || June 2018 The APTS 88 May 2014 The APTS || 88 | |May 2014 The APTS 86 January 2013 The APTS | 86 | January 2013

garbage and decaying animal corpses. Like cockroaches, flies reproduce quickly. But they take it to a whole different level. One female house fly can lay up to 1,000 eggs in her lifetime, which is a span of about a month at most. Fruit flies are similarly prolific, producing about 500 eggs in their lifetimes. Drain flies produce fewer – about 80 in their lifetimes – but only live for approximately 20 days maximum, so they’re reproductive cycle is a bit quicker.


A health threat for more reasons than one, rodents are clever and resilient. They’re known disease-spreaders, too, as they’re capable of carrying pathogens that cause Salmonellosis, Hantavirus, West Nile virus and Encephalitis. All of these can be transmitted directly by rodents or indirectly from creatures living in their fur. Aside from the risk of disease, rodents can be a potential fire hazard. Once they’ve gotten inside a building, they’ll notice wiring in walls that, to them, looks like the roots they’re used to gnawing on in the wild. Not only is that dangerous for tenants, but it could destroy apartments and decimate property value. Rodents don’t need a big gap to get inside. In fact, rats can fit through a hole as small as a quarter, while mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime! If they find a hole, rodents can also gnaw around the edges to make it large enough for them to fit through. And although they can’t reproduce as quickly as cockroaches or flies, rodents have a rapid reproductive cycle relative to other mammals. In just one year, a mouse can produce between 32 and 56 pups, while a rat could produce between 32 and 84! Spread out over the course of 8 (mice) and 4 to 7 litters (rats), rodents are reproducing year-round. Don’t give them time to make your property their long-term home! Keys to Prevention: Exclusion and Sanitation Luckily, the likelihood of pest issues from all three of these filthy pests can be mitigated using some similar tactics. First, talk to a pest management professional to get a free inspection. They’ll recommend

an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program for your business that will help reduce pests around and inside apartment units by focusing on exclusion and sanitation in place of chemical treatments whenever possible. But a pest management professional can’t do it all on their own, they’ll need your help to implement some changes. These can also be effective in helping to reduce pest problems on their own, so consider implementing these changes immediately. Sanitation is a major factor in helping to prevent pests because it reduces pest attractants. Although you can’t control what your tenants choose to do inside their apartments, cleaning up common areas immediately when dirty and making sure garbage is properly disposed of is a big step in the right direction. Make sure to keep dumpsters away from apartment buildings so pests aren’t drawn to them. And don’t forget landscaping! Pests love to hide out in thick vegetation and fallen tree branches strewn across yards. Keep landscaping away from the building and building entrances. Exclusion, blocking pests from getting inside of buildings, is another important tactic. Take a walk around the exterior of your buildings and look for any cracks and crevices a pest might be able to enter through. Remember that even the tiniest gaps can allow entry if they go deep enough. Patch over any gaps with caulk or another waterproof sealant.

Safety First, Then Teamwork

Happy tenants make for better profits and reviews, so don’t let pests jeopardize your success! Start implementing good sanitation and exclusion practices today to protect tenants from the ever-present pest threats around you. And if your staff is large enough, bring them on board by educating them about the potential risk factors present around units. It helps to educate tenants, too, be it via email or handout, and some pest management companies will even offer free training sessions. Don’t freak out! There’s plenty you can do to protect your business, just take it one step at a time. 


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Free Estimates! 24 Hour Emergency Service The APTS | 17 | June 2018

Strategic Planning on the Menu at IREM Southern NJ Chapter Business & Dinner Meeting Though there are several steps an organization should take when performing a strategic planning exercise, the outcome is well worth the effort as the end result is a map to keep the association on course for future growth. Typically, the first few steps are developing objectives and tasks to meet them, determining resources needed and creating a timeline before finalizing the plan and including everyone involved in making it come to fruition. The Southern New Jersey Chapter held an open membership meeting to unveil the association’s new strategic plan, which also gave attendees the chance to have a hand in creating the chapter’s future. Held at Bogey’s

Club and Café in Sewell, NJ, members were welcomed by president Christine Lacy, CPM, who outlined what the evening would entail before the process got underway. Attendees enjoyed light hors d’oeuvres and drinks followed by dinner after breaking into groups to come up with a variety of proposals affecting the chapter’s actions moving forward. As a result, many great ideas were brought to light and the organization is working on fine tuning its official strategic plan while incorporating the ideas generated during the meeting, which it will release in the coming months.

IREM Southern New Jersey president Christine Lacy spoke passionately about what the future holds for chapter members

Former IREM SNJ president Harry Bagot discussed charitable efforts as well as the ReStart program

William Laux, Maria Cruz, Issis Micheaux and Anna May Stroyek from The Michaels Organization worked as a team at their table to provide ideas to contribute to the strategic plan

Dee Herrera and Maria Russ from Manhattan Management with FCF chair Debbie Durso

George Cowden and Mitch Isert from Multi Housing Depot by ARI with IREM AE Mary Grill The APTS | 18 | June 2018

Dorothy Hester and Maureen Strong from Ingerman Management discuss ways for new members to become more involved with the chapter

Carol Scenci from Altman Management was part of another table team who brainstormed potential ideas for the strategic plan

Steve Dicker from P. Cooper Roofing chats with William Laux of The Michaels Organization

Julie Troendle from Central Wholesalers and Mary French of Ingerman Management

The APTS | 19 | June 2018

The APTS | 74 | January 2013 The APTS | 74 | January 2013

The APTS | 20 | June 2018

In The News... Future Wedding Bells at Multi Housing Depot Congratulations to Nikki Giouros, Business Development Specialist at Multi Housing Depot by ARI recently engaged to Jim Parson who works at Steven Singer Jewelers. They first met through a mutual friend in Manayunk and got engaged on November 11, 2017. The couple will tie the knot on May 4, 2019 at St George Church in Philadelphia with a reception following at The Sheraton in Society Hill.

Passing of Robert Goldberg Robert Goldberg, a pioneer of the multifamily industry in New Jersey and owner of Goldberg Realty, passed away on May 26th at the age of 82. Born in Newark, Robert graduated from MIT as an engineer, where he also was a member of the Army ROTC. Robert was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, and brother. Surviving are his wife, Diane; his children, Howard and his fiancee, Joanne, Michael and his wife, Terri, and Kenneth and his wife, Melissa; his grandchildren, Dylan, Cole, Brett, Lauren, and Marc, and his brother, Norman and his wife, Diane. Any thoughts of appreciation may be directed to the Friendship Circle, 10 Microlab Road, Livingston, N.J. 07039,

Joe Fisher of RP Management Takes First VERSIONSCentral OF LOGO & COLOR INFORMATION Place in PAA Maintenance Mania More than 100 competitors participated in PAA Central’s Maintenance Mania event West, Central & East Versions from the following management companies: AION, Berger, Boyd Wilson, High Associates, RP Management, PMI, Morgan Properties, Murry Management, Morgan Management Version of Logo without using West, Centraland & East The Westover Companies. After an intense and competitive day, the top three overall winners were announced: Joe Fisher from RP Management took first place followed by Westover’s “Proud Member of...” Version John Shuter in second and Brett Colors Used in all Logo Versions Dombach, also from Westover, in third. The day’s Spirit Award was won by RP Management, it is annually given to the team who exhibited sportsmanship, creativity and spirit during the event. PMS COATED: PMS 151 CMYK: 0, 60, 100, 0

PMS UNCOATED: PMS 151 CMYK: 0, 43, 91, 0

PMS COATED: PMS 2188 CMYK: 100, 39, 0, 63

PMS UNCOATED: PMS 2188 CMYK: 100, 38, 0, 49

PMS COATED: PMS 300 CMYK: 99, 50, 0, 0

PMS COATED: PMS 2188 CMYK: 100, 39, 0, 63

SAVE THE DATE - AUGUST 2 DAA Apt. Angels Summer Fundraiser PMS COATED: PMS 300 CMYK: 99, 50, 0, 0

PMS UNCOATED: PMS 300 CMYK: 100, 35, 0, 0

Catherine Rooney’s, Wilmington, DE For more information contact (717) 730-0409

The APTS | 21 | June 2018

Roto-Rooter Welcomes PAA East Members Nearly two dozen candidates for the prestigious CAMT designation, sanctioned by the National Apartment Association, enjoyed a full day of training at Roto-Rooter’s facility in Levittown, PA. Instructed by expert plumbing professor Ray Patrick, who has served as a guide and mentor for dozens of multifamily housing maintenance professionals for years, attendees enjoyed classroom and hands-on experiences at the company’s outstanding training center. Roto-Rooter also offers private classes as well. For information to have your company attend what is one of the best opportunities for site level professionals, contact Ray at [email protected]

New Brunswick Performing Arts Center Wins NAIOP Mixed-Use Deal of the Year Pennrose announced that the redevelopment of the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center in New Brunswick, NJ, has been awarded the Mixed-Use Deal of the Year award from NAIOP. New Brunswick Performing Arts Center is a $171.8 million, 450,000-squarefoot redevelopment project that includes two world class theatres, 207 apartments, 30,000 square feet of office space and a parking garage. This successful public-private partnership project is the centerpiece of a redevelopment initiative that will transform New Brunswick’s downtown cultural arts district. The award recognized all the stakeholders that made this project possible, including Pennrose Properties.

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Proudly serving the Mid-Atlantic Region since 1986.

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Pennrose, RiseBoro Partners, and Habitat NYC Launch Website for HavenApartment GreenAngels

committee members Pennrose LLC, RiseBoro Community PartnerDeb Durso from ship and Habitat for Humanity New York City Apartment Finder and announce the launch of an interactive comIngerman’s Mary munity website for Haven Green, a 121-unit French chairperson deeply affordable, LGBTQ-friendly, senior and DAA board memhousing development with adjacent pubber Heather Kamasa lic space in the Little Italy neighborhood of from Acadia Windows Manhattan. will provide the most up to date information on development news, participatory design opportunities, timelines, photos, milestones expansion of the andThe events. DAA membership has allowed DAA The website launch specifically features new information on planning Association Execuactivities and research findings. Currently available resources include tivefrom Michele Carrestudy conducted to ensure adequate solar access results a shadow to expand her staff for the open space, and proposed plant and flower combinations that with energetic would thrive in suchand a space – providing the lush, serene environment that upbeatmembers assistant community want. Valarie Windle Haven Green is embarking on a participatory design process, soliciting community input for the creation and design of over 8,000 square feet of publically-accessible space. The website will feature opportunities for community members to join the development partners in providing input Former DAA board on various aspects of the public space, including hours of operation, plantmember and educaed vegetation and community programming. There istion alsocommittee a contact form for people to direct their questions and feedback. “Pennrose is committed member Kim Lendto a thoughtful participatory design process. We expect to from deliver a project way Valet that both our residents and the broader community will be proud of,” said Waste with newly Timothy I. Henkel, Principal and Senior Vice President at Pennrose. “We elected board memlook forward to working with our partners to accomplish our shared misber Kristin Guinan sion of improving the neighborhood by providing quality affordable senior of RestoreCore housing and beautiful community space.”

For over 25 years we have been providing very competitive pricing for the commercial real estate & multi-family housing industries. P. Cooper Roofing efficiently services the NJ, PA, DE, MD & NY areas. * NJ License #13VH011998700

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The APTS | 24 | June 2018

PAA Trade Show Takes Members Around the World in One Day

West, Central & East Versions

PAA members grabbed their passports and bags and headed to the Valley Forge Casino Resort for take-off on an “Around the World” adventure at the annual Trade Show & Education Conference. The largest one-day industry event of the year welcomed more than 1700 attendees who had the opportunity to peruse a packed exhibit floor where more than 200 companies, who decked out their booths to match the conference theme, displayed the latest products and services for the multifamily industry. The day included nine jam-packed education sessions with topics ranging from “Internet Marketing,” “Electrical Skills for Maintenance Technicians,” and “Engaging With Today’s

Customers.” New this year, the event also featured a keynote breakfast where attendees heard from legendary St. Joe’s Basketball Coach Phil Martelli who shared his secrets for success, building effective teams, and living life with passion. A Latin themed lunch was provided on Version Logo without using West,to Central & East before the trade show floor and attendees took aofquick break refuel continuing to travel through the expo. The association also hosted a “Taste of Italy” cocktail reception held during the final hour of the event where everyone gathered to recap their travels through the wonderful world of the PAA Trade Show & Education Conference. “Proud Member of...” Version Colors Used in all Logo Versions

Former PAA East presidents Gunti Weissenberger and Scott Fagan at registration with PAAE Executive Director Marlynn Orlando

Keynote speaker Phil Martelli shared his secrets for success and living life with passion during his entertaining and inspiring keynote presentation

Keynote sponsor Adam Wojnar from Old City Renovators and PAAE VP Josh Klein join Marlynn Orlando to present a donation to speaker Phil Martelli, popular head basketball coach at St Joe’s, for the Coaches vs. Cancer Foundation

PMS COATED: PMS 151 CMYK: 0, 60, 100, 0

PMS UNCOATED: PMS 151 CMYK: 0, 43, 91, 0

PMS COATED: PMS 2188 CMYK: 100, 39, 0, 63

PMS UNCOATED: PMS 2188 CMYK: 100, 38, 0, 49

PMS COATED: PMS 300 CMYK: 99, 50, 0, 0

PMS UNCOATED: PMS 300 CMYK: 100, 35, 0, 0

PAA East president Miles H. Orth, III welcomes members to the opening session and keynote address, which returned to the day’s agenda after several years

“The Venue,” the otherwise club and catering site inside the hotel was the venue for the keynote presentation as well as several education classes throughout the day The APTS | 25 | June 2018

PAA Trade Show & Education Conference

Marlynn Orlando joins Trade Show Committee members George Cowden, Charlene Delia, John McFadden, Rob Jaffe, Marka Shapiro and Michael Hanlon to congratulate the two grand prize winners

Coach Martelli graciously chatted with numerous PAAE members at the conclusion of his presentation

Hangin’ at the end of the trade show were industry icons and former PAA presidents Brian Paule and Gunti Weissenberger with Bob Miller, Brett Altman and Chuck Wise

Erin Devlin and Dwayne Bynum from Community Realty Management make the turn and head down one of the many crowded aisles on the show floor

Delaware Valley Paving was ‘hoopin’ it up’ for any attendee who wished to test their basketball shooting skills

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Adam Wojnar: 215-669-5602 [email protected] Chris Mullen: 610-653-8748 [email protected]

The APTS | 26 | June 2018

PAA Trade Show & Education Conference

PAA East always provides a feast for both attendees and exhibitors in several areas of the trade show floor

A record number of attendees found registration to be quick and efficient as the PAA East team was well organized

Drew Brandley, who recently joined the company and was attending his first trade show, and Korman Residential colleague Pete Rushing

George Cowden from Multi Housing Depot by ARI enlightens a visitor to their huge display on the newest programs offered by the company

Harrison Stein from RestoreCore and Lauren Alena of Berger Rental Communities

PAA welcomed The Headstrong team, a new beneficiary of the Helping Hands’ fundraising efforts this year

The always selfless Pat Sandor from AVCO Supply joins Helping Hands Committee colleague Colleen Brown of The APTS Magazine in distributing Save the Date cards for the upcoming fundraiser

The always cool Tracey Slobotkin from and the always dapper Brian Miller of Berger Rental Communities

Brian Kroker from Lindy Communities and former colleague Peter Berman of Metropolitan Management

AFR Furniture Rental provided a “lounge” for attendees to comfortably take a break from the action

Bob Fuerst from AVCO Supply provides a demonstration for visitors to their exhibit on the newest technology for HVAC

Sixers fan and boxing enthusiast Jason Cohen with colleagues Andrea Caldwell and Jessica Gullickson from Campus Apartments

The APTS | 27 | June 2018

PAA Trade Show & Education Conference

Jen Sohenuick from AFR and a Helping Hands Committee member with a representative from beneficiary Travis Manion Foundation

Andrea Strauss and Keith Barch from Central Wholesalers chat with Bill Nye of Berger Rental Communities

Ronda Layo from Lincoln Property and Kristin Guinan of Northern Waterproofing as Meg Guinan attempts a photobomb

Keith Sell, Brad Josar, Tara Anthony and Bob Rhodes of the Landmark Communities team from Allentown, PA

Tiffany Colbert joins an Ingerman Management colleague as they enjoy lunch on the trade show floor

Jim Deputy from HD Supply and Jacob Lindy of Lindy Communities

Paul DeBotton with Andy Goldberg from RestoreCore along with Matthew Falkow and Millard DiSalvo of Martin Greenbaum Company Brian Kroker from Lindy Communities announces one of the many raffle prize winners at the end of the day with Trade Show Committee co-chair George Cowden Harbor Pointe - Bayonne, NJ

The APTS | 28 | June 2018

PAA East board member Jonathan Stavin, Kate Groshong, former PAA East president Ron Caplan, Chris MCelwee and Louise Giordano from PMC Property Group

PAA Trade Show & Education Conference

PAAE boad member Matt Pincus of Pincus Elevator, PAA East Executive Director Marlynn Orlando and former PAA president Jessica Scully

Ray Query from CSC ServiceWorks with Joel Grenfell, Pete Quercetti and Michael Storti of Westover Companies

Michelle Stuckey from The Galman Group, Jeremy McCoy of DDS, Harlan Krichman from DLP Property Management, Nikki Giouros of MHD and Stephanie Dwyer from Greystar

Heather Kamasa from Acadia Windows & Doors with Mary French of Ingerman Management and Emily Martin of

Nancy Mateleska and colleagues were part of a huge delegation from BET Investments at the show

Mark Barnhart from Pennrose Management with Charlene Delia of Western Pest Services and Marty Josephs, Ingerman Management

PAA East Treasurer Dan Berger graciously welcomed many of the attendees and offered appreciation for the exhibitors supporting the association

From beginning through end, the trade show floor was consistently crowded with the vast majority of attendees being there the entire day The APTS | 29 | June 2018

Felicia Queen

VP, Multifamily Business Solutions (301) 651-7829 [email protected]

PAA Trade Show & Education Conference

The well balanced slate of education sessions during the morning and afternoon welcomed record numbers from all facets of the property management industry

Robin Flagler of AION Management, and one of the industry’s premier speakers, shared her concepts on supervising employees in the workplace

Jessica Sachs from Scully Company, who provided insights regarding customer service and engaging with today’s customers, is an outstanding industry trainer

Increase Income

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Jim Angelo from Morgan Properties partnered with colleague Drew Gravina during their early afternoon session

The always demonstrative and effective Jenel Marraccini from CWM provided the industry’s legal and fair housing update

with a Digital Laundry Room

Happy residents, happy you. Upgrade to a CSC laundry room today.

Drew Gravina from Morgan Properties discussed how to best maximize your time, money and efficiency in maintenance management

Adrian Ponsen from CoStar looked at trends and markets of the multifamily industry


Ray Querey

[email protected] 201-438-7483 ext 52139

The APTS | 30 | June 2018

Award winning instructor Bill Nye of Berger Rental Communities discussed the benefits of setting high standards for performance and achievement

PAA Trade Show & Education Conference

Julie Murphy, Tracey Slobotkin, Mariah Mathys, Jillian Balzano, Matthew Morgan and Emily Martin from

Vinny Innamorato and Ray Querey CSC ServiceWorks

Felicia Faison and Monique Horsey from BG Multifamily enjoying their first PAA Trade Show

Megan Campbell from Drew & Rogers and Bill Rosato from CORT welcome PAA East board member Lisa Kaminsky and colleague Rachel Roussel of University City Housing

Chris Juliano and Mike Zapata PC Richard

Joe Ward, Chuck Stepanski, Mark Romano and Greg Hondo Wilmar

Justin Yaskowski and Robert Wilson Penn Outdoor Services

Larry LaMaina from Equipment Marketers salutes attendees at the show

Chris Smith, Eileen Renner, Meghan McSloy and Brian Friel Smith Insurance Associates

Israa Alobaidi and Steve Fels Fels Supply

Charlene Delia, Alyssa DiVirgilio and “Remy” join colleagues from Western Pest Services

Kim Dempsey from Sparkling Pools Services chats with special guest IREM AE Mary Grill

Evan Schlesinger, Rochelle Reilly, Bernadette Bush and Brad Schwartz from MSB Resources with Sarah Dehaas and Ronda Layo of Lincoln Property

Jayme Dragani, Josh Cohen, Gena McNally and Stephen DiPardo InterSolutions

Matt Cann, Brian Lisiecki, Mike Hanlon, Katrina Bleichrodt, Irene Nepomuceno and Andrew Fisher from CORT Furniture

Joe Cavalcante, Brent Winig, Faryl Solop, Dale Koppenhaver, Kevin Bruton and Raul Maribona from Caleco

The APTS | 31 | June 2018


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The APTS | 32 | June 2018

PAA Trade Show & Education Conference

Paul Erlich, Julia Lake, Sara Leffler, Penny Todd and Ron Falkowski Direct Supplies Warehouse

Kim DeForrest from Nortek Global HVAC with Bob Fuerst, Pat Sandor and Wally Nowicke of AVCO Supply

Ellen Thompson and Michele Anderson ResultsRepeat

Marley Wood, Paul Cohen and Jenel Marraccini CWM

Wendy Schreiber and Keely Gladu AFR Furniture Rental

Khari Joseph, David Spaventa and Tim Smith Valet Living

Dominick Quisito and Melanie Moser The Q Group Builders, Inc.

Randy Marcus, Sharon Wexler and Misty O’Boyle Wexler Plumbing

Debbie Durso BetterNOI

John Pio Signal 88 Greater Philadelphia

The Comcast Team

Chuck Goss and Steve Dicker P. Cooper Roofing

Jeff Katz, Andrea Strauss, Julie Troendle, Frank Habegger and Keith Barch from Central Wholesalers with former PAA East president Paul Small

Alan Rosenberg, Harrison Stein, Steve Lanciano, MJ Klenk, Andy Goldberg and Michael Barch from RestoreCore with Megan Bender-Yucha from Scully Company

Mike Nichols, Vicky Shea, Blaze Ionno, Bob Nichols and David Slough Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators

Lon Poland, Mike Lipinski, Jim Boisits, Mike McGinley, Nikki Giouros, Jessica Bright, Dexter Scott, George Cowden and Jim Huckleberry Multi Housing Depot by ARI

The APTS | 33 | June 2018

PAA Trade Show & Education Conference

Matt Yeatman, David Kinkead, Shea Sullivan, Vince Marone and Kevin Clarke Ferguson Facilities Supply

Chip Scherer, John Liberatoscioli and Joe DeTreux Sherwin Williams Floor Covering

Shawn Collins, Erin Littrell, Evan Shapiro and Matt Jackson Zillow Group

Marlena Wojnar, Adam Wojnar and Kevin Lester Old City Renovators

Louise Ritter and Dennis Calogera HD Supply

Tim Serrilla Package Concierge

John Bowen and Tom Delrosario Kartman Fire Protection Services

Corey Askey and Richard Gray Bath Fitter


A partner who works as hard as you do.

Why is it so hard to find a pest control company who can just get the job done? It shouldn’t be. Since 1928, Western Pest Services has lived by three simple rules: do what you say you’re going to do, deliver quality work in all areas, and treat everyone with dignity and respect. The search for a partner who works as hard as you do is over. Finally. Serving the Northeast since 1928 877.840.0508 •

Contact us for a free inspection today. The APTS | 34 | June 2018

PAA Trade Show & Education Conference

Terry Treadwell and Barry Foer Pothole Repair

Tom Gibson Pincus Elevator

April Slobodrian Northeast Construction, Inc.

Larry Stein and Sandy Richter ABL Sales, Ltd.

Evan Rosen Diamondhead Insurance Agency

Ben Manis Ben Manis Plumbing

Bruce Katz and Ed Polaszewski Bernard Sign Company

Dave Faggioli and Pat Gillespie Delaware Valley Paving

Jeremy McCoy from DDS and Michael Storti of Westover Companies

Jeff Meyers and Heather Kamasa from Acadia Windows & Doors with Daniel Pudish from UCH

James O’Connor and John Zoetjes American Architectural Windows & Doors

Captain Jim Guinan and flight attendant Kristin Guinan Northern Waterproofing & Restoration

SAVE THE DATE - SEPTEMBER 27 PAA East Best of Apartment Living Awards The competition has begun for PAA East’s prestigious awards that recognize excellence within the apartment industry in the Philadelphia Metropolitan and Southern New Jersey regions.

Eric Reynolds, Chris Kline and John Nichols Unitex Asphalt Services

Meg Guinan and Brody Micolucci V-Tech Construction

Winners will be announced at the annual awards dinner on September 27 at Drexelbrook Catering & Special Event Center in Drexel Hill, PA. Tickets for the event will go on sale in August.

For information contact PAA East at (610) 664-1800.

The APTS | 35 | June 2018




Introducing theFrigidaire Frigidaire Gallery® Smudge-Proof™Black Black Stainless Steel Collection, Introducing the Frigidaire Gallery® Smudge-Proof™ Black Stainless Steel Collection, Introducing the Gallery® Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel Collection, beautiful new finish with an easy-to-cleanfingerprint fingerprint resistant surface. aabeautiful finish with easy-to-clean resistant surface. a beautiful newnew finish with anan easy-to-clean fingerprint resistant surface.














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Shownwith with30" 30"Trim TrimKit Kit Shown MWTK30KD BUILT-IN MWTK30KD


Shown with 30" Trim Kit MWTK30KD


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FGHD2368TD (22 CF)

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Dark Gray Plastic Tub

Counter Depth

150 PRICE PARKWAY, FARMINGDALE, NY 800-368-6869 • FAX: 800-479-0336 • email: [email protected] 4 distribution centers in tHe nortHeAst: FArmingdAle, nY • cArteret, nJ • bridgeport, ct • glen burnie, md

Planned Companies Takes Top Two Spots at NJAA Maintenance Mania

Successfully defending his 2017 title is 2018 Overall Champion Albert Kasneci of Planned Companies (center) with runner-up and colleague Marcos Gerrerro and 3rd Place winner Craig Hintzen from Value Companies

Maintenance supervisors and technicians from across New Jersey raced against the clock as they completed challenge after challenge during NJAA’s Maintenance Mania at the Collins Arena at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ. The annual event gathered more than 90 competitors from New Jersey management companies, including many who have been preparing for this day for months. With their teams in the stands, dressed in matching attire and cheering them on with banners and fanfare, each competitor completed the 7 challenges followed by the race car competition in hopes of doing so in the shortest amount of time and winning the golden ticket to par-

ticipate in the National Maintenance Mania finals which will be held during the NAA Apartmentalize Conference in June. Competitors proceeded to the awards reception as the final scores were tallied and waited in anticipation for the announcement of winners. In a an unusual turn of events, the champions podium was an exact repeat of 2017 with Albert Kasneci of Planned Companies winning his second straight Maintenance Mania. He was joined by runners-up Marcos Guerrero, also of Planned Companies, and Craig Hintzen from Value Companies.

Russ Rubin from HD Supply who has been the main sponsor for Maintenance Mania in NJ and nationally, served as master of ceremonies for the awards presentation NJAA board members and longtime Maintenance Mania supporters Scott Machlovitz from Hilton Realty and Jack Linefsky of Value Companies

Planned Companies won 1st and 2nd place in the overall competition along with placing in the top 3 within the eight individual contests Carol Romanchak and Kathryn Goldenberg from Scully Company have for years cheered on their Maintenance Mania team

Value Companies once again took home numerous honors in multiple events along with Craig Hintzen winning 3rd Place overall The APTS | 37 | June 2018

The floor at Brookdale Community College was split equally allowing for 2 of the same games to take place simultaneously

NJAA Maintenance Mania

Former national finalist Tony Cintron of Morgan Properties placed 4th overall and 2nd Place in the ceiling fan category

NJAA members displayed creativity and resourcefulness coupled with innovative engineering to create their race cars for one of the event’s most popular games

Dave Killiri from AION Management, competing in their first Maintenance Mania competition, with Paul Migliore of Belfor Property Restoration

Chuck Leese and the AION Management team gather prior to their first appearance at NJAA Maintenance Mania

Edwin Olivero representing Sutton Hill Apartments and Value Companies wins 7th Place in the overall competition

Russ Rubin from HD Supply offers last-minute instruction to competitors before they head into the arena to begin the tournament

living smart furniture flexibility for your life Tens of thousands of people every year make CORT the most trusted source for their temporary furniture solutions. Moving for a New Job? Heading Off to School? Landing a Temporary Assignment? Making a Fresh Start?

CORT makes living smart easy... Furniture • Housewares • Home Accessories • Electronics 2 Commerce Square 2001 Market St (20th & JFK Blvd) Philadelphia, PA 19103 215.563.6366 2103 Branch Pike Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 856.786.3109

Cort ad.indd 1

The APTS | 38 | June 2018

600 W DeKalb Pike, Ste 210 King of Prussia, PA 19406 610.265.5380 Wilmington, DE 302.824.7075 | 888.360.CORT

6/10/15 1:46 PM

NJAA Maintenance Mania

Planned Companies’ Marcos Guerrero took 2nd place overall and also placed 1st in the water heater, toilet repair and key control categories

Following the competition, players, guests and sponsors headed to the reception where they enjoyed food and beverage while awaiting the final scores and awards presentation

Morgan Properties has consistently fielded one of the largest teams for Maintenance Mania for years and has provided at least two national finalists

Justin LaRoque from Planned Companies took 9th place overall and 2nd place in the Fire Safety category

Sara Leffler from Direct Supplies Warehouse and Regional Manager Melinda Rigler of Morgan Properties

The buffet line was long but quick as players sought replenishment for the energy they expended during the afternoon

The APTS | 39 | June 2018


n 2017, when Robin Flagler proposed an in-house property management arm to AION Partners, her goal was straightforward: to provide top-notch, centralized management services to the firm’s growing multifamily portfolio. Less than a year later, AION Management’s 16 member leadership team and 210 onsite team members oversee almost 10,000 units in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey - a number that surprises even Flagler. “I did not anticipate that exponential growth. This time last year I would have been afraid of it,” said Flagler, speaking during a conversation at a recent industry conference. “But most of my leaders came with me from two different companies. That sense of continuity - and the fact that they took a leap of faith to start a new company with me - makes me feel there’s nothing we can’t do.” As part of a larger investment strategy, AION Partners, established in 2009, acquires Class B or Class C multifamily communities, upgrades them on a two-to-five-year schedule, achieves substantial asset appreciation and rent growth, and then sells. The typical hold is “short-term, three to seven years,” said Flagler. “They put a lot of money into the real estate and a lot into the resident experience.”

beating the odds

From the get-go, Flagler wanted to dispense with the bureaucracy and red tape that can impede progress. “I literally flipped the hierarchy, creating a flat system in which every department was of service to the sites, meeting the owners’ needs of net operating income and strong production,” she said. “We also have some third-party management, but we treat it like it’s owner-managed, like it’s our own real estate.” “Robin says it all the time - we’re all working on the same goal, to make our properties the best in class and give our residents the best in service,” said Bruni.

The Punch List

Less than a year after its launch, AION Management has a portfolio of 10,000 units—and counting.

It’s a relatively narrow window to accomplish big things. The renovations “add a ton of value,” said Colleen Bruni, regional real estate manager based in Delaware. “Interior renovations, new roofing, landscaping enhancements and amenities for residents like wifi lounges, coffee lounges, dog parks, fitness centers… We’ve upgraded pool areas, picnic areas and playgrounds. It really is an intense process, and there’s a lot to do all at once. But when you see the changes in the property over a year or so, it really makes a difference. And the residents are always happy with the result.” The company’s multistate footprint makes centralized management even more essential, according to Flagler. “Many companies have a tendency of driving for the unit count - it’s all about the fees, it’s all about getting more and more properties. But the more you decentralize the company, the more you lose that owner-managed feel” potentially at the expense of operational control or even asset value. 'Flipping the Hierarchy' As a 30-year industry veteran - most recently, she was vice president of operations for Virginia-based Kettler Management - Flagler often tussled with the competing demands, deadlines and priorities of investment firms, property owners, onsite teams - right down to the residents themselves. “It was frustrating on so many levels. To execute any plan, you had the owner saying, ‘We want to do this,’ and the company saying, ‘You have to take these 10 steps in order to do that.’ Then the owner would say, ‘We need this thing executed now,’ and I’d be in the middle, saying, ‘I’m trying.’” “Finally I was like, ‘There has got to be a better way.’” When she pitched the AION Management concept, “I sold the vertical integration, how easily everything would be streamlined. AION had started a construction services division and an asset management division, and it was almost a perfect segue for them to have management in-house.”

When the management unit officially launched on April 1, 2017, Flagler faced a daunting to-do list. To start, “I wrote a 450page policies and procedures manual. I wrote the handbook. I wrote the branding standards and set up all the systems for our property management software,” she said. “It was unimaginable, what it took to pull this off,” said AION Vice President of Real Estate Billie Jo Sedlacek. “It wasn’t just policies and procedures but payroll, IT assets, shared drives - things we take for granted every day that someone else put into place, and now you have to do it. It was massive and so draining, but we didn’t miss a beat.” The business was up and running by June, though at the same time, Flagler was planning the weddings of both her children, which went off in July and September. How did she sustain such a hectic pace?

“I’m not a stress-holder - I shake it off,” Flagler explained. “There’s always going to be a roadblock. You have to either bulldoze through it or go around it, but you’ve gotta get past it.” Perhaps the biggest hurdle for the new president was finding a competitive insurance plan for her employees. She described it as “77 nights of no sleep,” after which she called an insurance broker and said, “Find me the best deal.” The result was a million-dollar-plus investment with benefits that include high deductibles, vision and dental coverage, and short-term and long-term disability.

Falling Forward

Like so many in the multifamily industry, Flagler fell into the work first - and fell in love with it later. After graduating with a degree in marketing and earning a real estate license, she became Coldwell Banker’s rookie of the year for the Greater Chicago area. In a canny bit of entrepreneurship, she took her first leasing job in order to meet future first-time home-buyers. She was surprised to discover she could do better selling apartments than houses. “I was working basically three and a half days a week, doing real estate on the side, and making ridiculous amounts of money with this leasing thing.” Perhaps discounting natural salesmanship, she added, “It was so easy - the company would advertise and bring the prospects in. All I had to do was show the apartments and ask for the deposit.” Flagler took the well-trod path from leasing agent to leasing manager

The APTS | 40 | June 2018

to assistant property manager, property manager, regional manager, and so on. “A lot of people who are presidents of companies haven’t worked every position,” she observed. “I have. So every single thing my people tell me, I understand. It’s like, ‘Been there.’ I get it.” That breadth of experience - plus a culture that is inclusive and collaborative by design - has helped Flagler create strong bonds with employees, she said. “I surround myself with terrific people, and create loyalty by empowering my team. I am incredibly transparent; I make sure I explain my expectations and follow up if those expectations aren’t being met. The worst thing to do as a leader is not making your vision clear. If you don’t, people will flounder and you’ll get frustrated with them, when it’s really your fault.” She espouses a work environment where people can safely screw up, and in essence succeed by failing. “There’s nothing worse than people making a mistake and covering it up because they’re afraid of reprisal. I’m the first one to say I messed up. It’s the only way to learn.” It’s not uncommon for her to recruit past colleagues like Colleen Bruni and AION Vice President of Real Estate Billie Jo Sedlacek, formerly a property manager at Kettler. “When you work for Robin Flagler, you can expect to grow personally and professionally,” Sedlacek said. “She gives us the ability to grow within our means - not too fast, not too slow - both financially and professionally. Her leadership filters down to the onsite teams, making a difference in the lives of hundreds of people.” “She treats subordinates as peers,” said Jenel Marraccini of Cohen, Willwerth & Marraccini, the law firm that handles AION Management’s landlord-tenant disputes. “I know Robin to be a very aggressive but fair person. In this industry, she’s one of the leaders I look to as a role model. She does a lot for the associations and believes in everybody helping each other.” Also pivotal to the business model is cooperative vendor partnerships. In Flagler’s view, “Everybody’s got to make a living. We don’t

beat up their prices to the point where they don’t make money. There’s enough to go around.” Heather Kamasa, senior sales and business development manager at Acadia Windows & Doors, is one of those vendors. “Robin builds relationships with vendors,” Kamasa said. “She’ll get other bids, obviously, but she values loyalty, and likes to do business with good people. She’s a tough negotiator, very matter of fact, but extremely fair.” She also knows how to deal persuasively with community officials, said Marraccini. “She was once having a bit of trouble in a North Jersey township that had to do with the reputation of a prior management company. She came to the meeting personally with my partner, sat down with the township and the attorney, and handled the situation with confidence and humility at the same time. It was amazing to observe. In a charismatic way, she smoothed everything over.”

Straight Ahead

Flagler attributes her success to “leadership, expertise and above all else, integrity. It’s the most valuable thing you can have. No one can take from you or tarnish it. Sometimes you’re tempted to take the easy way out, but the high road is the best road. It makes you stronger and better.” She also enjoys the nonstop nature of the industry. “I absolutely adore this business. I love that every day is different, and every day you’re running around with your hair on fire because there’s so much to do.” Five years from now, Flagler said, “I’d like AION Management to be at 25,000 units. That would be pretty awesome.” She may get there earlier, according to Marraccini. “What takes most people five or 10 years to do, Robin does in two.” 

phalt g, s A g idin atin v o o C r l P a e ly Proud Concrete, S es to the ic g, Pavin triping serv r 30 years. S e & Line e area for ov t Tri-Sta

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610-983-0567 The APTS | 41 | June 2018


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The APTS | 42 | June 2018

ADV 14-9708 ADV 14-9708

Good Weather, Great People a Perfect Combo at The APTS Magazine’s Invitational Golf Classic After an unseasonably cold and wet start to spring, golfers awoke to clear skies and the perfect temperature for 18 holes at the The APTS Magazine’s 14th Annual Property Management Invitational Golf Classic. Held, as always, at the impeccably maintained PineCrest Country Club in Lansdale, PA, golfers and their guests from regional property management companies enjoyed a BBQ lunch followed by 18 holes on the well-kept fairways the course is known for. Hole sponsors did not disappoint this year with each tee box masquerading as a little reprieve from the game as players were offered refreshments (alcoholic and non), giveaways and the typical laid-back camaraderie

that is present at the outing each year. Once the final putt went down, golfers and dinner guests gathered on the balcony for a cocktail reception while watching the evening’s contests. Attendees then moved into the ballroom for dinner and the awards ceremony where the top scoring teams were announced. This year’s champions were the foursome of Keith Barch from Central Wholesalers and AION Management’s Robin Flagler, Sage Kralik and Kevin Kralik. Finally, the Annual MVP Awards for Management & Vendor Performance were announced (see page 89), concluding a fun, incident-free (phew!) and memorable event.

Early arrivals for the evening portion of the event enjoy cocktails on the terrace as they watch the final foursomes

Kevin Kralik stares down the cup on the 9th hole in his attempt to make a putt for $5K

2018 Tournament Champions Keith Barch from Central Wholesalers and AION Management’s Robin Flagler, Kevin Kralik and Sage Kralik

Skills Competition Champions Millard DiSalvo, Martin Greenbaum Co and Greg Lenaz, Southern Management

Mike Lipinski, Mitch Isert, Nikki Giouros, Dexter Scott and Lon Poland Multi Housing Depot by ARI

Closest to the Pin winners Josh Klein from Bristol Gardens and Justin Yaskowski of Penn Outdoor Services

Tournament runner-up Direct Supplies Warehouse’s Doug Berger and Scott Berger along with Alex Case and Brendan Glavin from AION

The APTS | 43 | June 2018

The APTS Magazine Invitational Golf Classic

Smith Insurance Associates once again provided one of the most enjoyable respites for players at their tee

Stacey Honer and Charlene Delia from Western Pest Services are always a welcome site for players each year

Tournament 8th Place winners: Peter Berman and Jeff Bianco of Metropolitan Management and captain Jeff Katz from Central Wholesalers

The always delightful Amber Day from TrashPro provided a variety of quenching beverages for players during the afternoon

Straightest Drive Champion Nicole Loser Berger Rental Communities

Vicki Shea assists Meg Guinan from V-Tech Construction who was awarded the Best Hole Sponsor Trophy

Concrete/ Masonry Restoration

Façade Cleaning and Sealing

Parking Garage Restoration

Waterproof Coatings

EIFS Restoration

Window and Door Replacement

24 Hour Emergency Service

Expansion Joint Systems

The APTS | 44 | June 2018

The APTS Magazine Invitational Golf Classic Cover: There was a time when it was said that “no one ever grows up dreaming of being a Contents

property manager”. Well, my friends, the times they are-a-changing’. The property management industry in general, and multifamily housing specifically, has changed dramatically over the past decade. Companies want to ensure that their assets, worth tens of millions of dollars individually, are being operated by professionals. Thus, education and training has become almost mandatory for those looking at the industry as a career. Whether it is community management, maintenance, leasing or even as a service provider, industry organizations continue to expand the number of topics and professional designations available. As the industry continues to move forward, it is becoming critical to spend time in the classroom, as you will see by the current confirmed course schedules of the region’s real estate organizations. –Page 37

Recipe with Chef Mechling . 7 Fun Stuff ............................. 9 Month in Review & Preview 10 Industry Calendar .............. 11 AAGP Education Info .......... 12 Apartment All Stars ............ 13 Seminar ........ 15 Meridian Capital Update ..... 17 Farnese Symposium .......... 19 Getting To Know ................ 34 MHD Training Class .......... 39 PennDel AHMA Luncheon . 50 The APTS Family Album ... 52 Larry Equipment IREMLaMaina Tri State from Agenda ...... 58 Marketers, a formerHoliday tournament and an BELFOR Party champion ...... 61 outstanding golfer,Meeting chose to offer snacks as DAA Membership . 62 well as Mktrs adviceSeminar on how......... to negotiate the 17th Equip 72 Advertisers Directory .......... 78 Classified Section ............... 84 APTS Fant Football Lge .... 87

Returning to The IREM Chapters Celebrate Holidays Union League for and Elect Officers - Pages 25, 29, 54 the first time in a few years, Industry Members Join Forces at AAGP welcomed “We Rock CF” of FundraiserPageagain 42 had a Debbie Durso BetterNOI once members to Anderson its Ray Patrick and Heather from Will beautifully organized and enjoyable tee for Roto-Rooter offered what appears annual holiday DAA Welcomes to fun players toMembers relax and have to be iced tea and a number of party -Page 64 Holiday Gala- Pages 44 chasers to assist with digestion NJAA hosts more than 800 kids for a AFR Furniture Rental Brings day of fun, food National Networking Tour To Philly- Page 71 and presents at its annual Children’s AAGP Elects Officers and Board Members Holiday Party During Casino Night Fundraiser - Page 75 -Page 89


January /February Dates to Remember

Date RE Forecast Luncheon ...... 8th Complete Vendor AACP Annual Meeting ....... 9th Information in our NJAA Membership Meeting 23rd AAGP Ski Trip .................... 25th Advertisers Directory Super Bowl XLVII ............... Feb 3 Pages 78-83 AAGP Member Dinner ....... Feb13 They represent the bestElise Shegal, Harrison Stein and Heidi Stahl from Catherine Jenkins, IREM Tri State Conf ........... Feb 21 RestoreCore had all kinds of stuff at thecompanies Ryan Waters, Dorteand Clausen and in the industry MMHA Trade Show ........... Feb 27 company’s traditional 7th tee, the highestwe highly recommend Marka Shapiro from Martin them! Flower: Carnation point and best view on the course Greenbaum Company Birthstone: Garnet

The 2013 The APTS APTS || 3 45| January | June 2018

Looking to hire someone? Need or changing jobs?

The APTS Classified Section Pages 84-85 For information Terry Treadwell from PotHole Repair (215)Kittlitz 938-7733 andCall: Brandon of Signal 88/Newark Email: [email protected] enjoying a good cigar and refreshment Web:

Where Style Meets Quality & Service

View this series and more at or call us to customize your style of living at 888.AFR.RENT The APTS | 46 | June 2018

The APTS Magazine Invitational Golf Classic

Julie Troendle and Andrea Strauss from Central Wholesalers offer a full table with something for every golfer’s palate

Closest to the Pin winner Ray Querey, CSC ServiceWorks

Keely Gladu from AFR Furniture Rentals welcomed golfers with lots of goodies and a big smile

Kristin Guinan from Northern Waterproofing basks in the sunshine as she transforms the 18th tee into an additional “19th hole”

Bernadette Bush and Brad Schwartz offered players a number of goodies at the MSB Resources tee

Best Hole Sponsor V-Tech Construction

Longest Drive Champion Mike McGinley, Multi Housing Depot

Pat Gillespie and David Moore welcomed golfers to the Delaware Valley Paving hole

Monique Horsey from BG Multifamily quickly got into the day’s spirit at her first APTS Golf Classic

Mike Brooks, Tracey Slobotkin, Nick DeFrancesco and Mariah Mathys from at their traditional 1st hole pavilion

Josh Klein from Bristol Gardens and Nicole Heather Kamasa from Acadia Windows & Doors, who would serve as master of Loser of Berger Rental Communities ceremonies for the evening MVP Awards, take a beverage break before with a BFF welcoming golfers to the 11th tee starting the back nine The APTS | 47 | June 2018


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Sam Spampinato- [email protected]

The APTS Magazine Invitational Golf Classic

They didn’t win but no one had Birthday boy Jeff Katz from more fun than the fab foursome Central Wholesalers, who of Andy Goldberg, RestoreCore; courageously returned from a Michelle Stuckey, The Galman family function in Fla the day Group; Dan Berger, BRC and before, with Steve Glaser, Peter Mike Bick, LPZ Bertram Berman and Jeff Blanco of Metropolitan Management

Sporting his traditional footwear of flip flops was Blaze Ionno from Carpet & Wood Floor Liquidators with Dan Kelly of Buccini Pollin Group and Nick Fontaine from Greystar

Tony Cintron, Morgan Properties; Neil Freeman, Kamson Corporation; Ralph Ciniglia, Wilmar and Roger Williams, The Michaels Organization

David Spaventa and Tim Smith from Valet Living with Nicole Loser of Berger Rental Communities and Christine Murray from Madison Apartment Group

Michael Bernstein and Millard DiSalvo from Martin Greenbaum Company with Steve Waters and Stan Szafranski of Morgan Properties

Kevin Kralik and Sage Kralik, nearing their 1st wedding anniversary, with Robin Flagler from AION Management and Keith Barch from Central Wholesalers

Greg Wolfgang and Kevin Wolfgang from Evergreen Apartment Group with Melinda Bosco of Metropolitan Management and Jeremy McCoy, DDS

Steve Ferry from Ferry’s Carpet Cleaning with Bob Antonucci of Greystar and Milt McCall from Korman Residential

April Sample and Bill Sample from Kamson Corporation with Mike McGinley of MHD and Miranda Sorells from Buccini Pollin Group

Matt Bell and George Cowden from Multi Housing Depot by ARI with Gary Eckrote and Sandy Cipollone of The Michaels Organization

Sue Yukenavitch, Tammy O’Connor and Jody Pierson from Westover Companies with Chris Migatz of Delaware Valley Paving

Jim Jarvie and John Liberatoscioli from Sherwin Williams with Jason Fellows and Joel Grenfell of Westover Companies

John Nichols and Chris Langan from Unitex Asphalt Services with Harvey Norris and Mike Mazzagatti of Buccini Pollin Group

Doug Berger and Scott Berger Jim Korman from Korman from Direct Supplies Warehouse Residential with Max Fagan and with Alex Case and Brendan Scott Fagan of Metropolitan Glavin of AION Management Management and Billie Carberry from Western Pest Services

The APTS | 50 | June 2018

The APTS Magazine Invitational Golf Classic

Brian Beal, Don Christino and Drew Gravina from Morgan Properties with Adam Wojnar of Old City Renovators

Jay Robinson, JNR Group; Jim Deputy, HD Supply; Bill Hollin, Scully Company and Josh Klein, Bristol Gardens

Bob Schellhamer, Becky Reeves and Sam Sherrill from Hankin Apartments with Wendy Schreiber of AFR Furniture Rentals

Robert Wilson and Justin Yaskowski from Penn Outdoor Services with Bill Moffett from Aloft Mgmt. and Lorena Gomez of Pennrose

Jason and Jenel Marraccini Jim Nefferdorf and Chris Roach with Paul Cohen from CWM and from Roto-Rooter with Joe Emily Martin of Savage and Mike Shafer of Westover Companies

Lisa Delgado from Boyd Wilson and Christine Beechan of Morgan Properties with Joe Cavalcante and Brent Winig from Caleco

The APTS | 51 | June 2018

Jody Perlman, The Galman Group; Bill Byerly, First Montgomery Group; Joe Veneziale, TrashPro and Todd Stecker, Ingerman Management

The APTS Magazine Invitational Golf Classic

Evan Schapiro and Erin Latrell from Zillow Group take a break from the beverage cart with Brian Miller and Zach Hood of BRC, Andrew Fisher from CORT and Ronda Layo of Lincoln Properties

Chris Smith and Brendan Whelan of Smith Insurance Associates with Jim Conway and Jessica Scully of Scully Company

Steve Dicker, P. Cooper Roofing; Jeremy Devlin, Scully Company; Jack Linefsky, Value Companies; Connor Woodward, Woodward Jeff Halter, Goldberg Realty and Properties; Wink Mather, Acadia Caz Kowalczyk from Kushner Windows & Doors and Bill Nye, Companies Berger Rental Communities

Ray Querey, CSC ServiceWorks; Gunti Weissenberger and Eric Longenecker, Madison Frank Kucera from Westover Apartment Group; Lauren Alena, Companies with “all the Berger Rental Communities and way from Florida” and great Greg Lenaz, Southern Mgmt tournament supporters Rich and Tim Fortner of BetterNOI

Alex Stefanelli and Ron Auerly from Westover Companies with Mike Beirne of Kamson Corporation and Matt Pincus of Pincus Elevator

Mike McFadden, William Penn Realty; Brian Henry, Apartments. com; Mike Redel, Altman Mgmt and Mark Barnhart, Pennrose

Dave and Jim Guinan from Northern Waterproofing with Emily Hallett and Nate Greene of Berger Rental Communities

Rob Geddes and Todd Richman from Morgan Properties with Ray Felix and Steve Olenik of Belfor Property Restoration

Don’t Miss the Next Stops on the Industry Golf Tour AUGUST

16: PAA Central Golf Outing, Iron Valley GC, Lebanon, PA


5: DAA Golf Outing, White Clay Creek CC, Wilmington, DE 17: NJAA Charitable Fund Outing, Preakness Hills, Wayne, NJ 24: IREM Industry Partner Outing, Green Valley, Lafayette Hill, PA For more information visit the hosting association’s website!

The APTS | 52 | June 2018

JAHMA Welcomes Members to Annual Spring Management Event Serving the entire state, the New Jersey Affordable Housing Management Association (JAHMA) is a non-profit professional organization of property managers and owners who specialize in the development and operation of affordable housing. As it does annually, the organization hosted its Spring Management Event which welcomed more than 450 members for two days of education and networking. Returning to The Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ, JAHMA provided a diverse line-up of seminars along with a jam packed schedule of events including an awards luncheon, keynote presentation and an after party. The JAHMA Foundation, which raises money each year to fund their scholarship program, also hosted its annual golf

More than 400 attendees enjoyed lunch prior to the awards presentation

outing at the Stockton Seaview Golf Club on the day prior to the conference’s opening. Day 1 featured an Awards Luncheon where a scholarship recipient eloquently expressed her gratitude to the foundation. The Walter E. Kreher Distinction in Housing Award was also presented during the luncheon to Francis Thomas. To cap off the day, members headed to the Borgata Events Center for a Networking Reception and JAHMA Foundation Fundraiser. On the final day, the conference closed with a keynote address from three-time cancer conqueror and marathon man Matt Jones who discussed “Winning Strategies to Stay Motivated as a Leader.”

JAHMA Foundation founder Ken Pagano and 2017-18 JAHMA president Sandy Cipollone

NAHMA Executive Director Kris Cook offered an update on national affordable housing legislative issues The JAHMA Foundation presented a $10K donation to the Stephen Siller “Tunnel to Towers” Foundation

Ensuring that the Spring Management Event was a success were Executive Director Monica Pauro and Laura Spataro

Francis Thomas of NJHMFA was presented the Walter E. Kreher Award JAHMA members filled each of the nine education sessions during the morning and afternoon The APTS | 53 | June 2018

JAHMA Spring Management Event

Deborah Gershen Genello from Moderate Income Management is presented the Communities of Quality designation for Tinton Falls Senior Housing

JAHMA Foundation Administrator Dr. Bruce Johnson provided an update and information on the organization’s Scholarship Fund

PRD Management founder Jim McGrath and Grysel Rahl receive the Communities of Quality designation for Architects Housing

Virginia Booth and Christine Lacy from Inglis Housing Corporation at the luncheon

JAHMA Foundation scholarship recipient Xiomara Martinez shared her appreciation for the funds she received and how it dramatically affected her education, career and life


Ask us how we can help you today. 800.836.1263

The APTS | 54 | June 2018

JAHMA Spring Management Event

Keynote speaker and cancer-conqueror Matt Jones, with his unique laugh, provided an upbeat address on “Winning Strategies”

NAHMA president Michael Johnson spoke to the crowd during the final day’s breakfast and presentation

Getting the energy required to compete on the SeaView Pines Course is Brent Winig and playing partner Andrew Goldberg

JAHMA president Sandy Cipollone moderated a distinguished panel discussion focusing on myriad affordable housing issues

Former NAHMA president Jim McGrath and Paul Aprigliano of HUD enjoying ice cream during the afternoon break between education sessions

Part of the huge contingent from PRD Management, who is one of only two companies nationally to have all their properties certified as Communities of Quality by NAHMA

Issis Micheaux and a colleague from The Michaels Organization model the latest in toga attire as they prepare for the JAHMA Olympiad during the evening party

Steve Friedman from Wingate Management was the lucky 50/50 winner and he graciously presented his winnings to Ken Pagano for the Foundation’s use

Former IREM National President Pam Monroe from National Church Residences with Jamie Borodin of National Tenant Network

Former JAHMA Executive Director Jo Ann McKay made a surprise visit with the newest addition to her growing family

Deborah Gershen Genello and Tracy Goldstein, Esq. were a formidable duo during their education session

PRD Management president Karin McGrath Dunn with Skandar Zaouali who recently joined the company as CFO

The APTS | 55 | June 2018

PAA East Golf & Tennis Outing Once Again a Hot Ticket


More than two hundred PAA East members headed to Flourtown, PA for one of the organization’s most popular events, the annual Golf Outing. This year, PAAE brought back a tennis tournament as well, something that had not been a part of the day for several years. But the number of players on the tennis courts proved that it was a welcome addition. Of course, the golf outing, one of the best anywhere, was completely sold out, filling both courses at historic Philadelphia Cricket Club, unquestionably the most prestigious venue for industry golf events. Despite the warm temps, players enjoyed the spectacular challenges of the Wissahickon course, one in which no carts are permitted.

Though walking the course can be an experience for some, it also lends to playing better and enjoying the game the way it was intended. At adjacent Militia Hill, players enjoyed the ride, literally, while having a great time. One of highlights each year is the world famous West, Central & East Versions surf ‘n turf dinner, barbeque style, on the patio at the club. Afterward, Executive Director Marlynn Orlando and Events Director Valerie Crapeau, both presiding over their first golf event, announced the winners of the tournament as well as for individual contests. A great day on a great course with great friends...and they call this work? Version of Logo without using West, Central & East

“Proud Member of...” Version Colors Used in all Logo Versions

Executive Director Marlynn Orlando is joined by Events Director Valerie Crapeau as they present awards to the golf and tennis tournament winners

Militia Hill tournament runners-up were Wink Mather and Heather Kamasa from Acadia Windows & Doors, Sandy Cipollone of The Michaels Organization and Dean Holmes

COATED: PMS 151 PMS UNCOATED: PMS 151 PMS COATED: PMS 300 Todd Richman from Morgan PropertiesPMS Enjoying the though hot weather CMYK: 0, 60, 100, 0 CMYK: 0,sunny 43, 91, 0 CMYK: 99, 50, 0, 0 (left) led his foursome, including Andy PMS COATED: PMS were Stan Szafranski and Steve Waters 2188 PMS UNCOATED: PMS 2188 CMYK: 100, 39, 0, 63 CMYK: 100, 38, 0, 49 Giorgione and Matt Harker, to a 10th from Morgan Properties with teammates PMS PMS 2188 place finish with a 67 on Militia Hill PMS COATED: PMS Stacey Honer and ofCOATED: 300 PMS UNCOATED: PMS 300Charlene Delia CMYK: 100, 39, 0, 63 CMYK: 99, 50, 0, 0 CMYK: 100, 35, 0, 0 Western Pest Services

Players and guests packed the patio at Philadelphia Cricket Club where they enjoyed the traditional surf ‘n turf dinner The APTS | 56 | June 2018

Militia Hill tournament champs were Steve Olenik and Ray Felix from Belfor Property Restoration, Wayne Crowther and Rob O’Dell (not pictured)

PAA East Golf & Tennis Outing

Jennifer Sohenuick from AFR Furniture Rental welcomes players to the 7th hole on Militia Hill

Adam Wojnar and Marlena Wojnar stayed cool during the hot but very enjoyable round at Militia Hill

PAAE board member Matt Pincus of Pincus Helping Hands committee members Mary Elevator discusses the ups and downs of his French of Ingerman and Michele Anderson round with the Wolfgang brothers, Greg and of ResultsRepeat worked diligently on Kevin, from Evergreen Apartment Group successfully raising funds during the day

Dan Berger joins Wayne Everett and Berger Rental Communities colleagues during dinner following the tournament

The always cool Tracey Slobotkin of finally gets a chance to chill after a long day on the course as she is joined by Ingerman’s Todd Stecker

BELFOR has been providing recovery services to the Tri-State Area for more than 17 years. With over 150 full-service locations throughout North America, world-class technology, and proven leadership, BELFOR provides superior response and the most comprehensive array of services.


BELFOR is proud to service the “Apartment Professionals Total Source” regions! The APTS | 57 | June 2018

PAA East Golf & Tennis Outing

Cool brews were welcomed during the cocktail hour by Charlene Delia and Evan Rosen of Diamondhead Insurance

Dave Moore from Delaware Valley Paving chats with Mike Scully during the cocktail reception prior to dinner

Tennis champions Melissa Sampson of AION Management and Ellen Thompson of ResultsRepeat

Former PAA East president Mike Woodward and former First Lady Kathy Woodward are joined during dinner by George Cowden of MHD, Jay Robinson from JNR Group and Brent Winig of Caleco

Former PAA East president Jim Korman joined the fantastic foursome of Dan Severino and Larry Davies of RealPage as they walked the Wissahickon Course

Enjoying the evening following the tournament were tennis champ Melissa Sampson of AION, Straightest Drive champ Jenel Marraccini and people’s champion Robin Flagler of AION Management

The APTS | 58 | June 2018

Record Numbers Highlight the 29th Annual NJAA Education Conference & Expo

While many New Jerseyans prepare to head “down the shore” for Memorial Day weekend, NJAA members get a jumpstart each year as they make the pilgrimage to Atlantic City a few days earlier for the annual Conference & Expo. Held over three days and splitting time between the AC Convention Center and The Borgata Hotel, more than 1,600 attendees turn out for the always jam-packed agenda filled with top notch networking events, education sessions on the latest topics taught by both national and local instructors, the option to obtain an NAA designation and, of course, the parties and private events that take place. Now in its 29th year, the conference remains one of the most anticipated industry trade shows of the year, and with the vast expanse that is the exhibit floor, filled with more than 200 vendors offering the latest products and services for apartment communities, their residents and staff, it is the association’s signature event. Kicking off with the Opening General Session which featured a panel discussion on public policy and economic outlook, attendees continued on to the trade show floor followed by the evening Diamond, Signature & Keynote Sponsor and President’s Receptions. On Day 2, NJAA

NJAA Executive Director David Brogan welcomed members during the opening session

Huge crowds dominated each of the general sessions at the Convention Center

members heard from keynote speaker Scott Stratten, President of Un-Marketing and author of four best-selling business books. Named a top 5 social media power influencer by, Scott discussed bridging the business gap between the virtual and real world. The evening brought the After Party, held at Premier Night Club, where guests were able to mingle in a more relaxed atmosphere all while dancing the night away to the sounds of a DJ. On the final day, attendees were treated to a second keynote presentation held after a breakfast reception from Lisa Trosien, the Apartment Expert, who covered the newest generation of residents moving into multifamily communities and how to communicate with them. Since the current NJAA team, including Executive Director David Brogan and Senior VP Nichole LoPresti, came on board just three years ago, the Conference has evolved into one of the largest and most diverse of its kind in the nation. It offers NJAA members an opportunity to experience an industry convention similar to that of NAA (only better).

NJAA President Steve Waters joins opening session panelists and signature sponsors as they cut the ribbon to officially get the trade show underway

A lucky member from LPZ Bertram receives his $5,000 check, the grand prize among numerous raffle winners The APTS | 59 | June 2018

NJAA President Steve Waters embraces the moment as he offers appreciation to sponsors and introduces the keynote session agenda

NJAA Conference & Expo

Keynote speaker Scott Stratten provided a cool, funny and informative session pursuant to innovative marketing

NJAA board member George Cowden from MHD with former NJAA presidents Donald Legow, Legow Mgmt., Tom Kretsch, Goldberg Realty and David Legow, Legow Mgmt.

Exec. Dir. David Brogan moderates an enlightening panel discussion on Public Policy and Economic Outlook with NAA’s Greg Brown, Cindy Cheti from NMHC and Dr. James Hughes of Rutgers University

Rob Francis, president of Planned Companies, once again introduced the convention’s keynote speaker

NJAA President Steve Waters and NJAA Executive Director David Brogan just before the opening session

Former NJAA president Jeff Smith, Adam Kaplan and the Kriegman & Smith team

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The APTS | 60 | June 2018

NJAA Conference & Expo

It was standing room only for each of the education sessions on both days of the conference

Indoor Environmental Hazards was the topic for a panel discussion moderated by NJAA’s Nick Kikis along with Dennis Toft, Esq., Jeff Smith and Steven Ramiza

Former NAA chairman Alex Jackiw hosted two session including “Navigating Business Etiquette” and “Your Thinking Determines Your Results”

Marla Posey, who is also speaking at NAA Apartmentalize, hosted two sessions including ”Seven Hacks to Accomplishing More”

Dino Iuliano of Planned Companies reviewed the best ways to “Maximizing Security with Front Desk Operations”

The always entertaining and energetic Rommel Anacan, an industry favorite, held classes on both days: “Dealing with Difficult People” and “Building a Great Team”

The final day of the conference consisted of breakfast followed by education sessions held at the Water Club adjacent to the Borgata

Nationally acclaimed industry speaker Lisa Trosien provided an engaging session on Gen Y giving way to Gen Z

Brian Paule from The Galman Group and NJAA board member Robin Flagler, AION Management and one of the industry’s best speakers

Education attendees fill out forms to receive Continuing Education Credits

Mary French, Stephanie Eaves, Todd Stecker and Danielle Carlucci Ingerman Management

Brian Goldojarb from HD Supply discussed “Safety On Site”

The APTS | 61 | June 2018

NJAA Conference & Expo

Once again, the legendary After Party earned its name as attendees partied as hard at Premier Nightclub as they worked during the second day of the conference

NJAA Charitable Fund Chair April Sample from Kamson Corp. joins Steve Waters to present the prize to Shayna Komack of Newport Residential Mgmt., winner of the 50/50

NJAA Conference Committee chairman Joe Following the keynote presentation, Spadaccini from Kamson Corporation with ravenous attendees filled a special area NJAA SVP Nichole LoPresti announce raffle adjacent to the trade show floor where they prize winners at the end of Day 1 enjoyed lunch before walking the aisles

Katrina McNamara and Caroline Adillon from Viking Residential awaiting the start of the keynote session

NJAA board member and Garden State Awards Committee chairman Scott Machlovitz and the Hilton Realty team

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24/7 Monitoring CENTRAL STATION

24/7 Monitoring The APTS | 62 | June 2018


NJAA Conference & Expo

NJAA president Steve Waters, Stan Szafranski, Lauren Marello, Andrew Hoff and Drew Gravina from Morgan Properties at the Diamond Reception

Board members, officers and special sponsors enjoyed the intimate Diamond Reception prior to the Presidents Reception for all attendees which followed immediately

Juliet Bowen, Dan O’Brien, Kristen Picadillo, NJAA board member Bianca Scholl, Gregg Singer and Matt Titoki

Bruce Gudin from Ehrlich, Petriello, Gudin & Plaza with NJAA board member Steve Dicker, P. Cooper Roofing

Heather Kamasa of Acadia Windows & Doors with April Sample of Kamson Corporation and Bill Sample of Martin Greenbaum Company

Carolyn Fell, Glenn Popowitz and Sara Leffler Direct Supplies Warehouse

Pat O’Grady and Drew Gravina from Morgan Properties with NJAA board members Andy Goldberg and Charlene Delia

Elizabeth Ooka and Jamie Borodin from National Tenant Network with Vince Marone of Ferguson Facilities Supply

The always radiant Emily Martin with NJAA board members Marty Josephs and Tracey Goldstein, Esq.

NJAA board member Michael O’Dea of Mike Hanlon, Irene Nepomuceno, Katrina Hekemain, Chuck Goss from P. Cooper Bleichrodt, Tim Forton and Bill Rosato from Roofing, Joe Spadaccini of Kamson Corp. CORT with Megan Campbell of Drew & and Emmanuel Goss from P. Cooper Roofing Rogers and Brad Schwartz, MSB Resources The APTS | 63 | June 2018

The Lombardo men: Jay, patriarch Jerry and Andrew from C.J. Lombardo Company

Customer Service: (800) 253-3855 Option 2 The Premier Supplier to the Multi-Housing Industry

Windows & Doors APPLIANCES















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The APTS | 64 | June 2018





NJAA Conference & Expo

Sarah Levine, Pete Buonocore, David Kinkead, Carlos Gonzalez, Jim Bakey and Eric Tucker Ferguson Facilities Supply

Jim Swick and Angelo Quisito The Q Group Builders, Inc.

Bob Arthur, Virginia Lipscomb, Katie Phillips, Demetri Tzovolos and Kisha Bynoe Comcast

Terri Danish, Cory Stein, Larry Stein and Norm Roberts from ABL Sales, Ltd.

Terry Treadwell and Barry Foer PotHole Repair

Matt Falkow, David Carusi, Catherine Jennings and Michael Bernstein Martin Greenbaum Company

Michele Anderson ResultsRepeat

Lauren Reem Acacia Commercial Services

Tim Sherrill and John Kelly Package Concierge

Dean Fowler and Jeanie Drury Fowler Companies

Jeff Katz and Keith Barch from Central Wholesalers with Ralph Ciniglia of Wilmar

Chris Juliana and Mike Zapata P.C. Richard

Heather Kamasa and Jeff Meyers Acadia Windows & Doors

Julian Rothenberg, Frank Habegger, Todd Hutchinson, Julie Troendle, Keith Barch, Andrea Strauss and Jeff Katz Central Wholesalers

NJAA president Steve Waters and Morgan Properties colleague Stan Szafranski discuss HVAC systems with one of the exhibitors

David Moore and Patrick Gillespie Delaware Valley Paving

The APTS | 65 | June 2018

NJAA Conference & Expo

Michael Hanlon, Katrina Bleichrodt, Mabel Olmo and Tim Forton CORT Furniture

David Spaventa, Tirso Martinez, Khari Joseph and Tim Smith Valet Living

David DelDeo SEBCO Laundry Systems

James O’Connor, John Zoetjes and Justin Italo American Architectural Windows & Doors

Evan Rosen from Diamondhead Insurance Agency with Anthony Lauro of Affiliated Management

Mike McGinley, Mitchell Isert, Alberta Klingman, Nikki Giouros, George Cowden and Jim Boisits Multi Housing Depot by ARI

Jamie Borodin and Jim Krutzke National Tenant Network

Debbie Durso and Jason Montgomery BetterNOI

The APTS | 66 | June 2018

NJAA Conference & Expo

Scott Layman, Ron Falkowski, Penny Todd, Glenn Popowitz and Sara Leffler Direct Supplies Warehouse

Ralph Ciniglia Wilmar

Erik Foote and April Slobodrian Northeast Construction, Inc.

Robert Lindenfelzer and Adam Baird CoreLogic Multifamily Solutions

Joe Kreps, Paul Migliore, Janice Schuettler, Jan Drayton and Pat Gilmore BELFOR Property Restoration

Bill Graff, Bob Kinkade and Pat Sandor AVCO Supply

Megan Campbell Drew & Rogers

Vince Bria and Junior Lartey from Entrata with Neil Beckerman of Landmark Companies, LLC

The APTS | 67 | June 2018

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The APTS | 68 | June 2018

NJAA Conference & Expo

Jenel Marraccini from CWM with Megan McMahon of AION Management

Bruce Gudin, Esq. Ehrlich, Petriello, Gudin & Plaza

Harrison Stein and Mike Barch RestoreCore

Dennis Calogera and Jim Deputy HD Supply

Mark Your Calendars for Upcoming NJAA Events

Evan Schlesinger, Brad Schwartz and Rochelle Reilly from MSB Resources









James Dickinson, Chase Ortiz, Mike Otero and Ashley Acuna Sherwin Williams Paints




September 17 - Charitable Fund Golf Outing October 17 - PAC Reception November 8 - Garden State Awards December TBD - Children’s Holiday Party

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The APTS | 69 | June 2018

The APTS | 70 | June 2018

The APTS | 71 | June 2018

Private Parties Were Plentiful During NJAA Conference

The upper deck of The Chart House, adjacent to the Golden Nugget Casino Hotel, was jammed with invited guests of the multiple companies who served as hosts for the annual event, held following the second day of the trade show

In what has become a strategic and enjoyable part of the NJAA Conference, and any other major trade show, numerous vendors provided myriad opportunities for attendees to enjoy cocktail receptions and dinners all around Atlantic City following Day 2 of the largest multifamily industry event in the state. Some enjoyed small get togethers with special guests while other companies partnered to produce huge dinner parties attended by more than 250. Though not an officially sanctioned event, the evening of the second day is as anticipated as many other parts of the convention as it provides vendors an opportunity to show their appreciation to their clients and meet new people, all in an informal

setting while doing two of their favorite things: eating and drinking. The largest contingent this year was at The Chart House, the well established eatery adjacent to the Inlet and the Golden Nugget Casino Hotel where more than one dozen companies welcomed nearly 300 guests for cocktails and dinner. But size does not always matter as more than 20 other smaller versions peppered some of the finest establishments along the shore town. It enabled everyone to get in the proper frame of mind before they headed over to the NJAA After Party at Premier Nightclub at The Borgata.

Andy and Michael Goldberg from RestoreCore with Charlene Delia of Western Pest Services with both companies serving as cohosts at The Chart House

Jenel Marraccini from cohost CWM keeping company with the AION Management team President Robin Flagler and the AION Management team

Cohosts Matthew Falkow and Michael Bernstein from Martin Greenbaum Company

NJAA President Steve Waters and Lauren Marello, Morgan Properties NJAA 1st VP Jack Linefsky with his Value Companies team who were ironically enjoying a private company dinner at The Chart House The APTS | 72 | June 2018

Stan Szafranski, Drew Gravina and Stan Tuttle from Morgan Properties

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Former NJAA president David Legow from Legow Management with Michelle Stuckey of The Galman Group and NJAA board member George Cowden of cohost MHD

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Jennifer Sohenuick from cohost AFR Furniture Rental and Melinda Rigler of Morgan Properties Contact Evan Rosen | 908.939.8075 | [email protected] |

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The APTS | 73 | June 2018

The APTS | 74 | June 2018

IREM NJ and SNJ Chapters See the Glass Half Full at RE Forecast Breakfast Curiosity about what lies ahead is an innate human drive, which is why many organizations host forecasting events that provide an economic analysis and predictions for the coming year, usually with a focus on the regional economy. IREM New Jersey and Southern New Jersey Chapters joined forces with the New Jersey Chapter of Community Associations Institute to present a 2018 Economic Forecast for the multifamily industry. Held at Forsgate Country Club in Monroe Township, NJ, attendees were welcomed by IREM New Jersey Chapter president Dan Cronheim who also introduced the featured speaker, Peter S. Reinhart, Esq., Director of

the Kislak Real Estate Institute and the NJAR / Greenbaum / Ferguson Professor of Real Estate Policy. In his presentation on the interplay between New Jersey’s economy and real estate markets in 2018 and beyond, Mr. Reinhart stated that though the gravitational pull of New Jersey's sub-par economic performance in recent years is still evident, the glass now appears to be "half full." The faster pace of the state's job gains in 2017, coupled with continuing improvement in the financial markets, has led to significant growth across all of its real estate sectors.

Chris Abraham from CRS Environmental chats with Jerry Hinden, CPM Emeritus

Former NJ Chapter president Larry Sauer with current NJ president Dan Cronheim

Anna May Stroyek from Interstate Realty catches up with former IREM SNJ president Darrell Williams

The APTS | 75 | June 2018

NJ Chapter president Dan Cronheim welcomes attendees before introducing the featured speaker of the morning

Peter Reinhart, Esq., Director of The Kislak Real Estate Institute, was an eloquent speaker during the annual economic forecast event

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The APTS | 76 | June 2018





“Yo, EM!” Equipment Marketers Celebrates 25th Anniversary Trade Show & Seminar Equipment Marketers, one of the region’s leading laundry equipment and service companies, celebrated the Silver Anniversary of its landmark “Trade Show and Service Seminar.” Hailed by many as the best customer appreciation event of its kind, the fun, informative and rewarding annual event was again held at the Cherry Hill, NJ corporate headquarters where several hundred clients and guests enjoyed a full day of training, special pricing offers and the best luncheon anywhere. In addition, EM provides exhibit space for more than 20 of their manufacturers who meet and discuss with attendThe Equipment Marketers team, which includes many from ees the newest product lines as well the LaMaina family, always provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the hundreds of clients and guests during the as state-of-the-art maintenance and repair techniques. But the day is Trade Show

more than just work stuff. The family atmosphere inherent in the company is manifested by everyone feeling part of the LaMaina family with their genuine warmth, compassion and outstanding customer service. Always using a theme to make it a special day, the company constructed a boxing ring inside their warehouse with announcements being held there as well as a special appearance by Philly legend Rocky Balboa. The company once again clearly answered the eternal question… is laundry equipment cool or what???!! At Equipment Marketers the answer is an easy... “yes indeed!”

Katie Weitzman and Barbara Collins welcomed attendees and supervised the always exciting and huge raffle prize drawings

The legendary Equipment Marketers luncheon offers myriad delicacies for all attendees

Yo, Sue and Dick!” Sue and Dick LaMaina raise the hands of all-time pugilistic champ, prime example of the success of the underdog, Art Museum aficionado, turtle feeder and Philly icon Rocky Balboa

Attendees had the opportunity to meet many of the manufacturers of products and services provided by Equipment Marketers

In one of the coolest ways ever to call and present raffle prizes, the “ring announcer” speaks into the microphone accompanied by each of the companies who provided them The APTS | 77 | June 2018

Equipment Marketers is one of the most creative companies in the industry, always providing a fun and “outside the box” format for their valued clients during the annual event

20. Person I would like to have met: Elvis (of course)

20. Most famous person I have met: Richie Sambora

The APTS | 34 | January 2013

The APTS | 78 | June 2018

Central Wholesalers Hosts Informative Training Session

“We Measure Success With Superior Service” CALECO is the Premier Laundry Facilities Management Company and Equipment Supplier for PA, NJ, MD, DE, DC and parts of NY and VA Making your laundry experience: Simple, Safe and Convenient since 1946!


The APTS | 79 | June 2018

Continuing their effective and highly valued training series, Central Wholesalers welcomed over 50 maintenance technicians and supervisors from more than 12 property management companies to their Moorestown, NJ facility for a three-hour class on “Appliance Troubleshooting.” Hosted by industry expert Frank Martin, the workshop was focused on answering many of the situations caused by on-site issues including: “what can cause a compressor on the refrigerator to overheat? What causes a garbage disposer to grind slowly? What can cause condensation to form in an electric oven?” At CWI, they solve those and many other issues with expert training. To have Central provide a free training class for your company or to be included in their next session, contact Julie Troendle at [email protected] or 215-756-5712.

ADVERTISERS DIRECTORY Listed below is the basic information for our advertisers who have met the standards we have set to service you and are highly recommended!

Apartment Internet Listing Service Founded in 1997 Brian Henry, VP of Multifamily Marketing 1735 Market St., Suite 4050, Philadelphia, PA 19103 Toll Free: (877) 537-2458 Direct: (617) 443-3124 [email protected] is a leading national online apartment Internet Listing Service (ILS) distinguished by its personalized searches, highly visual ads and affiliation with the local websites of more than 170 major newspaper and partner websites across the country. connects renters with apartment communities through engaging virtual tours, professional community photos and detailed descriptions. With 29 different amenity options to help customize their search, renters find what they want and arrive at apartment communities ready to lease. See our ad on page 8.

Web Marketing and Social Media

4 Walls/Respage Kim Poust, Account Executive PO Box 248, Narberth, PA 19072 Phone: (800) 390-1776 Fax: (215) 689-4166 [email protected]


COHEN, WILLWERTH & MARRACCINI LLC Paul Jay Cohen, Esquire 660 Second Street Pike, Southampton, PA 18966 Phone: (215) 887-8100 Fax: (215) 887-8732 [email protected] Representing landlords for all their legal needs, including evictions; collections; Licenses & Inspections hearings; purchases; sales; refinancing; leases; contracts; incorporations; lawsuits; fair housing and human relations. See our ad on page 74.

Bath and Shower Repair & Renovation

Bath Fitter Commercial Solutions Corey Askey, Senior Account Manager 542 Industrial Drive, Lewisberry, PA 17339 Phone: (610) 316-8990 Fax: (717) 932-4448 Email: [email protected]

Founded in 1985

Tub liners and replacements, tub to shower conversions, seamless bath walls and shower replacements. One day renovation does not require residents to vacate their apartments. Low maintenance, easy to clean acrylic systems are attractive, cost effective and eliminate costly “full remodels”. 20+ year life expectancy. Material and labor warranty. Volume pricing. See our ad on page 68.

Since 2002, 4 Walls has been helping multifamily property managers and owners use the Internet to attract and retain residents. 4 Walls’ flagship site,, is an Internet listing service that markets apartment communities throughout Building Maintenance Supplies the United States. Let us assist with your social media, Respage can Central Wholesalers, Inc. Founded in 1981 help with creating your blog to managing your online reputation. Finally, if you need help creating designing or driving traffic to your own website, Jeff Katz 1265 Glen Avenue, Moorestown, NJ 08057 Respage Websites can help. See our ad on page 76. Phone: (800) 275-8475 Fax: (800) 935-6539 Asphalt Paving Unitex Asphalt Services John Nichols 1010 South Chestnut Street, Downingtown, PA 19335 Phone: (484) 237-8686 Fax: (484) 237-8688 [email protected]

Unitex Asphalt Services has been performing premier asphalt paving work on commercial properties in the Delaware Valley for over 35 years. Equally critical are the supporting crews in excavation, drainage, concrete, sealcoating and waterproofing, which provide our clientele with a well-rounded, one-stop source for their exterior needs. Contact us today, to meet with one of our experienced staff members. See our ad on page 90.

A leading supplier of maintenance repair products serving the multifamily housing industry with 5 locations in the Mid-Atlantic region. Founded on the principles of providing excellent service coupled with competitive pricing, experienced sales staff, quality products and unparalleled services. We are a full line stocking distributor of Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Appliances, Lighting, Locks, Hardware, Janitorial, Tools, Safety products, and more. Our in-house fabrication and value-added services include custom countertops, vertical & mini blinds, patio door & window screens, and a custom keying & lock work department. We stock, measure and install kitchen cabinets and vanities and provide complete renovation services. Our Refinishing Division offers Tub & Tile Glazing in addition to Countertop Refinishing. See our ad on page 60.

Delaware Valley Paving Dave Faggioli 333 Pawlings Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460 Phone: (610) 983-0567 Fax: (610) 983-0569 [email protected]

Direct Supplies Warehouse Founded in 1980 Glenn Popowitz, President 100 Hancock Street, Lodi, NJ 07644 Phone: (973) 472-9000 Fax: (973) 973-7222 [email protected]

Asphalt paving and concrete services have been provided by Delaware Valley Paving Co., Inc. in the Tri-state area since 1990. We include a complete evaluation of any asphalt, concrete, excavation, drainage or seal coating needs by our experienced personnel and our professional estimators may prepare a complete evaluation of your asphalt paving, concrete and seal coating needs. See our ad on page 41.

Providing the multi-family housing industry for more than 25 years with the best pricing and service for ALL your maintenance supply needs. Our team of professionals will evaluate your needs and make budget recommendations to provide the highest quality products for a quick return on your investment. Expert kitchen cabinet layouts and property specific material upgrade spreadsheets are provided for planning and budgetary purposes. This personalized service makes us the best in the business. Whether your needs are everyday maintenance supplies or help with complete renovations, one call does it ALL! See our ad on page 23.

Asphalt Paving & Concrete Services

The APTS | 80 | June 2018

Construction Services

Building Maintenance Supplies

Ferguson Facilities Supply Vince Marone 1116 Longford Road, Oaks, PA 19456 Phone: (888) 334-0004 Fax: (888) 334-8112 [email protected]

Founded in 1953

A national supplier for facilities maintenance products, including appliances, kitchen cabinets, HVAC equipment, lighting, plumbing, electrical and much more. Ferguson Enterprises has locations in all 50 states including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Founded in 1953, Ferguson is celebrating 60 years in business and is currently the largest plumbing wholesaler in the United States. With an unmatched distribution network and over 1,300 locations to serve you, Ferguson can meet your property and project needs supported by the best trained associates in the business. See our ad on page 32. HD Supply Facilities Maintenance Milton (Jim) Deputy, CAS, Regional Account Manager Philadelphia/ Tri-state Area 100 John Galt Way, Burlington, NJ 08016 Phone: (302) 607-3541 or (800) 431-3000 Fax: (856) 728-0691 [email protected] HD Supply Facilities Maintenance can help you increase resident satisfaction, net operating income (NOI), and the asset value of your property. With over 35,000 products to choose from, and free, next-day delivery on most orders to most areas, HD Supply Facilities Maintenance is your source for maintenance supplies and a variety of services including fabrication, renovation, installation, and customer training. Our account representatives provide personal service backed by award-winning customer service and support. See our ad on page 42. Wilmar Founded in 1977 Ralph Ciniglia, Sales Manager 804 East Gate Drive, Suite 100, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 Phone: (800) 345-3000 Fax: (800) 220-3291 Comprehensive stocking distributor for all parts and supplies to property management companies. Full line catalog contains over 15,000 items. 33 branches throughout the U.S. See our ad on pg 96.

Carpet Cleaning Ferry’s Carpet Cleaning, Inc. Steve Ferry, President P.O. Box 261, Bellmawr, NJ 08099 Phone: (609) 790-2246 [email protected] Ferry’s Carpet Cleaning is a premier carpet cleaning service specializing in multi-family communities. Established in 2003, we have grown into one of the tri-state area’s most sought after vendors though the best possible advertising - client referrals! Many of the leading Property Mgmt. companies contract with Ferry’s Carpet Cleaning because of their spotless reputation. One phone call for: carpet cleaning, 24 hour emergency water extraction, pad replacement, kicking and stretching, seam repairs, patching and spot dyeing. See our ad on page 12.

Northeast Construction, Inc. April M. Slobodrian, President 8353 Hegerman Street, Philadelphia, PA 19136 Phone: (215) 624-3667 [email protected] www. Northeast Construction, Inc. performs multifamily and commercial projects of various sizes and complexity in all phases. We specialize in interior and exterior carpentry and have been serving the Mid-Atlantic Region since 1994. Northeast Construction, Inc. prioritizes our client’s needs and provides professional, qualified employees and subcontractors who are available 24 hours a day. At Northeast Construction, Inc. we pride ourselves in completing our projects with quality work, on schedule and within your budget. See our ad on page 17.

Drain Cleaning & Plumbing Services

Roto-Rooter Jim Nefferdorf, General Manager 6303 MacPherson Avenue, Levittown, PA 19057 Phone: (215) 943-7994 x22539 Fax: (215) 943-4304

Sewer and drain cleaning, complete plumbing repairs and installation, high-pressure water jetting, underground leak and line detection, water main repairs, video camera line inspections, liquid waste pumping, backflow certification and repairs, traditional and trenchless pipe repair and replacement, water and sewer cleanup, and drain care products. See our ad on page 20.

Facility Contract Services

ACACIA Commercial Services Isaac Howell, CEO P.O. Box 913, Southeastern, PA 19399 Phone: 855-522-2242 Fax: 855-522-2241 [email protected]

ACACIA Commercial Services specializes in streamlining our clients’ building and facilities operations, reducing operating expenses, and developing unique solutions that improve net operating income. Based in the suburbs of Philadelphia and with an extended network of 6,000+ service providers, ACACIA provides top of the line service to apartment and multifamily properties throughout the MidAtlantic region. ACACIA provides a wide variety of landscaping, snow, and building services.

Fire Protection Services

Kartman Fire Protection Services Founded in 1981 Jonathan Kartman, President 2206 Darby Road, PO Box 1168, Havertown, PA 19083 Phone: (610) 789-7016 Fax: (610) 789-6991 Fire extinguishers, inspections, certifications and fire alarm systems. Emergency lighting, security systems, camera systems and intercom systems. See our ad on page 62.

Floor Coverings & Installation

The Sherwin-Williams Company Floor Covering Stores Joseph DeTreux, District Sales Manager 1140 McDermott Drive #107 West Chester, PA 19380 Phone (508) 208-1863 [email protected] See our ad on page 95.

The APTS | 81 | June 2018

Landscape, Design, Construction & Maintenance

Furniture Rental & Sales AFR Furniture Rental 720 Hylton Road,Pennsauken, NJ 08110 Phone: (800) 331-8700 Fax: (856) 488-5105 Jay Gates, General Manager Email: [email protected] AFR Furniture Rental offers short and long term furniture solutions for the leasing office, club house, corporate apartment or model with service you can count on. AFR operates fully integrated distribution centers with complete in-house furniture refinishing and upholstery cleaning departments. We utilize a five step quality control process complete to inspect your delivery onsite. Our clearance center offers brand name furniture up to 50-70% discount off retail prices. See our ad on page 46.

Furniture Rental & Sales CORT Furniture Mike Hanlon, Sales Manager 31 Twosome Drive, Unit 2, Moorestown, NJ 08057 Phone: (609) 868-2797 Fax: (856) 222-1524 [email protected] CORT is the nation’s largest furniture rental company specializing in short and long term residential and office furniture leases and relocation assistance. Our clearance center offers up to 50-70% off retail prices on previously rented items. See our ad on page 38.

Heating & Cooling Equipment and Parts

AVCO Supply, Inc. Founded in 1979 Pat Sandor 7014 Beaver Dam Road, Levittown, PA 19057 Phone: (215) 949-1550 Fax: (215) 949-1578 [email protected] A complete stocking wholesaler for all major manufacturers of heating & cooling equipment & parts. Factory trained specialists will assist in answering all technical questions. See our ad on page 24.


Smith Insurance Associates, Inc. Stephen R. Smith, President 1120 Bethlehem Pike, Suite 208, P.O. Box 858, Spring House, PA 19477 Phone: (215) 542-5959 Toll Free Phone (877) 747-4678 Smith Insurance is a family owned business that has earned a solid reputation over the past 35 years providing innovative insurance protection for the real estate industry. We insure over 300,000 apartment units, over 500 Community Associations, and some of the area’s most prominent developers. In addition we manage PAA East Workers’ Compensation safety dividend program. Our large company leverage coupled with personalized service differentiates us from your typical insurance agency. See our ad on page 23.

Insurance and Renters Insurance

Diamondhead Insurance Agency delivers turn-key solutions for increasing renters’ insurance compliance for Multi-Family Property Owners/Operators. Through our experienced, hands-on programming and oversight, Diamondhead makes comprehensive, affordable renter’s insurance available to your residents with no additional underwriting required and that is tailored to the property management professional’s needs. We specialize in offering our clients easy, effective and money saving services. See our ad on page 73. Renters Insurance Compliance Solutions

Turn-Key & Hassle-Free Programs Powered By:

• Insurance / Property Management Professional • Best-In-Class Insurer

Don’t be Left Holding the Bag... • Eliminate Out-of-Pocket Spending

• Improve Loss Runs for Potentially Lower Commercial Premium Pricing

Commercial Grounds Maintenance, Landscape Design/Construction, Irrigation Installation/Maint., Arbor Care by an ISA Certified Arborist, Lawn Care Services & Snow/Ice Mgmt. Services. See our ad on page 75.

Landscape Design, Construction & Maintenance

Penn Outdoor Services Robert Wilson 1036 W Germantown Pike, East Norriton, PA 19406 Phone: (855) 807-6583 Fax: (484) 318-7451 [email protected] Service area: Greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley

Penn Outdoor Services carries a tradition of environmental excellence by experienced, caring professionals. We specialize in landscape services for the Apartment Community with dedication to providing attention to every detail. We also service Class-”A” Commercial Buildings, Homeowner Associations, Retail Shopping Centers and Industrial Office Buildings. We provide services such as Landscape Maint. Irrigation Lighting, Tree & Turf Care, Hardscaping, Seasonal Color Programs, Design & Installations. See our ad on page 6.

Laundry Equipment

SEBCO Laundry Systems Almost 50 Years in Business!! Richard Kovatch, Director of Sales 7 Johnson Drive, Raritan, NJ 08869 Phone: (800) 732-2688 Fax: (732) 752-9160 [email protected] SEBCO Laundry Systems works with multi-family managers and operators to increase laundry room revenue, to attract better tenants and to provide the ultimate customer service experience. SEBCO is the leader in technology. Our exclusive app gives your residents control over their laundry experience in a fun and meaningful way. It allows your residents to enjoy your building more and it allows us to be even more proactive in responding to service requests. No matter how large or complex an installation contact SEBCO today because there is simply no one better at MultiFamily projects than SEBCO. See our ad on page 66.

Laundry Equipment & Services

Fowler Route Company Founded in 1952 565 Rahway Avenue, Union, NJ 07083 Phone: 800-334-1824 Fax: (908) 686-8756

Diamondhead Insurance Agency, LLC Evan Rosen, President 210 Haven Avenue, Suite #159 Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 Phone: (908) 939-8075

Protect Your Property & NOI from Resident Caused Losses

High Tech Landscapes, Inc. Katie Goldstein 10 Culnen Drive, Branchburg, NJ 08876 Phone: (908) 393-8321 [email protected] Service Area: North & South Central NJ. Mahwah to Barnegat.

Fowler Route Company offers everything from design and installation, to service, collections management and upgrades. Fowler can help remodel your existing laundry facilities - making them more efficient, attractive, and convenient. We offer the complete line of Maytag washers and dryers, the most energy efficient in the business, and our equipment is designed to meet both your needs and budget. We also offer the new ESD money card system which eliminates coin handling headaches and reduces theft and vandalism. So let Fowler put our experience and skill to work for you. See our ad on pg 76.

The APTS | 82 | June 2018

Major Appliances, Kitchens & Vanities

Online Leasing Solutions

Multi Housing Depot by ARI Founded in 1894 George Cowden 511 Elbow Lane, Burlington, NJ 08016 Phone: (800) 253-3855 x200 Fax: (856) 488-0442

On-Site Founded in 1999 Michael Brown, National Sales Manager – East Coast Phone: (669) 800-6306 On-Site Client Support: (866) 266-7483 [email protected]

Distributor exclusively to the multifamily industry for major appliance brands (including GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire and more), cabinets, countertops, windows and patio doors. Manufacturer of kitchen and bath frameless cabinets, countertops and related products. See our ad on page 64.

On-Site’s integrated online marketing and leasing platform has grown to become the gold standard in the apartment business. Our award-winning services allow apartment operators to maximize occupancy, save time, and ensure a consistent and user friendly experience at all levels of property operations. Learn how to convert your leasing process into a simple, seamless electronic process at

Maytag Commercial Laundry Equipment

Equipment Marketers - Maytag Founded in 1945 Lawrence LaMaina, III, Director of Sales 100 Melrose Avenue, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 Phone: (800) 223-1376 Fax: (856) 428-5477 [email protected] Maytag Commercial coin-operated or debit card washers and dryers. Winner of the Maytag Red Carpet Service Award. Honored by the Maytag Co. of Newtown, IA as Best Distribution Service Co. See our ad on page 78.

Mini & Custom Blinds

Package Lockers

Package Concierge® 445 Main Street, Medfield, MA 02052 Phone: (888) 989-7225 Tim Serrilla, Sr. Manager of Sales [email protected] John Kelly, Sr. Manager of Sales [email protected]

Fels Supply Company Founded in 1992 Steve Fels, President 579 East Lafayette Street, Norristown, PA 19401 Phone: (610) 277-7050 Fax: (610) 277-7568

Package Concierge is the innovator of the digital locker system for apartment buildings. Made in America with design and cutting-edge technology at its core, Package Concierge is the highest-quality solution in the industry, that also meets all fire and safety Full line wholesaler of ready-made window standards. From its intuitive mobile app to peer-to-peer shipping and returns, Package Concierge makes package management hassle-free shades, mini blinds, custom blinds, vertical blinds, pleated and cellular shades. Distributor of vinyl & ceramic floor and wall tile, cove base, trash for both residents and property managers. See our ad on page 28. liners and a complete line of janitorial products. See our ad on page 16.


Pest Control Services

Royal Pest Solutions / RPS Founded in 1976 Phil Mullen, Commercial Account Specialist, Delaware Dannis Warf, Commercial Account Specialist, Maryland Tom Shannon, Commercial Account Specialist, New Jersey HEADQUARTERS: 53 McCullough Drive, New Castle, DE 19720 Phone: 800-ROYAL-PEST (800-769-2573) SERVICE AREA: DE, PA, NJ, MD and VA. Royal Pest Solutions provides effective Commercial and Residential pest control, using planet friendly, Integrated Pest Mgmt. to protect people and property from harmful and destructive pests. Royal Pest Professionals are state licensed, drug tested and well-trained. Our on-staff Entomologist performs regular Quality Assurance evaluations of your pest control program. Bed Bugs detection and prevention staff training is available. We offer heat and conventional bed bug remediation. Our on-site log books are complete with the proper licenses and insurance documents, always up-to-date with service reports and trends. MDSD and labels can be provided electronically. Also you can view reports and manage your secure account online. Proud Member of DAA and PAA.

Pest Control Services

Western Pest Services Founded in 1928 Billie Carberry, Director of Sales 800 Lanidex Plaza, Parsippany, NJ 07054 Phone: (800) 544-BUGS Fax: (973) 428-1678 Since 1928, Western Pest Services has been providing quality pest control solutions for both homes and businesses. Our reputation has been built on the shoulders of our expert staff. Property management is a Western expertise. Western practices Integrated Pest Management. We have state licensed technicians, on-staff entomologists, customized programs and experience to keep your properties pest free. We also offer in-service training, a guaranteed 24 hour response time and a Quality Assurance Program. With Western, you can Consider It Done™. See our ad on page 34.

Ben Manis Plumbing Ben Manis, Owner 2785 Philmont Ave, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Phone: (267) 627-2756 Ben Manis Plumbing is one of your most trustworthy plumbing companies in Philadelphia. We service (267) 627-2756 Bucks and Montgomery Counties in Philadelphia and ensure that our customers receive 100% satisfaction, guaranteed. When you need plumbing services, we provide expert, insured, and bonded plumbers PLUMBING who will work quickly and with as little inconvenience to you as possible to get the job done right the first-time round. We always aim to go DRAIN CLEANING beyond your expectations. Our services include: professional plumbing services, drain cleaning, video inspections, sewer cleaning, water • PLUMBING VIDEO INSPECTION heater repairs. We provide 24 hour service. See our ad on page 17. • DRAIN CLEANING 


Sam Wexler Plumbing 2571 Huntingdon Pike, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Phone: (215) 947-2185 Fax: (215) 947-0622 • 24 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE Joe O’Boyle, General Manager Randy Marcus, Vice President • FULL-SERVICE PLUMBING COMPANY Email: [email protected] • FREE FREE ESTIMATES ESTIMATES • FOURTEEN TRUCKS AVAILABLE TO OFFER SAME-DAY SERVICE WWW.BENMANISPLUMBING.COM

Sam Wexler Plumbing serves WWW.BENMANISPLUMBING.COM multi-family housing units and all their plumbing needs. As one of the largest independent plumbing companies in the Phila area, you can always count on fast response times and reliable service. We provide free estimates, drain cleaning, video inspections, water jetting of lines, pipe replacement and repair, backflow certification and replacement as well as installation and replacement of fixtures. For over 3 generations, Sam Wexler Plumbing has striven to provide reliable, affordable plumbing services throughout the Philadelphia area. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and our dedication to not only meeting your plumbing needs, but exceeding your expectations. See our ad on page 22.

The APTS | 83 | June 2018

Resident Screening

National Tenant Network Jamie Borodin, VP Operations PO Box 1023, Turnersville, NJ 08012 Phone: (856) 513-4022 Fax: (856) 513-4030 [email protected]

Founded in 1980, only NTN offers unmatched screening tools backed by a full suite of integrated features to help you attract, qualify and retain the best, most profitable residents. While many companies offer screening, most see screening as a side business to property management or online leasing software, renters insurance, or collections. NTN knows that to provide exceptional results, you need to focus on what’s important. After all, we don’t see ourselves as just another screening company; our mission is to help you effectively manage risk. See our ad on page 78.

Resident Screening/Online Leasing/Renter’s Insurance

CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions Bob Lindenfelzer Phone: (855) 241-9841

Our superior data and screening technology help you lease to the right people. We provide comprehensive data about evictions, addresses history, criminal and additional proprietary sources. Our screening solutions can help you evaluate the risk of a resident and make a quick decision to fill your rental properties. See our ad on page 13.

Restoration & Recovery

BELFOR USA Stephen Olenik 410 Clover Mill Road, Exton, PA 19341 Phone: (888) 629-4768 Fax: (610) 594-2116 [email protected] BELFOR USA is the world’s largest disaster restoration company and the premier provider of property recovery services in North America. With over 72 offices coast to coast and more than 3,200 full-time, experienced restoration specialists on staff, BELFOR USA can respond immediately with experienced manpower and specialized equipment to quickly stabilize your disaster scene. Whether it’s a fire, water, or storm loss, BELFOR USA is there when you need us. See our ad on page 57.


P. Cooper Roofing, Inc. 970 River Road, Croydon, PA 19021 Phone: (800) 945-2833 Fax: (215) 943-8977 Chuck Goss, President Mike Hoch, Executive VP [email protected] Steven Dicker, VP Bus. Dev. [email protected] Residential, and commercial installation, design and repair of all types of roofing systems. GAF modified rubber roofing systems and certified technicians. Specializing in slate repair and all types of shingle work. See our ad on page 22.

Seamless Gutters & Leaders GUTTER MASTER LLC Founded in 2001 14 Twin Oaks Court, Jackson, NJ 08527 Phone: (877) 833-8844 Fax: (732) 833-8008 [email protected]

Signs Bernard Sign Corporation Founded in 1938 Robert Jaffe, President 3325 Rorer Street, Philadelphia, PA 19134 Phone: (215) 425-1700 Fax: (215) 425-2980 Signs, banners, sales and rental ads. Full installation, service and maintenance service. See our ad on page 45.

Solid Waste Management Consulting

TrashPro Amber Day, CAS, Vice President/COO 3223 Route 38 - Suite 201, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 Phone: (856) 722-9797 [email protected]

TrashPro is your “one-stop shop” for all your trash and recycling needs whether it be multi-family, student living, military housing, new construction or renovations. We are the largest solid waste and recycling consulting company, specializing in multifamily housing across the country. TrashPro’s expertise and vendor relationships are what make us so successful in finding you savings. Trash is all we do… by handling your contracts, invoices and everyday needs, we take you and your team out of the trash industry. TrashPro strives to build a “win-win” relationship by maintaining complete transparency and keeping you in the driver’s seat. Losing money in trash, STINKS! See our ad on page 14.

Staffing & Recruitment

MSB Resources, LLC Brad Schwartz 1425 Candlebrook Road, Dresher, PA 19025 Phone: (215) 661-8834 Fax: (215) 661-8831 [email protected] Recruitment exclusively within property management, real estate, construction and development. Because property management is such a tight-knit community, it is difficult for employers and employees to make job changes. Our search process is always highly confidential. We have an extensive database of professionals seeking new employment and a vast network of industry contacts. See our ad on page 19.

Utility Management

American Utility Management (AUM) 333 E. Butterfield Rd., 3rd Floor Lombard, IL 60148 Phone: 800-418-5393 Since 1994, AUM has been the premier utility management and energy services partner to the multifamily housing industry. Our advanced Resident Billing, Invoice Processing, and Energy Management platforms combined with our team’s knowledge and expertise enable us to provide the industry’s most complete suite of in-house solutions to help clients lower their utility costs. We partner with our clients to develop customized solutions that meet the needs of their diverse portfolios and integrate seamlessly with their operation. We help them maximize cost recovery, reduce energy usage and expense, save time and resources, and get the tools they need to manage their utilities more effectively. Visit www.aum-inc. com to learn more.

At Gutter Master we specialize in the installation of seamless gutters and leaders for commercial and residential buildings. We have a variety of leaf shedding products that can be installed on new or existing gutters and we do power washing as well. Maintenance and annual gutter cleaning contracts are also available. References are proudly provided. Our workmanship and reputation are second to none! See our ad on page 69. The APTS | 84 | June 2018

Waste & Recycling

Window Manufacturers, Installers & Sales

Valet Living Khari Joseph Phone: (410) 718-1185 [email protected]

Since 1995, Valet Living has been the nation’s leading provider of five-nights-perweek doorstep trash and recycling collection. We currently service over 800,000 units and 450 management companies and owner groups nationwide. Additional services include Maintenance Plus, Valet Living Pet Waste Stations, Valet Living Campus, Waste Logistics and iValet software. Valet Living – the #1 retention tool in multifamily housing – offers the most requested resident amenities and services along with unparalleled and proven customer satisfaction. See our ad on page 7.

Waterproofing & Exterior Structural Repairs

Commercial Waterproofing Incorporated Karl N. DiPietro, President 604 Snyder Ave., Unit K, West Chester, PA 19382 Phone: (800) 355-1294 (610) 692-3171 Fax: PA (610) 692-3575

Specializing in exterior structural repair and waterproofing of commercial buildings. Offices in PA & MD, CWI services the northeastern U.S. most comfortably. CWI’s on-site personnel are sensitive to the demands of executing a difficult scope of work on occupied buildings. Courteous behavior, appropriate attire & daily job-site clean up are the norm. See our ad on page 73.

Water Restoration

Roto-Rooter Jim Nefferdorf, General Manager 6303 MacPherson Avenue, Levittown, PA 19057 Phone: (215) 943-7994 x22539 Fax: (215) 943-4304 Our trained professionals receive the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and perform water restoration services in compliance with standards for professional water damage restoration. Roto-Rooter’s vehicles are fully equipped with state-of-the art water extraction, drying and moisture testing equipment to handle water and sewer damage cleanup, cleaning and deodorizing, drying of contents and structure, and water leak repair. See our ad on page 20. SM

Web Marketing and Social Media

4 Walls/Respage Kim Poust, Account Executive PO Box 248, Narberth, PA 19072 Phone: (800) 390-1776 Fax: (215) 689-4166 [email protected] Since 2002, 4 Walls has been helping multifamily property managers and owners use the Internet to attract and retain residents. 4 Walls’ flagship site,, is an Internet listing service that markets apartment communities throughout the United States. Let us assist with your social media, Respage can help with creating your blog to managing your online reputation. Finally, if you need help creating designing or driving traffic to your own website, Respage Websites can help. See our ad on page 76.

Acadia Windows & Doors, Inc. 930 Todds Lane, Baltimore, MD 21237 P: (800) 638-6084 F: (410) 780-3917 President: Wink Mather Contact: Heather Kamasa (215) 499-9747 [email protected]

Founded in 1947

Commercially rated, premium vinyl replacement windows and doors, designed, manufactured and installed by Acadia exclusively for the multi-family industry. Acadia can satisfy your window and door needs in garden style, mid and high-rise housing. Acadia is also a major supporter of multi-family housing by their continued support of the industry associations, charity events, trade shows and other related functions. Acadia is “Multi Family Housing” at its finest. See our ads on pages 48-49.

Window Sales & Installations

American Architectural Windows & Doors Founded in 1980 John Zoetjes, President 156 Woodport Road, Suite 1A, Sparta, NJ 07871 Phone: (973) 726-4920 Fax: (973) 726-4921 For almost 25 years, American Architectural Window & Door has been the most trusted supplier and installer of high quality commercial and heavy commercial aluminum and vinyl window and door products to the multi-family housing industry. Working closely with the nation’s top manufacturers, we offer our clients a vast selection of product choices. Whether you are considering a Hi-Rise, Garden, Historical, Industrial or Institutional project, we have the products to fit your needs. Our proven in-house design & engineering team along with our award winning AAMA Certified and OSHA Trained installation experts will bring your project to a successful completion on time and within budget. American Architectural Window & Door continues to be major supporter of the Multi-Family Housing Industry through its support of industry initiatives, education, trade shows and charity events. COUNT ON US for your next project. See our ads on pages 2, 70-71 and 91.


PAA - East (AAGP) 1 Bala Plz, Suite 515 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 P: (610) 664-1800 F: (610) 664-4481 Exec Dir: Marlynn Orlando

JAHMA P. O. Box 43 Riverton, NJ 08077 P: (856) 786-9590 F: (856) 786-6265 AE: Monica Pauro

DAA 240 N. James St., #208 Newport, DE 19804 P: (302) 691-5141 F: (302) 691-5735 Exec Dir: Susan Whitehead

MMHA 11155 Dolfield Blvd, #200 Owings Mill, MD 21117 P: (410) 825-6868 F: (410) 825-2572 AE: Adam Skolnik

IREM Delaware Valley Chapter 3 P. O. Box 65 Riverton, NJ 08077 P: (856) 786-9260 F: (856) 786-3894 AE: Mary Grill

NAA 4300 Wilson Blvd, #400 Arlington, VA 22203 P: (703) 518-6141 F: (703) 248-9440 CEO: Bob Pinnegar

IREM NJ Chapter 1 P. O. Box 69 Riverton, NJ 08088 P: (856) 303-0190 F: (856) 303-1899 AE: Mary Grill

NJAA 104 Interchange Plz, #201 Monroe Twp, NJ 08831 P: (732) 992-0600 F: (609) 860-0060 Exec. Dir. and Exec. VP of Gov’t Affairs: David Brogan

IREM Southern NJ Chapter 101 P. O. Box 41 Riverton, NJ 08077 P: (856) 829-8939 F: (856) 786-3894 AE: Mary Grill

PennDel AHMA P. O. Box 44 Riverton, NJ 08077 P: (856) 786-2183 F: (856) 786-1264 AE: Monica Pauro

The APTS | 85 | June 2018

Jobs Wanted

The APTS Classifieds

To place an ad e-mail: [email protected] or call: (215) 938-7733 MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN


Very exp’d mechanic with emphasis on boilers and all HVAC units. Willing to relocate for the right position. Must have benefits and future potential for management position. Prefer South Jersey or shore areas. Call The APTS. M2480

Blackstone Development is seeking candidates for an Assistant Construction Manager position for a brand new site that is under construction in Northern Liberties. Candidates must be able to read drawings, handle quality control, understand construction codes and MAINTENANCE SUPER assist in cost estimation, purchasing, Former trade school instructor with submittal review and value engineermgmt experience looking to return ing. Must have an understanding of the submittal process, CPM schedto apt communities. Highly proficient in all phases of maintenance, uling, Microsoft project and CAD. Interested candidates should submit outstanding leader and HVAC their resume to Terri Burkett at certified. Prefer Montco but will [email protected] EOE consider other areas for the right company. Call The APTS M4802 MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN MAINTENANCE SUPER Very exp’d maint tech relocating 8 yrs exp in CC Phila hi-rise condo. to Delco, Wilmington area. HVAC Have overseen reconstruction and cert., own tools, will consider liveon position. Must have opportunity involved in all facets of operation. Seeking apt prop mgmt co, prefer- to advance. Please call the APTS for additional info. M2440 ably outside the city. HVAC certified and exc in all phases of maint. MAINTENANCE SUPER Must have exc starting salary and benefits pkg. Have car, tools and 3 years exp. as supervisor, 10 total will consider live-on position. Will years on site. Expert in maint and be available after June 1. Please able to lead staff. Must have benefits call The APTS for info and resume and opportunity to advance. Prefer immediately. M2488 prop under 200 units M4844


We are looking for a few individuals who are passionate about for creating places live! We are looking a few amazing individuals whoto are If you are creative, have an open mind, and love passionate about creating amazing places to live! making people happy, we’d like tomind, speakand withlove you! If We youare are creative, have anindividuals open looking for a few who are making people happy, we’damazing like to speak with live! you! passionate about creating places Management, Leasing & Maintenance in PA, to NJ & DE If you are creative, have an open mind, and love Management, Leasing Maintenance in PA, NJyou! & DE making people happy,&we’d like to speak with Management, Leasing Maintenance in including PA, NJ & DE Competitive salary,&benefits package 401K, major medical, dental, vision, tuition Competitive salary, benefits package including reimbursement, career apparel, and life insurance. 401K, major medical, dental, vision, tuition reimbursement, careerbenefits apparel, and life including insurance. Competitive Applysalary, confidentially bypackage submitting 401K, major medical, vision, resumedental, viabyemail to tuition Applyyour confidentially submitting reimbursement, career apparel, and life insurance. [email protected] your resume via email to [email protected] confidentially by submitting your resume via email to WWW.LIVEKORMAN.COM [email protected]


Korman Residential Suites & Apartments Korman Residential Suites & Apartments AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER WWW.LIVEKORMAN.COM AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER

Korman Residential Suites & Apartments



We are looking for a few individuals who are passionate about creating amazing places to live! If you are creative, have an open mind, and love making people happy, we’d like to speak with you!

Management, Leasing & Maintenance in PA, NJ & DE Competitive salary, benefits package including 401K, major medical, dental, vision, tuition reimbursement, career apparel, and life insurance. Apply confidentially by submitting your resume via email to [email protected]

WWW.LIVEKORMAN.COM Korman Residential Suites & Apartments

Eileen D’Aurizio Susan Paule Fax: 267-620-1430 or email: [email protected] [email protected]


The APTS | 86 | June 2018

Interested in building a career that is right forYou?

Lindy is recruiting experienced apartment professionals.

OUR EMPLOYEES ARE THE SECRET TO OUR SUCCESS Join the Lindy team, a four generation family company. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of apartment lifestyle. We understand the importance of resident satisfaction and great customer service starts with great employees. We build our team with talented, motivated people who love what they do and love creating an outstanding living environment for our residents.

Our Generous Benefits Package Includes:

Competitive Salaries; employer match 401k plan; Health Insurance; Life Insurance; Rental Discounts; Opportunities for Advancement; Continued Professional Education

Visit our website at

Please send your resume to [email protected]

And start building your future today!

We are proud to service our residents throughout Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey & Delaware If you are interested in joining one of our winning Maintenance and Leasing teams, please forward your resume to [email protected] or fax (215) 461-6004. We offer full benefits including medical, dental, vision, prescription coverages; wellness program, life and long-term disability insurance, 401(k) with company match, tuition reimbursement, employee assistance program. Altman is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to an ethical, diverse and fair workplace.

Visit for more information about our full-service property management company.


The APTS | 87 | June 2018


Love like a local. List like a local.

Doorsteps partners with local photographers to present our markets in ways only they could. From new perspectives on familiar landmarks to hidden gems a stock photo could never unearth, these photos help Doorsteps create a more authentic search experience for today’s renter.
















To learn more about Doorsteps, contact Shawn Sullivan [email protected] The APTS | 88 | June 2018


The APTS Magazine Honors Readers’ Choices for The Best of the Best at MVP Awards Presentation It’s no coincidence that MVP stands for both Management and Vendor Performance and also Most Valuable People. Life in the multifamily housing industry would slow to a halt without all of the fantastic individuals and companies who keep the wheels spinning on both sides of the fence. Each year, The APTS Magazine hosts its annual MVP Awards following the Invitational Golf Classic to recognize those who provide excellence each and every day. Honors were presented to vendors and management companies in both individual and company categories after the dinner banquet at PineCrest Country Club in Lansdale, PA. Winners were chosen by industry professionals

Best Overall Company (vendor): Acadia Windows & Doors

who selected from a list of finalists using an online poll. Serving as master of ceremonies for the presentation was Heather Kamasa from Acadia Windows & Doors, also the recipient of multiple MVP Awards including the Best Overall Company Award. Morgan Properties tied with Westover Companies for top honors in the Best Property Management Company category. In addition, individual achievement categories included Best Owner, Regional Manager, Property Manager, Sales Manager, Business Development and several more.

Best Property Management Company: Morgan Properties

Best Property Management Company: Westover Companies

Best Company Owners (tie): Jessica Scully and Dan Berger

Best Industry Involvement (tie): Steve Waters and Bill Nye

Best Place to Work: Sherwin-Williams

Best Apartment Community: Korman Residential at 3737 Chestnut

Best Sales/Business Development (tie): Julie Troendle and Tracey Slobotkin

Heather Kamasa of master sponsor Acadia Windows & Doors once again served as master of ceremonies

Best Regional Manager (tie): Jane Ashwood and Jody Pierson

Most Dependable Company (tie): Old City Renovators and Martin Greenbaum Company

The APTS | 89 | June 2018

The APTS Magazine MVP Awards

Best Sales Manager (tie): Heather Kamasa and Charlene Delia

Best Seminar Instructor (tie): Bill Nye, BRC and Robin Flagler, AION

Best Leasing Team: AION Management

Best Attitude: Wendy Schreiber, AFR and Harrison Stein, RestoreCore

Best Maintenance Team: Westover Companies

Best Athlete: Andrea Strauss, Central Wholesalers

Best Place to Work is Scully Company accepted by Jeremy Devlin and Jessica Scully

Integrity Award winners were Rob Jaffe of Bernard Sign Co, Wink Mather from Acadia Windows & Doors and Adam Wojnar of Old City Renovators

Never get another tenant complaint again! Find out how the Pincus Elevator Full Coverage System™ can help benefit you and your properties today! We work to help property managers develop a comprehensive and strategic maintenance plan to enhance the elevator service of their buildings, so their tenants can boast about their homes and offices! You will never have to worry when you need maintenance, repairs, modernization, state testing or violations corrected, because "The Pincus Team is There for You"!

P I N C U S E L E VAT O R . C O M 901 S. Bolmar - Suite Q

West Chester, PA 19382


The APTS | 90 | June 2018

[email protected]

The APTS Magazine MVP Awards

Best Website went to Morgan Properties, accepted by Brent Kohere

Most Innovative Company:

Best Delivery Service won by Best Regional Maintenance both HD Supply and Wilmar, and Supervisors to both Stan accepted by Jim Deputy and Szafranski of Morgan Properties Ralph Ciniglia, respectively and Andrew Schecter of Woodward Propeties

Best Team Spirit to Berger Rental Communities, accepted by Brian Miller

Best Customer Service: Western Pest Services and Central Wholesalers

Most Charitable Companies: Lindy Communities and Korman Residential Properties

Best Industry Involvement: Kristin Guinan of Northern Waterproofing and Debbie Durso from BetterNOI


EHRLICH,PETRIELLO, GUDIN & PLAZA A Professional Corporation

The law offices of Ehrlich, Petriello, Gudin & Plaza is a full service firm headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. We have represented owners, managers and developers for over 40 years in all aspects of real estate matters including: • Landlord/Tenant • Land Development • Tax Abatements & Appeals • Real Estate Litigation • Municipal Court Building/Housing Code Violations Representation • Partnership/Corporation/LLC Arrangements • Construction and Architect Contracts • Closings • Construction and Lien Claim Litigation • Tax Free Exchanges and Tax Planning • DCA Violation Representation The APTS | 91 | June 2018

We invite you to call Bruce E. Gudin, Esq. at 973-643-0040 Ext.104 to discuss your next matter. Visit our website at LAW OFFICES

EHRLICH,PETRIELLO, GUDIN & PLAZA A Professional Corporation

60 Park Place Suite 1016 Newark, NJ 07102 973-643-0040

555 Fifth Avenue 14 Floor New York, NY 10017 212-643-2503

The APTS Magazine MVP Awards

Best Industry Involvement: Robin Flagler of AION Management and Dan Berger from Berger Rental Communities

Best Sense of Humor: Melissa Freese Morgan Properties

Best Property Manager (tie): Hilary McNamara, Joanne Malcolm and Jean Whiteley

Hardest Working Individual Steve Dicker, P. Cooper Roofing

Best Dressed: Michael Bernstein, Martin Greenbaum Co and Andrew Goldberg, RestoreCore

Integrity Award winner Rob Jaffe from Bernard Sign joined by his wife Vivian

Best Industry Knowledge: Matt Pincus of Pincus Elevator and Ralph Ciniglia of Wilmar

Best Website: and Zillow







484-237-8686 The APTS | 92 | June 2018

The APTS Magazine MVP Awards

Best Athlete: Jenel Marraccini, Esq. Cohen, Willwerth & Marraccini

Most Charitable Company Acadia Windows & Doors and Multi Housing Depot by ARI

Best Industry Involvement: Multi Housing Depot and RestoreCore

Best Executive Staff Member: Lauren Marello of Morgan Properties (accepted by Melissa Freese) and Alison Wainwright of Berger Rental Communities

Humanitarian Award winners: Sandy Cipollone, Kevin Wolfgang and Mary French

Best Industry Knowledge: Robin Flagler, AION Management and Donna Colbert, The Klein Company

Best Corporate Office Staff: Scully Company

Best Dressed: Michelle Stuckey The Galman Group

The APTS | 93 | June 2018

The APTS Magazine MVP Awards

Best Sense of Humor: Brandon Kittlitz, Signal 88 of Newark and Baltimore

Best Dressed: Bernardo Coles, Community Realty Management

Jeff Katz celebrated his birthday and was showered with gifts from his registry at Bloomingdale’s

George Cowden from Multi Housing Depot has become a big fan of hip hop culture

The Michael A. Scully Sportsmanship Award recipient is Keith Barch from Central Wholesalers

The APTS Fantasy Football League Overall Points Champion: Kristin Guinan and Dave Guinan from Northern Waterproofing

The APTS Fantasy Baseball Champion: Chris Smith, Smith Insurance Associates

Connor Woodward receives “The Kev,” the championship trophy of The APTS Magazine Fantasy Football League

Connor Woodward and colleague Andrew Schecter, winner of Best Maintenance Supervisor

Kristin Guinan won the generous grand prize donated by Sherwin-Williams, a full set of golf clubs and bag

Birthday boys receiving their cakes at the evening banquet were Andrew Goldberg from RestoreCore and Jeff Katz of Central Wholesalers

March Madness Sweet 16 Champion: Tony Cintron, Morgan Properties

March Madness Group Champion: AION Management

Fantasy Football Conference Champions are: Penn Outdoor Services, ResultsRepeat, Ingerman, AION, Belfor and (not pictured) Sparkling Pool Services

The APTS | 94 | June 2018

YOUR NUMBER ONE SOURCE FOR PAINT IS ALSO YOUR NUMBER ONE SOURCE FOR FLOORING. Ask the company that does walls to do your floors. As the largest wholesale flooring resource in the nation, we offer an incredible selection of carpet, vinyl, tile and wood. But our most impressive product is our people, who provide expert advice, reliable installation and fast 24-hour turn to minimize vacancy times and maximize profits. So when you need flooring, ask Sherwin-Williams. Because we put 150 years of expertise in the multi-family market and more than 130 dedicated Floorcovering Centers right at your feet. Visit Sherwin Williams 919 4th Ave Lester, PA 610.362.1370 ©2016 The Sherwin-Williams Company

The APTS | 95 | June 2018

The TheAPTS APTSMagazine Magazine


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