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TG Video Series
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TG Video Series
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Kent Miller, Therapist/Speaker We totally understand that this could be the most awkward topic of the series. Our prayer is that your conversations about this topic are filled with honor and honesty, that it would be a time free of shame. We are also praying that this video would be a springboard to further honest conversations about how we tackle this subject while walking with God. Kent Miller is a pro at these conversations. He shows up every summer to meet and talk with the young men in the program and helps the guys walk well through this tender subject of porn and masturbation. Know that we are praying for you and your groups as you talk about this topic. Follow Up Questions:

How do you feel like you match up to the four “E’s”?

What is your story/experience with porn?

Do feel hopeful or discouraged by how you presently wrestle with porn?

How do you feel like it impacts your life and walk with God? Do you have a plan to help you walk through this?

More of KENT’s Resources @traininggroundcolorado


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