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Oct 24, 2018 - Mike Walters (our Mailman). Robin McMillan. Sharon Petke. Carrie Conkin. Mike Lewis. Helen Austin. Those who have recently lost loved o...

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Waverly Road Presbyterian Church
Nov 14, 2018 - Robin McMillan. Mike O'Neal. Roy Cloud. Sharon Petke. Carrie Conkin. Mike Lewis. Helen Austin. Those who have recently lost loved ones ...

Waverly Road Presbyterian Church
Waverly Road Presbyterian Church. People in our Prayers. Volume 51 Issue 1 January 2, 2019. Karl & Laura Hake. Ellee Rose Large (@ St. Jude). Rev.

Waverly Road Presbyterian Church
Waverly Road Presbyterian Church. People in our Prayers. Volume 50 Issue 51 December 19, 2018. Karl & Laura Hake. Ellee Rose Large (@ St. Jude). Rev.

Waverly Road Presbyterian Church
Waverly Road Presbyterian Church. People in our Prayers. Volume 51 Issue 4 January 23, 2019. Karl & Laura Hake. Ellee Rose Large (@ St. Jude). Rev.

Waverly Road Presbyterian Church
Oct 31, 2018 - Waverly Road Presbyterian Church. People in ... This weekend many of us are heading up to Banner Elk to the Holston. Center for our church retreat. I always .... percent of the American population unable to donate. How Do ...

Waverly Road Presbyterian Church
Oct 17, 2018 - Ellee Rose Large (@ St. Jude) .... Hurricane Michael struck the Florida panhandle with devastating winds and storm surge, causing loss of life.

Waverly Road Presbyterian Church
Waverly Road Presbyterian Church. People in our Prayers. Volume 50 Issue 47 November 21, 2018. Karl & Laura Hake. Ellee Rose Large (@ St. Jude). Rev.

Waverly Road Presbyterian Church
Nov 7, 2018 - 12:00pm Stephen Ministry Training, MR. 3:30pm After School .... Six others will be inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame during the annual ...

Waverly Road Presbyterian Church
Dec 5, 2018 - Carrie Conkin. Mike Lewis. Helen Austin. Holtzclaw/Alley families. Carson Family. Jill Parsons family. Those who have recently lost loved ones.

Waverly Road Presbyterian Church
Oct 3, 2018 - Mike Walters (our Mailman). Sharon Petke. Carrie Conkin. Mike Lewis. Helen Austin. Those who have recently lost loved ones. Missionaries in ...

Volume 50 Issue 43 October 24, 2018

Waverly Road Presbyterian Church www.waverlyroadpc.org [email protected] 423.247.5121 Office Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:30 am—4:00 pm, Friday, 8:30 am—3:00 pm

Sunday October 28, 2018

From the desk of Pastor Collin...

Sunday School—9:45am Worship—11:00 am

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Usher in Charge Anthony Lawson Greeters Ted Germroth Debbie Germroth Acolyte Gabe Lawson

Scriptures for October 28, 2018 Sunday Job 38:1-7, 34-41

Food Pantry Schedule October 26 Baggers: W. Kerns, B. Kerns Distributors: S. Bus, S. Pitts, B. Hubbard, B. Fritz

May God continue to bless,

Rev. Collin

November 2 Baggers: B. Elderbrock, L. Carson, D. Carson Distributors: S. Foster, D. Eldredge, C. Pitts, S. Porter, G. Blythe November 9 Baggers: Cora Cox Academy, S. Lodal Distributors: P. Phillips, S. Bingham, S. Martin, C. Barttels November 16 Baggers: K. Marsh, Preston Hills Distributors: S. Lodal, G. Bus, M. Lawson, R. Lawson, B. Necessary

People in our Prayers Ellee Rose Large (@ St. Jude) Rev. David Hale Eileen Williams John Bearden Mary Margaret Bowles Cassi Yost Betty Joiner (Julie’s Mom) Mike Walters (our Mailman)

Missionaries in our Prayers

Robin McMillan Sharon Petke Carrie Conkin Mike Lewis Helen Austin

PCUSA Missionaries Bill & Ann Moore in Japan

Those who have recently lost loved ones

Fred Foy & Cecily Strang in Kenya

Jimmy Shafe: Mission: Hope ROW Congo Osman Hope in Honduras Mahendra Bhattarai & family and the school in Nepal

Karah Germroth and Moyo wa Afrika in Tanzania

We will leave names on the Prayer Request List for three weeks unless you notify the Church Office to remain on the list for an extended amount of time.

This Week at WRPC Sunday 10/28


Choir Practice


Sunday School

11:00am Worship Service 5:30pm Tuesday 10/30

Earnest Ringers

11:00am Shepherds, MR 6:00pm Has Beens, FH

Wednesday 10/31

12:00pm Stephen Ministry Training, MR

Missed Stewardship Sunday? No Problem! You can use the online pledge form to submit your pledge. You don't need to personally hand over a pledge card! Here is how: •

Go to this link: https://waverlyroadpc.org/forms/

click on Financial Stewardship Commitment, and this form should open up:

Hit the submit button, and I will be the only person that sees this. I will reply back to let you know I got it.

3:30pm After School Program 5:30pm WOW Meal 6:15pm WOW Classes 7:30pm Chancel Choir Thursday 11/1


Tapestry Women’s Bible Study, PH

1:00pm Congregational Care, MR Friday 11/2


Fall Church Retreat begins

10:00am Food Pantry, FH

Mark your calendar!

The next Parents’ Night Out is Saturday, November 17, 4-8 pm. Contact Rachel Lawson at rache[email protected] or (423) 963-4310. Mark your calendar and SAVE THE DATE for the

Men’s Prayer Breakfast

Saturday, November 10, 8:00 am at First Presbyterian Church Join us for a morning of Breakfast, Prayer and Fellowship!

That's it! It is that simple! Again, this is for 2019 budget planning purposes, and by no means is a hard obligation. As the form says, the pledge can be increased or decreased due to changing circumstances. Just let me know. Thanks everybody!

Bill Butler Waverly Road Receiving Treasurer

From the Desk of the Parish Nurse, Views from the

by Susan Lodal

Week of Oct. 28—Nov. 3, 2018 Items of the Week

Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Lotion (we gladly accept unopened hotel samples) WCQR is once again partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee to provide Thanksgiving meals for some of our hungry neighbors. In partnership with Kingsport City Schools, our WRPC Food Pantry has been given the opportunity to distribute 80 Thanksgiving meals this year.

For only $25, you can provide a complete Thanksgiving meal, including a new Bible, to a hungry family in our area.

All money will go directly to Second Harvest Food Bank.

Make all checks payable to: Second Harvest Food Bank of NE TN (Make sure to note “Project Thanksgiving” on the memo line).

Deadline to donate is November

To Mail a Donation: Second Harvest Food Bank of NE TN 1020 Jericho Dr, Kingsport, TN 37663.


To Donate Online: https://www.wcqr.org/wcqrs-projectthanksgiving/ To Volunteer to help pack Thanksgiving boxes, call Second Harvest at 423-279-0430. Be watching soon for information about the 2018 Christmas Card Project!

Joyce Caldwell

Gluten-Free Craze a 'Double-Edged Sword' for Celiac Patients Healthywomen.org

People with celiac disease say they're happy to have more food choices at stores and restaurants. But some with celiac sense a growing stigma as other people voluntarily go gluten-free. And many patients fear people see them as "high-maintenance" and misunderstand the severity of their disease. "On the one hand, you have a lot more options available that taste better and are becoming more affordable for patients. But at the same time, you have this gluten-free craze that's recognized as kind of a fad diet, so celiac disease goes misunderstood in social situations, leaving patients more anxious," said study author James King. Celiac is an inherited autoimmune disorder affecting about 1 percent of people in North America. When those who have it consume gluten -- a protein found in wheat, rye and barley -- their immune system reacts by attacking the small intestine. And, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation, the disorder has been tied to other serious health problems, including cancer and type 1 diabetes. Avoiding gluten is the only current treatment. Meanwhile, a gluten-free diet has become a trendy choice for many without celiac disease, either to shed pounds or for other purported health benefits. Some embrace it due to a sensitivity to gluten that creates unpleasant, but not damaging, gastrointestinal symptoms. "Just having a prescription of a gluten-free diet for people with celiac disease … doesn't acknowledge some of the challenges patients face after treatment," King said. His team found, for example, that participants were fearful of inadvertently consuming gluten when they eat out. That's because restaurants may say they are "glutenfree friendly," but not do enough to avoid crosscontaminating foods. After all, King said, many of their customers simply prefer gluten-free, but they don't require it. A drug treatment for celiac disease must be developed to impress its seriousness upon the public. Better training for restaurant workers also might help, but not as much as a medication. "The real drawback is because there's not yet a medication -- and in America, we equate medications with serious conditions -- people are not going to take it seriously," she said. Copyright © 2018 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

News from the Church Library The Heavens Proclaim His Glory: A Spectacular View of Creation Through the Lens of the NASA Hubble Telescope by Thomas Nelson (Author) “I can see how it might be possible for a man to look down upon the earth and be an atheist, but I cannot conceive how he could look up into the heavens and say there is no God.” Abraham Lincoln Our world displays the handiwork of God all around us―in the land and sea, the animals and the plants. But in respect to the sky, the heavens, the universe…there’s a realm of beauty and creation man has not been able to witness, until now. The Heavens Proclaim His Glory is a compilation of stunning photography taken by NASA’s Hubble® Telescope capturing striking images of stars, galaxies, cosmic events, planets, and more. Vivid up-close photographs are paired with a romantic Psalm or quote, as well as a short description of the image. The Heavens will open up a whole new world of worship and praise for our God. Contributors include: Francis Chan, Mike Huckabee, John MacArthur, Stephen Mansfield, Sarah Young, Max Lucado, Jenna Lucado, Henry & Richard Blackaby, Robert Morgan, Kirk Cameron, Homer Hickam, and more.

Leaving Church by Barbara Brown Taylor “This beautiful book is rich with wit and humanness and honesty and loving detail….I cannot overstate how liberating and transforming I have found Leaving Church to be.” — Frederick Buechner, author of Beyond Words “This is an astonishing book. . . . Taylor is a better writer than LaMott and a better theologian than Norris. In a word, she is the best there is.” —Living Church Barbara Brown Taylor, once hailed as one of America’s most effective and beloved preachers, eloquently tells the moving and delightful story of her search to find an authentic way of being Christian—even when it meant giving up her pulpit.

Dreamland by Sam Quinones In 1929, in the blue-collar city of Portsmouth, Ohio, a company built a swimming pool the size of a football field; named Dreamland, it became the vital center of the community. Now, addiction has devastated Portsmouth, as it has hundreds of small rural towns and suburbs across America--addiction like no other the country has ever faced. How that happened is the riveting story of Dreamland. With a great reporter's narrative skill and the storytelling ability of a novelist, acclaimed journalist Sam Quinones weaves together two classic tales of capitalism run amok whose unintentional collision has been catastrophic. The unfettered prescribing of pain medications during the 1990s reached its peak in Purdue Pharma's campaign to market OxyContin, its new, expensive--extremely addictive--miracle painkiller. Meanwhile, a massive influx of black tar heroin--cheap, potent, and originating from one small county on Mexico's west coast, independent of any drug cartel--assaulted small town and mid-sized cities across the country, driven by a brilliant, almost unbeatable marketing and distribution system. Together these phenomena continue to lay waste to communities from Tennessee to Oregon, Indiana to New Mexico. Introducing a memorable cast of characters--pharma pioneers, young Mexican entrepreneurs, narcotics investigators, survivors, and parents--Quinones shows how these tales fit together. Dreamland is a revelatory account of the corrosive threat facing America and its heartland.

Don’t forget your Nametag for Sunday Worship! Sometimes we get in a hurry and some of us run a little late on Sunday mornings, but take a few seconds to pick up your nametag. It’s a great way to break the ice with new members, familiar faces and of course, our visitors. If you don’t have a nametag, Julie will be glad to order one for you. Just give her a call at (423) 677-1237 or send her an email at [email protected].com.


That’s what Stephen Ministry is. Everything a person tells his or her Stephen Minister is kept in strict confidence. People are often afraid that if they tell someone what is troubling them, word will get around and others will look down on them. But a Stephen Minister keeps everything a care receiver shares confidential, and through the sharing between the care receiver and the care giver, God works miracles of healing and peace. That’s what Stephen Ministers do. They have gone through 50 hours of training in providing Christian care so that they can focus on your needs and listen to what you really have to say. If you know of someone who is interested in talking with a Stephen Minister, please contact one of the Stephen Leaders: Dave Petke, Sharon Petke, Diana Eldredge, or Barbara Lane.

Disaster Assistance Update Thanks for your donations for Pollocksville, NC for Hurricane Florence disaster relief efforts. To date we have collected $4,350.00 to help those in need. People are still impacted by Florence, and now, even more people in Florida and our neighboring states are suffering from Hurricane Michael. PCA Disaster Assistance continues. If you would like to donate to Hurricane Michael relief efforts, just write Hurricane Michael in the memo line of your check.


2018 Faith Build Update Construction on the Holston Habitat for Humanity Faith Build is on schedule. The Waverly Road Crew still needs volunteers for October 26 and 27. Volunteers may sign up at the Faith Build website: https:// www.giveffect.com/campaigns/7559-darien-danielle-sbuild or contact Eddie Eldredge at 423-276-9908 or [email protected]

2018 Operation Christmas Child It is that time of year again when we are collecting Shoebox Gifts for Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child. Please bring your filled shoeboxes to the church no later than Sunday, November 18. You may leave them in the Narthex on the table in the corner, beginning on Sunday, October 21. Labels will be available on the collection table. The shoeboxes will be delivered to the local collection site after Sunday. More information is available at samaritanspurse.org. The criteria of what can be placed in the boxes has changed. If you are not sure about what to put in your box go to https:// www.samaritanspurse.org/operation-christmas-child/ frequently-asked-questions/#packing.

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