The Salvation Army

Levittown, Pa 19055. Any questions please call (215)-945-0717 ext 21 or email at [email protected] or. [email protected]

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the salvation army
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The Salvation Army
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the salvation army
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The Salvation Army YYO OU UTTH H SSO OCCC CEER R Boys and Girls Ages (4 to 8) **Games/practices only held on SATURDAYS at The Salvation Army** *Practices/Games begin on Sat. October 6th- November 10th *Instructional Youth Leagues: *Cost $50 (Team Shirts, Equipment and Awards)

**Registration due by September 21st** Please return all slips to 215 Appletree Drive Levittown, Pa 19055 Any questions please call (215)-945-0717 ext 21 or email at [email protected] or [email protected] For Community Center Director Royce Jacobs **We are limited to 100 children** (first come first served) ___________________________________________________________ (Please complete one form for each child.) Child’s Name: Address: Phone: Age:

Email Address: (Please clearly print)

Parent or guardian:

Please circle a shirt size for child (Shirts run small): [Youth Small 6-8] [Youth Medium 10-12] [Youth Large 14-16] [Adult_______] Check here only if interested in being a Coach.

Coach’s Name

Coaches Shirt Size Photo Release

With respect to photographs taken during my child attendance at The Salvation Army Youth Sports Leagues, I relinquish all legal rights for payment or redress in their use in public or private circulation. Signed:

Date: Please check out our website and Facebook Page

***One week prior to start of the program emails will be sent out notifying you of your child’s team color and other detailed information.***

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