Safety Guidelines for Strength Training

Pre-exercise health screening should be undertaken prior to strength training ... Supervisory Ratio. An optimal trainer to client supervisory ratio wi...

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Safety Guidelines for Strength Training
REPS Council has developed the following safety guidelines for strength training. These guidelines apply to the adult population. They do not apply to children ...

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Safety Guidelines for Strength Training Fitness Australia Exercise Guidelines

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in the use

b) Accommodate other participant space requirements

of various strength training methods and activities across

c) Allow for correct use of specific equipment

the fitness industry in Australia. The increased popularity of activities such as Kettlebells training, Olympic lifting and high

d) Provide adequate space and protection to avoid potential accidents or falls

intensity/high weight combination programming as well as the use of a variety of activity-specific equipment has created a level of uncertainty regarding the application, safety and

e) Provide safe indoor flooring or safe ground in an outdoor setting

suitability of such activities.

Equipment Selection

To address these concerns and with the aim of enhancing

Equipment selection must be suited to the exercise and

safe and effective practice, Fitness Australia through the

movement capacity of the individual as determined by the

REPS Council has developed the following safety guidelines

movement screen, client/program objectives and the exercise

for strength training. These guidelines apply to the adult

environment. As the capacity of the client increases, the

population. They do not apply to children and/or adolescents

equipment selection can be modified to facilitate greater

under the age of 16 years.

stabilisation and dynamic movement, hence educating the client to move in a more ‘life-like’ / functional manner.

Health Screening Pre-exercise health screening should be undertaken prior

Supervisory Ratio

to strength training in order to:

An optimal trainer to client supervisory ratio will depend upon

1. Ensure safety for the participant through risk stratification

a number of program variables including the client movement and health status, the complexity of programmed movement,

2. Enable better health outcomes for the participant

the client training age, the delivery setting and the stage of the

3. Educate the participant

program. If complex program and client variables are present,

4. Facilitate the relationship between the exercise professional

a higher trainer to client supervisory ratio will be required.

and health professionals


Movement Screening

Programming parameters such as frequency, intensity, volume,

The role of Movement Screening is to ensure that it is safe

exercise selection and sequencing should be progressed in

for the potential participant to participate in the programmed

accordance with the individual client’s capacity, health status

exercise regime, as related to musculoskeletal health. Movement

and training age. This will ensure graduated progression in

screening will identify how a client can move. The process also

overall load (with adequate recovery periods), complexity

facilitates and enhances relationship building between the

of movements and strength capacity.

exercise professional and appropriate allied health professionals

Technical demand should be gradually progressed from a base

and helps to define and delineate relevant professional tasks.

of functional movement patterns (eg: bodyweight squat). If and

To perform movement screening as a part of their service,

where necessary, these functional movement patterns may need

registered exercise professionals are to be qualified at a

to be regressed to limited skill isolated movement (eg: a machine

minimum of Certificate IV (Fitness) and should have completed

based exercise) to cater to various individual requirements. The

a Fitness Australia approved program in movement screening.

movement may, where appropriate, be progressed to integrated high skill movement (eg: compound free weight exercises).

Setting & Space Requirements

Exercise sequencing should be applied for clients who undertake

Space allocation must:

ballistic movement and be dependent on a client’s training

a) Accommodate the range of movement required for prescribed exercises

Acknowledgement: Fitness Australia would like to thank members of the REPS Council and expert reference group for their contribution to the development of these guidelines. Release Date: September 2010

age/capacity and movement screening outcome.

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