utah tennis associaton 2017 year-in-review

The goal for 2018 is to continue the success of the last couple of years and to find new ways to make all our programs .... Elle Martin ...... 2002 Ci...

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Table of Contents


Board and Staff


President’s Report


Executive Director’s Report


Player Development/Junior Programs


Junior Gran Prix and Sportsmanship


Adult League Program and NTRP Winners


High School Tennis


Working Committee Reports


Community Outreach


Community Tennis Associations


Utah Tennis Foundation


2017 Annual Awards


Affiliated Organizations


Sponsors and Supporters


Treasurer’s Report


Our History—Past Award Recipients and Past Presidents




Independent Contractor/Outside Services Davies Allen Accounting

Utah Tennis Association 2469 E. Fort Union Blvd. Suite 104 Salt Lake City, UT 84121 (801) 944-USTA (8782) (801) 944-8810 FAX www.utahtennis.com Email— [email protected]


PRESIDENT’S REPORT Utah Tennis enjoyed another successful year in 2017. The Intermountain section is leading the nation in many metrics used by the USTA National board to measure success. This includes but is not limited to league participation, junior participation, and diversity programming. Furthermore, within the Intermountain section, Utah is the leading division in a number of these categories.

This success is due in large part to the tireless effort of our Executive Director, Laurie Lambert and her staff. In the many years that I have been teaching in Utah, this is the most energetic and enthusiastic staff ever working at Utah Tennis Association. They are constantly trying new things and do not know the concept of a 40-hour work week.

Luckily, we also have tennis enthusiasts willing to serve on the UTA Board and various committees who have a genuine interest in making tennis in Utah successful. Thank you for all your time and commitment. Without you, the success of the Adult Programs, Junior Competition, Wheelchair, Grievance, and Community Outreach Committees would not be possible. Utah Tennis is always looking for volunteers to be actively involved in the continued success of its programs.

2018 will bring in Net Generation and a new national program for all 10 and under tournament players. The goal for 2018 is to continue the success of the last couple of years and to find new ways to make all our programs stronger.

Brad Ferreira


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT 2017 was an extraordinary year for outreach and growth of tennis in our state of Utah. With a staff that is bursting with energy and fresh ideas of how to bring new people into the game, the Utah Tennis Association worked hard to make sure everyone in the state can enjoy the sport of a lifetime. Ally Sundberg oversaw the unbelievably complex world of scheduling 13 leagues for tennis players in our state. Salt Lake City took 7th in the entire country for increase in league registrations for the year 2017. We had an increase of 1015 registrations as compared to 2016. In addition, 2017 saw the greatest number of Unique player (player counts only once per year) registrations in the past 10 years. By offering free league registration to all players age 25 and younger, and also free league registration to first time league players in Utah, over 120 players were brought to the courts. 2017 also brought new league competition to the players in St. George for the first time in many years. Ally’s ability to stay extraordinarily organized amidst the very difficult task of finding courts for the thousands of league matches per year cannot be matched. Her working relationships with the captains, listening to them about ways to continually improve league is helping grow this program every day. Gretchen Soffe, our new Outreach Coordinator, is constantly brainstorming new ways to connect people to each other and bring them onto the court for great fun. She organized the UTA’s first 39 & Under League during the summer, a new 65 & Over league, and brought together people to form upwards of 20 new teams of players through her ability to meet and connect with people in the community. Gretchen is also chair of the new Outreach Committee – a group of people who mentor new players, support community tennis events, and generally are what we call our “Ambassadors of Fun”! Gretchen has been working tirelessly to try and bring more competitive tennis opportunities to the players in our northern part of the state. She and Garrett Snyder, our TSR, have met multiple times with interested groups to try and make sure that everyone has the opportunity to compete in tennis events in Utah. One of Gretchen’s biggest successes this year was the Millenial Match Play program. This social league, focusing on players under the age of 40, flourished in its inaugural fall season with many new players getting back out onto the courts. Robin Wise has the amazing ability to stay calm in the face of HUGE events that she runs. As Director of the Winter Masters, the Ice Breaker, the Utah State Open, Zonals, the Labor Day Masters, the EDC, CTC, Team Utah and the Regional Training Center Program that came to Utah for the first time in 2017, Robin barely comes up for air between her events. Her daily emails and voice mails from players and parents leading up to these tournaments are staggering. Tournaments are a labor of love for Robin and the UTA. It is so important to Robin that players have the opportunity to join tournaments in their home state, and she works fiercely to make sure that the Sectional and National events are awarded to Utah each year. Ashley Agrelius joined our staff early in the year, and brings a Southern charm to our staff that makes us all burst out laughing. If you haven’t been reading our facebook page, you have missed out on the hilarious posts that Ashley puts up nearly every day. Ashley had a huge learning curve to undertake the oversight of the earned advancement program for 10s that the UTA runs, along with setting Utah Tennis up for the new Youth Progression program for 10 & Unders that the National USTA launched in our section January 1 of 2018. Ashley also oversees the standings and rankings for adults and juniors, along with all of our website and Constant Contact work. Ashley is constantly looking at ways we can be more efficient, more clean in our presentation, and more visible to everyone in the community. She has been a joy to add to our staff.


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT Garrett Snyder, formerly a Board member, took on the position of Tennis Service Representative for Utah after Jaxon Montague moved back to his home state of Idaho. Garrett’s many years of experience working in the Parks and Recreation business in Utah has provided unbelievable opportunities for outreach of tennis into these organizations. The new Net Generation youth brand, launched by the National USTA at the US Open, is providing an incredible pathway for programs and community champions to let people know about their programming. By connecting and partnering schools with parks and rec programs, Garrett can make sure that juniors can keep tennis in their lives every month of the year. Garrett ran the Girls High School camp, the SuperLeague program, and became a father the last week of the year – he was VERY busy in his first year working as the Utah TSR!

Teresa Knudsen, our office manager, takes the best care of all of us as we “go under” planning for some of our events. Teresa is always thinking of others and how she can help reduce our stress and workload. At the same time, Teresa created a great new program to get more young players out onto the court. Her singles socials for players in various LDS singles wards brought out hundreds of players. Teresa is so encouraging to these “kids” – some of which have played in their past, but many of which are new to the sport. She mentors the players from the singles socials into more organized league play, and is helping make sure that tennis is in the minds of young people in our community. As Executive Director, my focus continues to be on Outreach to underserved communities and diversity and inclusion. The UTA participated in hosting a booth at the PRIDE Festival and having a float in the parade this past June. The PRIDE festival was certainly the highlight of my year professionally. By playing with at least a thousand people as they came by our booth, we were able to show so many people that “There’s a Place in Tennis for Everyone”. In addition to the PRIDE event, much of my time was spent growing our adaptive tennis program – for youth with hearing impairments, continuing to support the wheelchair tennis program by travelling to St. George, Utah and Missoula, Montana to help these cities start wheelchair programs of their own, and rural outreach. In addition, my work with rural towns continues to bring me joy and hopefully expose youth and adults in towns with no indoor courts the ability to play our great sport. Our summer programs with the Glendale Tennis Club (formerly the Tongan Tennis Club) and the Guadalupe Elementary School were great programs where the UTA and Foundation were able to teach tennis twice a week to over 100 youth for free. I also love my work with the Tennis & Tutoring program – now at 3 sites, and the Of Love Foundation – a massive tournament and event that raises money for Juvenile Diabetes Research and the Utah Tennis Foundation. So much joy for me this year came from watching the staff constantly approach me with their new ideas of how to bring more people to our sport. The staff is absolutely amazing. I continue to rely on the years of experience in our community that our Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, Tennis Directors and the public input bring to our association. Every person associated with tennis in Utah comes to our programs with the spirit of giving back to the sport that they love and the sport that has brought them joy. I can’t imagine my life without tennis, and am honored every day to be the Executive Director of this incredible organization. Thank you for all your support and hope to see you out on the courts! Laurie Lambert


PLAYER DEVELOPMENT/JUNIOR PROGRAMS Player Development / Junior Programs cover all aspects of junior development and competition. This includes supplemental development programs and individual tournament competition at District, Sectional and National levels. The Utah Tennis Junior Competition and Player Development Committee provide many of the volunteers who help the Utah District Coordinator, Robin Wise, and make suggestions and recommendations for our juniors and Player Development. They, along with staff member Robin Wise, also coordinated the 2017 Junior Gran Prix Point Challenge, sponsored by Utah Tennis and HEAD / Penn Racquet Sports. The Gran Prix remains a very popular incentive program for the junior tournament players. Player Development /Junior programs offer additional training opportunities for juniors. The Utah District Competition Training Center and Team Utah come under the Junior Competition and Player Development Committee’s jurisdiction. These supplemental programs are designed to enhance these exceptional players’ tennis performance in conjunction with independent training. The selection process for the juniors is based on rankings, interest, tournament participation, dedication and sportsmanship. The Team Utah and CTC programs for the 2017/2018 season focused on helping our top juniors reach their full potential and giving them the opportunity to receive both on and off court training to help them get to the next level. The Junior Competition and Player Development Committee and Junior Competition and Player Development Coordinator Robin Wise work closely with the coaches and parents to help educate them on the competitive opportunities for our juniors, as well as providing information to those who have the desire to progress in junior competition in the District, within the Section and Nationally to help prepare them for college play. A portion of the cost of the program was reduced due to the success of the 24th Annual Jan Dowse Junior Tennis Fundraiser. A portion of the dollars raised by the Utah Tennis Foundation were earmarked for junior tennis and were used to help directly benefit those juniors who participated in the program by providing reduced program fees. Robin Wise


PLAYER DEVELOPMENT/JUNIOR PROGRAMS EARLY DEVELOPMENT CAMPS (EDC) Initiated in 2016, this program is for juniors age 7-9 who meet three times a year at the University of Utah Eccles Tennis Center. At the camps, the players received fundamental training and coaching that focused on general areas of skill development in the sport. We also held parent educational seminars at each of the camps. Brad Ferreira is the Head Coach and was assisted by Lindsay Rawstorne, Roeland Brateanu, DeeDee Nelson, Holly Hasler, Romina Conver and Mike White. Andi Armstrong Davis Aubrey Drew Bergeson JT Buxton Anthony Cooksey Phoebe Dallimore Stockton Dyer Anna Frey Sam Govina Sonia Govina Corbin Grant Molly Jarvie

Stephen Morgan Henry Owen Emma Peterson Liam Reddy Arin Soneji Kaia Sperry Lily Stohl Michael Tullis Matt White Sara White Kimball Wolfgramm

BOYS AND GIRLS 16 ZONE TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS The Utah Tennis Association has hosted this tournament for the past 21 years. Tournament Director Robin Wise, Utah Tennis staff and volunteers worked very hard to make it a successful and fun event for everyone. One hundred forty-four junior players, parents and coaches representing five different Sections participated in the July 27-31 event in Salt Lake City. Matches took place at the Eccles Tennis Center on the University of Utah campus and at Liberty Park Tennis Center. The Intermountain, Hawaii Pacific, Northern California, Southern California and Southwest Sections participated. Each team consisted of 6 boys and 6 girls who competed in a non-elimination singles and doubles, round robin team format. The team format allows coaching during the matches. Intermountain coaches included DeeDee Nelson and York Strother, both of Utah, and Anthony Weber from Colorado. A special thanks to Brad Ferreira, Tennis Director and Head Men’s Coach at Weber State University, who conducted a special session for players, parents and coaches. Many thanks to all of the volunteers and facility staff who helped with the tournament. This tournament was presented in partnership with the Utah Sports Commission.


PLAYER DEVELOPMENT/JUNIOR PROGRAMS 2017-2018 Competitive Training Center (CTC)

Coaches: Bob Juhasz (Head), Drew Sweet, Evi Vandecasteele, Dantley Young, Corbin Benson, Matt Sweet Calvin Armstrong Shannon Anderson Drew Bergeson Sage Bergeson Brayden Blodgett Alexandra Burnett

Jane Dorny Jake Fankhauser Anna Frey Charlie Frey Jaiden Handlon Cameron Hendrix

Fiona Jackson Dawson Jenkins Savannah Johnson Dylan Lolofie Tarun Martheswaran Elle Martin

Marinn Patch Riya Soneji Kaia Sperry Samuel Stewart Lalith Suresh Lucy Wallin

2017-2018 Team Utah

Coaches: Lindsay Rawstorne (Head), Brad Ferreira,Clark Barton, Mike Trabert, Mike White Annaliese County Elly Lloyd Emmie Moore Redd Owen

Connor Robb-Wilcox Gabby Rockwood Olivia Rockwood

Isaac Smith Leif Thulin Bitsy Tullis

Sara Tullis Luke Vandecasteele Quinn Vandecasteele


JUNIOR GRAN PRIX AND SPORTSMANSHIP The Gran Prix Points Challenge is designed to encourage tournament participation for Utah juniors. Players accumulate points throughout the tournament season by participating in USTA Utah sanctioned junior tournaments. Points are awarded for participation and for winning in both Open and Challenger level divisions. Individuals with the highest point totals in each age division, Singles and Doubles, Boys and Girls are recognized at the end of the tournament season. 2017 GRAN PRIX WINNERS GIRLS SINGLES Lisa King-10 Sara White-12 Shannon Anderson-14 Rachel Brown-16 Joslin Seaberg-18

BOYS SINGLES Henry Owen-10 Ford Owen-12 Joshua Peterson-14 Jeremy Larson-16 Joshua Sodorff-18

GIRLS DOUBLES Kaia Sperry-10 Kylee Sperry-12 Sage Bergeson-14 Alysha Damron-16 Megan Vehar-18

BOYS DOUBLES Preston Jenkins-10 Jaden Wittwer-12 Hardy Owen-14 Jeremy Larson-16 Jonathan Fairbanks-18

2017 JUNIOR TOURNAMENT PLAYERS OF THE YEAR Drew Bergeson and Alysha Damron

2017 HILARY DOYLE SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD RECIPIENT Steffen Rigby At the conclusion of each Sanctioned Junior Tournament, the tournament director will select one or more juniors who exemplified good sportsmanship during the tournament. The sportsmanship winner from each tournament during the season is considered as a nominee for this annual award. The junior player receiving the most nominations is selected to receive the Hilary Doyle Award.


ADULT LEAGUE Utah enjoyed a boom in the overall Adult League participation. New adult leagues and outreach programs brought in players new to league. Below represents the change in player participation per league program. This year a 40&Over Wild Card Qualifier Tournament was offered in addition to 18&Over WCQ.




Winter League

Hillside Tire & Service, 1 Singles Mike Doolin and Steve Brand 4 Doubles

Team/Player Percentage Count Change in Participants from 2016 77/1074

-4% / -1%

3 Doubles


0% / -3%

2 Singles 3 Doubles


+4% / +8%

USTA 40 & Over Mixed Doubles

3 Doubles


+44% / +69%

USTA 40 & Over

2 Singles 3 Doubles


+8% / +9%

2.5 Women Summer

1 Singles 2 Doubles



USTA 55 & Over

3 Doubles


-5% / -3%

USTA 65 & Over

3 Doubles



ITA Fall Mixed Doubles

3 Doubles


+25% / +40%

Fall Outdoor

3 Doubles


+53% / +60%

Fall Indoor

3 Doubles


+8% / +11%

World Team Tennis

Singles & Doubles, mixed

22 teams


Wild Card Qualifier IM Grating, Tournaments Brent & Vicki Cox 18&Over and 40&Over

2 Singles 3 Doubles

USTA 18 & Over Mixed Doubles USTA 18 & Over

Wollam Construction Guy and Lana Wollam



18 & Over 2.5 Women Ivory Ridge—Boren

18 & Over 3.0 Women Ivory Ridge— Willardson/Enloe

55 & Over 9.0 Women Liberty Park—Rawlings

55 & Over 7.0 Women Coach Mike’s—Stoddard/Larkin

18 & Over 3.5 Men: VASA—Fowkes 40 & Over 3.5 Men: VASA—Fowkes

18 & Over Mixed Doubles 8.0 Sports Mall—Jones/Johnson

18 & Over Mixed Doubles 9.0 Sports Mall—Jones/Johnson


ADULT NTRP WINNERS The following list represents the players with the most tournament points for 2017 per adult division. MEN



Jeffrey Uzcategui


Taylor Gilbert


Michael Olson


Shoeleh Assemi


Jarrod Morrill


Amy Droubay


Claudio Torres


Kecia Gwilliam


Jason Kelly


Megan Call


Phillip Eilers


Callie Craig


David Osborn/ Johathan Tinker


Trista Willardson /Sharlene Enloe


Steven Marshall /Sergio Farfan


Leah Schlangen /Hayley Shaffer


Dylan Shorter / Hudson Shorter


Allison Rideout /Pamela Roberts


Tim Stevenson /Andrew Stewart


Pauline Armstrong /Paige Mitchell


Jason Weir-Smith /Matt Cowley

W 50 S

Jill Russell

M 50 S

Dave Richey

W 60 S

Linda Alder

M 55 S

Roger Russell

W 70 S

Sylvia Williams

M 60 S

Tim Fosdick

W 80 S

Lois Lowe

M 65 S

Stephen Gubler

W 50 D

Tori McLanahan / Jodi Wagner

M 70 S

Richard Eyre

W 55 D

Donna Perry / Debbie Felsted

M 75 S

Douglas Wixom

W 60 D

Pam Richards / Debbie Hutton

M 80 S

W Somerville

M 85 S

Michael Stephens


M 50 D

Myles McKell / Matt McKell


Kristi Mecham /Ryan Farr

M 55 D

David Smith / Roger Russell


Marci Seegmiller Chris Seegmiller

M 65 D

William Riley / Craig Burkinshaw


Sam Lee / Amy Johnson

M 70 D

Richard Eyre / Thomas Smith

MX Open D

Calvin Bennett / Paige Miles

M 80 D

Ron Bachman / W Somerville

Comb MX 6.0

Viswa Colluru / Shannon Torstrom

Comb MX 7.0

Kenny Johnson / Katri Koehle

Comb MX 7.5

Steve Kinslow / Angelina Tsu

Comb MX 8.0

Phillip Martinez / Michelle King

Comb MX 9.0

Ryan Miller / Paige Mitchell

MX 50

Jill Russell / Roger Russell

MX 55

John Mettenet / Margie Mettenet

MX 60

Ronald Tanner / Debbie Felsted

MX 75

Lois Moritz / Roger Moritz

Matt Cowley & Jason Weir-Smith Men’s Open Doubles


HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS KATHY ROTHFELS & LUCEEN SULLIVAN AWARD Presented to an Outstanding Girls’ High School Tennis Team in the State of Utah. Named after Kathy Rothfels and Luceen Sullivan who together in 1969 were instrumental in organizing and running the first Girls High School Tennis Tournament in the State of Utah. This award recognizes achievement in high school tennis but is not determined solely on win/loss record.

2017 Girls High School Team—Lone Peak High School RUBY HAMMEL AWARD Presented to an Outstanding Female High School Tennis Player in the State of Utah (nominations & selection from fall 2017 season). Named after Ruby Hammel, who has been a tennis advocate for junior tennis for over 50 years and has taught and introduced hundreds of young girls to the sport of tennis. Through her guidance, inspiration and direction many of these young girls have gone on to play and compete on a High School Tennis Team. This award recognizes a female athlete for her achievements in high school tennis and also recognizes the individual for their overall performance, team spirit, sportsmanship and attitude both on and off the court.

2017 Female High School Players of the Year —Addison Sepulveda and Raili Jenkins WILBUR BRAITHWAITE AWARD Presented to an Outstanding Boys’ High School Tennis Team in the State of Utah (nominations & selection from spring 2017 season). Named after Wilbur Braithwaite, who coached High School Tennis at Manti High School for 53 years with over 11 State High School Championship Titles. This award recognizes achievement in high school tennis but is not determined solely on win/loss record.

2017 Boys High School Team—Skyline High School LEE HAMMEL AWARD Presented to an Outstanding Male High School Tennis Player in the State of Utah. Named after Lee Hammel, who coached High School Tennis in Utah at South and East High School for 40 years with over 5 State High School Championship Titles. This award recognizes a male athlete for his achievements in high school tennis and also recognizes the individual for their overall performance, team spirit, sportsmanship and attitude both on and off the court.

2017 Boys High School Player of the Year—Steffen Rigby 2017 UTAH TENNIS ASSOCIATION YEAR IN REVIEW 14

WORKING COMMITTEES REPORTS UTAH WHEELCHAIR TENNIS COMMITTEE—Marianne Page, Chair 2017 was a productive year for the Utah Wheelchair Tennis Committee. We started off by hosting the sixth annual All Comers Wheelchair Tennis Camp bringing in National Wheelchair Tennis coaches Jason Harnett and Jason Allen to conduct the clinic along with David Wagner and Utah coaches Michael O’Keefe, Lindsay Rawstorne and Rick Draney. Participants from across the country came to play including players from New York, Atlanta, Colorado, Idaho and Texas as well as several local players. Numerous opportunities of play were offered throughout the year for players of all levels. The outdoor season was held at Coach Mike’s Liberty Park offering separate weekly adult and junior programs. The adult program continued through the winter at the Sports Mall and a new 6 week winter program was offered for juniors at the tennis courts at Lagoon. We were excited to gain one new adult participant who was given a private lesson in order to introduce her to wheelchair tennis for the first time. Monthly clinics were offered by both PC MARC and Ivory Ridge with an additional weekly workout being held at Park City. Both facilities and their pros continue to be strong supporters of wheelchair tennis and we appreciate their continued partnership. The partnership with the Salt Lake City School District was also renewed and tennis was taught during the adaptive PE classes at West High School. This year we also provided several training and outreach opportunities to different groups and organizations. A training was given on how to teach wheelchair tennis to a group from Thailand who work with people with disabilities in their country. Laurie, Dean and Rick traveled to Missoula, Montana to conduct a wheelchair tennis clinic providing training to local pros, volunteers and several participants with disabilities. A training was also provided in St. George to pros educating them on wheelchair tennis. It was well received and they have written a grant to Utah Tennis asking for more help and equipment to start a wheelchair tennis program there. We also set up wheelchair tennis at the annual spina bifida picnic in order to let kids try it out and hopefully gain some new interest. At the close of the year we formed a team of both able-bodied and wheelchair players in order to compete in the World Team Tennis League. This has been a great way to provide education and exposure to the able-bodied community. As we move into 2018, the Utah Wheelchair Tennis Program will continue to strengthen its bonds with the community and strive to promote the sport of tennis. Committee Chair, Marianne Page, along with committee members Dean Oba, Rick Draney and Trish Oba spend countless hours planning and implementing ideas to help grow the sport of wheelchair tennis. We appreciate everyone’s support of this great program. Utah Wheelchair Tennis Committee Members: Rick Draney, Dean and Trish Oba and Staff Member Laurie Lambert 2017 UTAH TENNIS ASSOCIATION YEAR IN REVIEW 15

WORKING COMMITTEES REPORTS UTA GRIEVANCE, RULES, REGULATIONS and BYLAWS COMMITTEE Kathy Cameron, Chair 2017 saw a complete re-write of the UTA League Regulations, the purpose being, to clarify the Regulations with more detail hoping to avoid misinterpretation and in turn grievances. This will be an ongoing project during 2018 as we identify areas needing further clarification. The Tournament Grievance Process will be created during 2018. The committee’s primary responsibility continues to be resolving grievances and complaints filed by members in connection with sanctioned tournaments, leagues and programs sponsored by the Utah Tennis Association. It is the responsibility of the Grievance Committee to balance the interests of the person who is the subject of the grievance, his or her teammates, and very importantly, other players who may be impacted by the complaint or incident. It is critical that, at the time of the incident, complaints be directed to local umpires, the local league coordinator, or the tournament desk for immediate handling. Parents are advised to restrain themselves in connection with their children’s matches and to utilize appropriate remedies. All players and spectators are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct, the Rules of Tennis, the UTA Spectator Policy, and demonstrate good sportsmanship, so that everyone can have a fun and enjoyable experience on and off the court.

2017 Grievance Committee Members: Terry Miya, Steve Robbins, Jason Grant, Marilyn Patch, Kristen Siddoway, Brandon Owen and Cheryl Jameson

OUTREACH COMMITTEE In September 2017, the Outreach Committee was formed and met for the first time. 13 people, comprised of outstanding members of the Utah Tennis Community, make up the committee. This committee assists with new player assimilation, community events and the promotion of a positive experience for all league players. Mission Statement: The Utah Tennis Outreach Committee is a group dedicated to the support of new league players as well as improving the experiences of existing league players. We seek to connect people of all abilities and backgrounds as we work to increase participation and foster values of fair play and mutual respect. Outreach Committee Members: Scott Hinton, Lauren Bryce, Steve Kinslow, Jasmine Pourpak, Lindsay Lafeen, Angelina Tsu, Darren Nelson, Tracy Robbins, Myles McKell, KC Agrelius, Katri Koehle, Kristi Roggensack and Staff Member Gretchen Soffe 2017 UTAH TENNIS ASSOCIATION YEAR IN REVIEW 16

WORKING COMMITTEES AUDIT COMMITTEE - Terry Miya, Chair The Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing the financials of the association and compliance reporting process and the operation of the policies on conflicts of interest and the Governing Board Association’s staff communications. Audit Committee Members: Ric Hammond, Marce Miles and Staff Member Laurie Lambert JUNIOR COMPETITION AND PLAYER DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE - Brandon Owen, Chair The Junior Competition and Player Development Committee spent much of 2017 preparing for the new Youth Progression program that began January 2018. This new program is designed to create an enhanced experience for children starting to play junior tennis tournaments. The goal is to ensure young players, age 7-10 years old, are competing at appropriate levels as they progress through competitive states based on age, participation and achievement. The system tracks the progress of junior players as they advance from Orange to Green and then Yellow ball competition. The new system will serve as a guide for coaches, parents and players to help players compete in events using appropriate court size and ball for their skill level. Players will receive stars for each qualified junior tournament in which they participate. Parents and players may track their progress online through their USTA/TennisLink account. Junior Competition and Player Development Committee Members: Lindsay Rawstorne, Tiffin Tullis, Matt Stohl, Holly Hasler, Lesley Rockwood, Brian Moore, Tony Wallin, Tanner Frey, Brad Ferreira and Staff Member Robin Wise

ADULT PROGRAMS COMMITTEE— Janice Smith, Chair The Adult Programs Committee is responsible for the development and administration of leagues and tournaments. Utah Tennis Association provides USTA Leagues under the governance of the USTA and other leagues. Leagues are designed to provide the opportunity for year-round competitive tennis in a team format. Leagues are available for various adult men and women groups (18 & Over, 39 & Under, 40 & Over, 55 & Over, 65 & Over, Mixed Doubles and World Team Tennis). Skill levels range from 2.5 to 5.0 NTRP, as well as combined NTRP 6.0 - 10.0+. Overall league participation increased 33% to a total of 8,927 players. The committee supported the 18 & Over Wild Card Qualifier and for the first time this year, the 40 & Over Tournaments, which was run by staff members Gretchen Soffe and Ashley Agrelius. Winning teams of the WCQ tournaments earned a spot to compete in the District Championships. New this year was the 39&Under League which ran during the same time as the 40&Over League. This pilot program was a success and will become a part of our regular leagues offered beginning 2018. Adult Programs Committee Members: Terry Miya, Scott Ingham, Katy Higgins, Katy Alder, Jake Johnson, Bre Debry, Janine Piper, Darren Nelson 2017 UTAH TENNIS ASSOCIATION YEAR IN REVIEW 17

COMMUNITY OUTREACH = GROWTH UTAH TENNIS OUTREACH PROGRAM In March of 2017, the Utah Tennis Association Outreach Coordinator position was created with the intent to increase adult league participation and promote the sport. The Outreach Coordinator works closely with the Adult League Coordinator to ensure that 1) Individuals who express interest in becoming involved in the Utah Tennis Community are contacted and placed in an appropriate program, 2) League teams that require additional players are assisted and 3) League participants are offered a superior product along with a positive experience. In 2017, several new programs were tested:     

24 Hour Adult Tournament Challenge USTA 65 and Over League UTA 39 and Under League UTA 2.5 Women’s Summer League Millennial Match Play

24 Hour Adult Tournament Challenge was designed to attract the player who is lacking time to participate in a traditional week-long tournament format. These tournaments run Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. USTA 65 and Over League 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 Women’s teams were formed along with four 8.0 men’s teams. One team from each division represented Utah at the Sectionals Tournament in Eagle, Idaho October 13-15, 2017. UTA 39 and Under League Designed to accommodate an underserved population, this league played at Olympus Hills Park and offered two combined divisions: 7.0 and 9.0. With 8 teams and almost 60 participants, this successful league will run officially through TennisLink in 2018. UTA 2.5 Women’s Summer League Utah Tennis offered this league for the first time in 2017 with an 8 week regular season. Millennial Match Play A directive from USTA National asked that sections focus on the 18 to 39 demographic. We drew from our LDS Singles tennis socials to create Millennial Match Play, a social league for young adults where players can meet new people and improve their tennis skills. Attracting “unique” players (new to USTA) was a huge focus in 2017. New players were found through the Utah Tennis website, referrals and Community Socials. In 2017, Utah was ranked 7th in the Nation for overall increase in league registration, with our highest number of unique player in 10 years. Submitted by Gretchen Soffe


COMMUNITY TENNIS ASSOCIATIONS NEPHI RECREATION 2017 was another great year for tennis in Nephi as energy continues to build for the sport of tennis. 

Summer Tennis Camps-40 youth

Adaptive Tennis-8 participants with 10+ volunteer buddies

New! Summer Drop In. Youth and adults were encouraged to drop in and play. T-shirts were given for those who reached the 100 hour club. High School team participants were assigned times to be at the courts and mentor others. Wednesday evening was highlighted by adult play with High school coaches mentoring. Court lights are available with a push button system and are free for the public to use.

Junior High/High School Tennis camps are also offered by the High School coaches during the summer and are very successful. High school programs are developing and Girls team won Region. An eagle scout project is building cement pads for future bleachers at the tennis courts.

A community church group held a tournament with girls 10-11 years old with their Dads. They borrowed our equipment and had about 40 participants in a fun summer tournament.

We received a "Blended Lines" Tennis Grant for 2 courts from US Tennis Association Utah and US Tennis Association Intermountain. We plan to utilize those more in 2018 with our 10 & under program.

We just hired a new Full Time Coordinator, Michael Barlow that has been working with Pleasant Grove with Pickle Ball and Tennis. We anticipate him expanding our youth programs with the Central Utah Tennis Association (Utah County) in tennis and also Pickle ball.

John Bradley Nephi Recreation Director 435-623-1004 www.nephirecreation.com


COMMUNITY TENNIS ASSOCIATIONS MARRIOTT-SLATERVILLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION received a grant for their summer tennis program which was held at two sites. The Harrisville tennis courts (2 courts) located at Harrisville, Utah and the Ben Lomond High School tennis courts (4 courts) in Ogden, Utah. Harrisville Tennis: Focus was on the 10 & Under program; however, some teenagers and adults also participated. The program was divided into three, 2 1/2 week sessions with attendance ranging from 54—83 participants per session. Free or discounted lessons were given to those who could not afford them. Pepsi Co. provided free T-shirts to all players. An end of season tournament was offered to those involved in the summer program at no extra cost where prizes and medals were awarded. Our tennis instructors decorated a float and participated in the Harrisville Day parade. Ben Lomond (Ogden) Tennis: This program was developed so beginner and intermediate players could participate in low key competition. Players were assigned an opponent to play singles or given a partner for doubles. They would play 3 games and then gather back for a different assignment. Games won or lost were not recorded. By doing this, players learned the mechanics of competitive tennis, without the drama of winning or losing. About 25 players were involved in this program. The Principal of North Ogden Elementary School heard about our tennis program and asked us to do an after school tennis program which we started in September. USTA/Utah Tennis has been very supportive of our tennis programs over the years and we appreciate this very much. Thank you for your support and assistance. Jim Ito

LDS SINGLES/MILLENNIAL MATCH PLAY The LDS Singles Summer Program was led by Teresa Knudsen of Utah Tennis Association for the third year. It expanded across the Salt Lake Valley with two age groups. The 18-30 singles played Monday nights at Brighton High School with additional events in West Valley and Coach Mike’s Tennis Academy. Draper Singles ward, ages 31-45 played Wednesday nights. This offered a low pressured environment for people who haven’t played in a long time to renew their skills and interest in the sport. Word spread quickly of the social and fun weekly activities. For the more competitive participants, we started a Millennial League in August, using a World Team Tennis format where the mixed teams could substitute and everyone got to play. Building on this interest, Millennial Match Play kicked off in October through December. The goal of these opportunities is the enthusiasm and love of the sport will 1) guide these players into league and life time play and 2) recruit more young adults into the game. We look forward to continuing to support this demographic in 2018. Teresa Knudsen 2017 UTAH TENNIS ASSOCIATION YEAR IN REVIEW 20

COMMUNITY TENNIS ASSOCIATIONS TENNIS AND TUTORING is so grateful for the support it has received from Utah Tennis Association and the tennis community to fuel its ambitious and successful growth over the past year. 72 students are now receiving afterschool tennis and academic support during the entire school year--because of YOU! We are now working two days per week at two schools in West Valley City and have expanded programming to 5 days per week (12 hours) of program at Liberty Park Tennis Center, our flagship site. Thanks to your generous gifts, volunteering, and event participation, T&T tripled our capacity to serve children in our community. We are also excited to announce our new grant partnerships with the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, the Sorenson Legacy Foundation, the Double Love Invitational. Our long time partners also continue to sustain our work and we are so thankful: USTA Foundation, Utah Tennis Foundation, Dry Creek Charity, Bastian Memorial Junior Tournament, and Wilson Tennis.

Alex is one of the many students who has benefited from our program at Liberty Park. Since returning to the program this fall, the sixth grader has been asking us, "When can I play a match? I can't wait to play my first tournament!" An avid video game player, Alex is very dedicated and competitive. He also demonstrates leadership by encouraging his younger sister and cousins who attend the program to do their best. Little does he know we are working behind the scenes to make his wish come true. Our board and staff are committed to putting in the extra work it takes to get our most advanced students to their first Futures tournament this summer! With this growth and program improvement comes the continued need for volunteer and advocacy support. Check our website (www.tennisandtutoring.org), or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep up on our progress and events during this, our 10th Anniversary Season! You are what powers our mission. You help us serve up dreams for deserving kids!

-Angie Keeton, Executive Director



The Utah Tennis Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization established in 1987. This organization, which works closely with the Utah Tennis Association, seeks to open doors to players who might not otherwise be able to afford the sport of tennis. Through our fundraising efforts and donations, the Utah Tennis Foundation was able to help over 1000 players during the year 2017. In 2017, the Foundation helped our most competitive junior players by assisting them with funds for National and Sectional out-of-state tournaments. Understanding how expensive it can be to travel to the many tournaments necessary for high level players, the Foundation seeks to assist the high performing players with these costs. In addition, the Foundation helps offset training costs by lowering the program fees for players in the CTC and Team Utah programs. Players looking to gain more experience through clinics at their preferred facility, but lacking in the ability to pay for these lessons, can apply for help through the Foundation. At any given time, the Foundation supports 6-10 players with their training fees, and covers local tournament entry fees in order to allow them the ability to compete. The Foundation also focuses on diverse non-traditional communities and works with other allied organization to provide community outreach and tennis playing opportunities to wheelchair tennis, adaptive tennis programs, kids at risk, and underserved youth in the community. Grants to rural communities to enhance their tennis opportunities are a large part of the outreach and support from the Foundation. A sampling of programs receiving grants and support during the 2017 year were: City of Toole/Grantsville, Kane County Recreation, Marriott-Slaterville CTA, Nephi Recreation, Tennis & Tutoring NJTL, School for the Deaf and Blind, Cedar City Youth Tennis, Ace Athletics. The major source of funding for the Utah Tennis Foundation comes through the partnership with the Of Love Foundation – and the Ardene Bullard Of Love Memorial Tournament. The Utah Tennis Foundation has partnered with the Of Love Foundation to raise money for both the Foundation, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). The “Of Love” Tournament week, which culminates with a drawing for a trip for two to the US Open is an enormous community event and tournament. The final day of the tournament ends with a silent auction and exhibition. The players for this year’s exhibition were fan favorites James Blake and Mark Philippoussis. With over 500 people in attendance at the Eccles Tennis Center on the University of Utah, the Foundation thanks the partnership with the University of Utah for donating their courts, along with the Salt Lake Tennis & Health Club. The Of Love tournament could not take place without these great community partners. The Grand Prize winner for the trip to New York in 2017 was Linda Marz – congrats to her! In addition, the Utah Tennis Foundation gives out the annual Janet M Dowse Scholarship Award. The 2017 recipient of the Janet M Dowse Scholarship was Katie Foley. Thank you for your support of the Utah Tennis Foundation. With your continued support, we can bring the great sport of tennis to everyone in our state. By Laurie Lambert 2017 UTAH TENNIS ASSOCIATION YEAR IN REVIEW 22

2017 ANNUAL AWARDS David L Freed Award—Ken and Ann Harris Volunteer of the Year—Kathy Cameron Linda Vincent Community Service Award—Brad Lowe Family of the Year—Robb-Wilcox Family Captain of the Year—Darren Nelson Jan Dowse Player of the Year—Katie Foley

Hilary Doyle Sportsmanship Award—Steffen Rigby Boys High School Team—Skyline High School Girls High School Team—Lone Peak High School Boys High School Player of the Year—Steffen Rigby Girls High School Players of the Year—Addison Sepulveda and Raili Jenkins


AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS The UTAH TENNIS HALL OF FAME was formed in 1993 to honor and recognize those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to tennis in Utah. Candidates are nominated and elected on the basis of their achievements in tennis, contributions of service to organized tennis, and considerations of tennis maturity and residence. Hall of Fame Executive Committee: Clark Robinson-Chair, Jim Osborne-Vice Chair, Karen Jeppson, Drew Sweet, Marilyn Wallin, Fritz Heinecke, Carolee Hammel, Ric Hammond, Bill Bennion

2017 Utah Tennis Hall of Fame Inductees Kent Crawford Holly Hasler Ann Valentine David Harkness

The UTAH UMPIRE ASSOCIATION (UTUA) works closely with Utah Tennis to provide certified officials for sanctioned tournaments and Adult and Junior League Playoffs held in the state. While serving as a referee, chair, roving or line umpire, a tennis official makes sure that a tennis match is conducted under the fairest possible conditions. So, ideally, the official is "a friend at court", helpful to the players and the spectators. In 2017 we had 3 Utah officials work the US Open and expect 4 for 2018. This is the most for any district in the Intermountain section. We also have 4 officials who will work Indian Wells in 2018, more then the rest of the Intermountain combined. UTUA continuously seeks enthusiastic persons who are interested in serving on the ‘front line’ to become a certified official. The training and certification classes are free. For more information, refer to their website: www.utuabeta.weebly.com. Utah Tennis Umpires Assocation Executive Committee: Gerard Baisch—President, Jeff Haderlie—Vice President Beverly O’Fee—District Chair Nancy Priest—Secretary Tiffany Sperry Mason—Scheduler Note: Vice President for 2018 will be Ryan Schmidt 2017 UTAH TENNIS ASSOCIATION YEAR IN REVIEW 24

SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS Utah Tennis Association is honored to receive support from the following sponsors. Their generosity is critical to fulfilling the goals of our organization.


TREASURER’S REPORT Statements of Activities and Net Assets (Prepared Without Audit) For the Year Ended December 31, 2017 Revenues and Other Support Dues

(Unrestricted) Total 55,142



Other Income


Program Fees


Sponsorship and Fundraising


UJTF Program Assistance


Used Ball Sales


Interest Income Total Revenues

99 755,531

Net Assets Released from Restriction Satisfaction of Program Restrictions Satisfaction of Asset Acquisition Total Revenues, Gain and Other Support


Expenses Program Services


General and Administrative


Development and Fundraising Total Expenses

Change in Net Assets

—— 715,395


Net Assets—Beginning of Year


Net Assets—End of Year



TREASURER’S REPORT Statements of Financial Position (Prepared Without Audit or Review) For the Year Ended December 31, 2017

Assets Current Assets Cash


Other Current Assets


Total Current Assets


Property and Equipment Property and Equipment


Less Accumulated Depreciation


Net Property and Equipment

$120,628 $512,903

Total Assets

Liabilities and Net Assets Current Liabilities Other Current Liabilities Total Current Liabilities

$62,439 $62,439

Net Assets Unrestricted Net Assets


Temporarily Restricted Net Assets


Permanently Restricted Net Assets


Total Net Assets

Total Liabilities and Net Assets




OUR HISTORY The David L. Freed Award The David L. Freed Award was established in 1979 to be presented annually to an individual who has constantly provided leadership and example both in quality of play and service to the game. 1979 Joe Cowley

1989 Kathryn Wright

1999 Lindsay Rawstorne

2009 Mike Trabert

1980 Kathy Rothfels

1990 Myron Walker

2000 Brad Ferreira

2010 Ian Rothfels

1981 Lee Hammel

1991 Rick Billings

2001 Drew Sweet

2011 Laurie Lambert

1982 Jack Fairclough

1992 Warren Pretorius

2002 Cal Nelson

2012 Clark Hancock

1983 Wilbur Braithwaite

1993 Chris Spackman

2003 Rod Horton

2013 Mike Cooper

1984 Harry James

1994 Julia Bradley

2004 John Lin

2014 Brad Ferreira

1985 John Stevens

1995 Clark Robinson

2005 RuthAnn Allen

2015 Bill Damron

1986 Bob Rutstein

1996 Clark Barton

2006 Andrew Valdez

2016 Christian Wright

1987 Patti Kelly

1997 Jim Osborne

2007 Dean Oba

2017 Ken and Ann Harris

1988 Janice Stevens

1998 Mike Martines

2008 Debbie Robb

Volunteer of the Year Established in 1991, the Volunteer of the Year Award is presented annually to a person who personifies the dedication of the tennis player who gives selflessly to the growth of the sport through involvement and commitment to the Utah Tennis Association. 1991 Jim Cox

1999 Colleen Parry

2003 Bryan Bates

2012 Jeanine Elsholz

1992 Roy Keir

2000 Carolyn (Sam) Macfarlane 2004 Janice Smith

2013 Marianne Page

1993 Bruce Cummings

2000 Melody Walter

2005 Kate Sturgeon

2014 Shilane Mansell

1994 Dee Briggs

2001 Shawna Paterson

2006 Leeza Evensen

2015 Crystal McMullin

1995 Larry Erickson

2001 Larry Colton

2007 Bev Taylor

2016 Ryan Schmidt

1996 Lisa Glines

2002 Cindi Kennedy

2008 Marce Miles

2017 Kathy Cameron

1997 Gale Volkman

2002 Mel Richards

2009 Trish Jensen—Oba

1998 Jean Greenwood

2002 Ken Harris

2010 Kathy Cameron

1999 Mark Jensen

2003 Kande Shackelford

2011 Daniela Cramer

Linda Vincent Community Service Award Established in 1998, this award is presented to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the tennis community. 1998 Cal Nelson

2002 Robert Saxton

2006 Ernest Oriente

2012 Jared Scow

1999 David Freed

2002 Dell Loy Hansen

2007 Brad Ferreira

2013 Andi Porter

2000 Brent Goates

2003 Max Miller

2008 Dan Johnson

2014 Christy Johnson

2000 Lynn & Carol Benson

2003 Bruce Haines

2009 Terry Miya

2015 Hillary Redd

2001 Wilbur Braithwaite

2004 Don Wayne Nelson

2010 David Jones

2016 Ron Bachman

2001 Lori Jenks

2005 Charlene Peterson

2011 Terry & Abby Wagstaff

2017 Brad Lowe


OUR HISTORY Janet M. Dowse Award & Scholarship Established in memory of Janet M. Dowse, Executive Director of the Utah Tennis Association from 1980 to May 1996. Jan was balanced in her approach to tennis and life, keeping both in proper perspective. This award & scholarship was established in 1996 and is awarded annually to a junior player who exemplifies integrity, willingness to help others, love of family and the joy of playing tennis. The junior player is recognized and presented the scholarship and award during the Annual Awards event. 1996 Tyler Poulson

2002 Andrew Clayton

2009 Chas Foote

2015 Jonathan Dollahite

1997 Cassie Kasteler

2003 Ryan Goldstein

2010 Ashley Tanner

2016 Annaliese County

1998 Lu Oswald

2005 Paige Miles

2011 Matt Sweet

2017 Katie Foley

1999 Beck Roghaar

2006 Tori Arneson

2012 Colin Holyoak

2000 Hadley Macfarlane

2007 Grant Taylor

2013 Brooke Burnside

2001 Katie Ennenga

2008 Mary Anne Macfarlane

2014 Sidnee Lavatai

Harry James “Will to Win” Award The “Will to Win” Award was established through the sponsorship of Wilson Racquet Sports in 1991 in memory of Harry James. The award is given from time to time to a wheelchair athlete for his or her outstanding contributions to the sport of tennis, both on and off the court. 1991 Mike Schlappi

1996 Alan Kimball

2004 Danny Quintana

2010 Marianne Page

1992 Dean Oba

1997 Charlie Levie

2005 Randy Curry

2011 Wally Lee

1993 Corey White

2000 Randy Curry

2007 Eliza McIntosh

2012 Nathan Hunter

1994 Randy Curry

2001 Jeff Griffin

2008 Larry Orr

2013 Elizabeth Fetter

1995 Danny Quintana

2002 Vernon L Burgess

2009 Ryan Nelson

2014 Rick Draney 2016 Rachael Maughn

Family of the Year Award Established in 2007 this award is presented annually to the family within the Utah district who has exemplified the benefits of tennis as family recreational sport and has contributed to the tennis community in a significant way. 2007 Smith

2011 Toli

2015 Hafen

2008 Sweet

2012 Owen

2016 Bullard

2009 Kempin

2013 Vandecasteele

2017 Robb-Wilcox

2010 Pearce

2014 Marchant

Captain of the Year This award is given to recognize the outstanding individual efforts of a league team captain in going above and beyond to serve their team/s. 2013 Jackie Grant

2015 Doug Fowkes & Kristen Siddoway

2014 Chris Anderson & Lynn Woodbury

2016 Corinne Nasella special recognition

2017 Darren Nelson


ANNUAL AWARDS RECIPIENTS Utah Tennis Association Award Recipients Developmental Coach of the Year Award Initiated in 2015, this award is given to recognize the outstanding individual efforts of a developmental coach in the Utah District. This coach is being honored for his or her unending dedication to developing junior tennis players at all ability levels through teaching and coaching, presence at tournaments and events and the ability to positively impact the lives of junior players on and off the court. 2015 Lindsay Rawstorne 10 And Under Youth Tennis Ambassador This award is given to recognize the outstanding individual efforts of a coach, parent, Community Tennis Association (CTA), or other organization that is helping to build 10 and Under youth tennis. 2014 John Bradley

2016 Mike White

2015 Alissa Owen Diversity and Inclusion Award Initiated in 2015, this award will be given to honor an individual in the Utah District who has made a significant contribution to multicultural populations and communities in the Utah District through tennis. 2015 Ben Platt

2016 Lauren Swapp

Organization of the Year Award Established in 2007 this award is presented annually in recognition of the services rendered by a USTA Organization member in the State of Utah and for their support to the Utah Tennis Association in helping grow tennis participation at all levels. USTA Organization must be a member in good standing and has made a significant contribution to the tennis community in an effort to help promote and develop the sport of tennis in the Utah District. 2007 Liberty Park Tennis Center

2012 Eagleridge Swim & Tennis Club

2008 Park City Racquet Club

2013 Sports Mall

2009 Salt Lake Swimming & Tennis Club

2014 Coach Mike’s at Liberty Park

2010 Sports Academy

2016 Bloomington Country Club

2011 Cottonwood Heights Recreation


OUR HISTORY—PAST PRESIDENTS Utah Tennis Association Past Presidents 1960-1962 Jack Fairclough 1963 Harry James 1964 Hyrum Cannon 1965 Dale Robbins

1986 Patti Kelly 1987 Warren Rawlins 1988-1989 Jim Haig 1990 Jeff Jensen

1966-1967 Lee Hammel

1991-1992 Marilyn Wallin

1968-1969 Jack Morris

1993-1994 Gale Volkman

1970-1972 George H. Johnson

1995-1996 Bruce Cummings

1973-1975 Reed Gordon

1997-1998 Jean Greenwood

1976 Jack Morris

1999-2002 Steve Hard

1977 Ernie Smith

2003-2004 Jean Greenwood

1978 John Stephens

2005-2006 Don Sorensen

1979 Janet Dowse

2007-2009 Ken Harris

1980 Lee Hammel

2009-2011 Mike Cooper

1981-1982 Shirley Tanner 1983 Myron Walker 1984-1985 Bob Rutstein

2011-2012 Ric Hammond 2013-2014 Marce Miles 2015-2016 Charlene Peterson


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