Year in Review 2016-2017

3. annual Fund. $373K. 4. budget-relieving Gifts. $262K. 5. endowment Gifts. $119K. 6. annual scholarship. $66K. TOTaL OPeraTiNG reVeNues & breaKdOWN...

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Year in Review 2016-2017

Message from the President Throughout our 125-year history, a critical element in Iliff’s success has been its ability to listen and stay relevant in a changing world. The 2016-2017 fiscal year was no exception, as we marked the year with several key milestones, a selection of which I am extremely pleased to share in this report. It has been a banner year for our fundraising efforts, which yielded a total of more than $1.3 million (not including Methodist Education Fund contributions), an impressive 21% gain over the previous year. Employee giving hit an all-time record with 81% of staff and faculty supporting the school. We raised our profile nationally by partnering with the Riverside Church in New York City and the Veterans of Hope Project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Beyond Vietnam” sermon, which was co-written by our own late Professor Emeritus Dr. Vincent Harding. We welcomed an outstanding new academic dean Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee, whose theological and scholarly pursuit is fueled by a commitment to social justice. In recognition of his more than 30 years of activism and scholarship at Iliff, we will honor Professor Tink Tinker for his uncompromising service. These milestones reflect only a few of the many achievements of our faculty, staff, and students that have moved Iliff forward in making unprecedented social impacts in the lives of people we are serving in the community. With this momentum, we are looking forward to the coming year. With the creativity, imagination, and dedication of our faculty, staff, and students, and your continued support and commitment, IIiff is poised for new and exciting opportunities in the coming year. As the world changes, we continue to develop our ability to prepare leaders who will walk closer to those places where people are experiencing fractured communities and brokenness. Blessings as we walk together. Gratefully,

Rev. Dr. Thomas V. Wolfe President and Chief Executive Officer

“IIiff is poised for new and exciting opportunities in the coming year.” – Rev. Dr. Thomas V. Wolfe

A constant in our continued development, growth, and success has been the institution’s relentless drive to embrace change, innovate, and renew our spirit and commitments.

Our Core Values Academic Engagement We are a learning community that engages the whole person through mind, body, and spirit. We value scholarship and the integration of theory and experience. We value our progressive theological heritage and how it finds expression in emerging forms of pedagogy and practice. We are an incubator for innovation.

Intersectional Accountability We value the differences in our community. We align ourselves with social justice, equality, and wholeness. We strive to take care of each other as we journey together.

Relational Respect We promote honesty and transparency and maintain healthy relationships when in tension. We strive to involve all affected constituents in decision-making processes.

Dynamic Spirituality We value the creative and inspirational nature of our work: spiritual, intellectual, and vocational. We celebrate theological discernment and spiritual depth. Our core values arise out of our United Methodist heritage.


A Transformational Moment



159 classes

44 states

The 2016-2017 school year was different. We raised the bar. In the last 12 months, we went solar with a 352-panel array on the roof of Schlessman Commons to power 65 percent of our power usage. We bid goodbye to Schlessman Hall as the space is making way for an improved, accessible entrance and additional parking. We honored our colleague late Dr. Vincent Harding for his Beyond Vietnam sermon at Riverside Church in New York City. These developments are in addition to the huge turnout at the Renewal Conference, the installation of Dr. Theodore Vial and Dr. Mark George to full professorship, the hiring of our new academic dean, and a recording-breaking fundraising year that raised over $2M in charitable support. To cap this fiscal achievement, 81 percent of our staff and faculty contributed to the Iliff fund, which is an all-time record!

Over the 2016-2017 academic year, we taught 159 classes. 52 of those classes were online. We hosted 10 student-led events on campus, including three conferences, a panel on Soul Food, an art show, and the Annual Student Senate Book Sale. We have students from 44 states; while a majority are from Colorado (45%), the next largest groups of students are from Texas and Iowa.

While it is hard to wrap up the year with a summary of everything that happened, one thing is clear: Iliff today is stable, confident, and optimistic. We have established a strong foundation for the next phase of our evolution.

Average alumni participation in giving to theological schools is 7.7%. Iliff alumni participate in giving at a rate of 16%.

As we press ahead in the coming year, we will work and walk together as one community of leaders with courageous theological imagination for social justice.

In 2017, Iliff graduated 56 new Master’s and 10 new PhDs. 2

Iliff joined with the Riverside Church in New York to explore a sermon whose message continues to echo through the decades. April 4, 2017 marked the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr. delivering the sermon “Beyond Vietnam” at the Riverside Church in New York. This important turning point for the Civil Rights movement was penned by Dr. Vincent Harding, Iliff professor and pivotal part of Iliff’s legacy. In this sermon, he asked the United States to consider their brothers and sisters around the globe. The controversy of this message during the Vietnam War followed Dr. King to his death. The 50th anniversary of the sermon coincides with the 49th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination one year later to the day. This year is also Iliff’s 125th anniversary. We put all these milestones in context together with a cross-continent event. We invite you to read Dr. Harding’s words as delivered by Dr. King and watch a video from the events in New York and Denver to learn more about this important moment and what we can still learn from “Beyond Vietnam” even 50 years later.

Breaking the Silence



“We must speak with all the humility that is appropriate to our limited vision, but we must speak.”

Together for Renewal 2017 Alumni, students, staff, faculty, and friends of Iliff came together for the most well-attended Renewal Conference ever this year. We enjoyed inspiring worship services led by Rev. Dr. Richard Ward, Rev. Dr. Michelle Watkins, and Rev. Dr. Teresa Fry Brown (MDiv ’88, PhD ’96). Alumni Sheikh Ibrahim Kazerooni (PhD ’13), Rev. Dale Fredrickson (MDiv ’06), and Deacon Daniel Klawitter (MDiv ’02) brought us wonderful presentations about their work in the world. Guests such as activist-artist Micah Bazant and NYPD police commissioner Dr. Tracie Keesee offered insights into their fields. Student presentations were a new highlight. This action-packed threeday event was full of fellowship and new ideas. We can’t wait to do it again next year. See our online report for links to photos!

– Martin Luther King, Jr. 3


Innovators’ Society ($10,000+)

A legacy

Dr. Theophilus (Theo) Anderson Jenny and Greg** Baldwin Charitable Fund “Iliff School of Theology educates leaders who are uniquely trained in the essential questions of human life and our collective search for meaning and purpose. The fact that Iliff is open and affirming to all faiths, ethnicities, genders and orientations is important to us. Graduates of Iliff build community, care for those in pain, and shine a light on injustice. They help remind us of spiritual truth that is critical in promoting healthy communities. Jenny and I are proud to help this exceptional graduate school.” V. Eugene and Rosalie DeFreitas Chartitable Foundation The Denver Foundation Susan (Sue) M. and James (Jim)+ Duncan Mrs. Lee Palmer and Dr. H. Edward (Ed)+ Everding First Plymouth Foundation General Board of Higher Education & Ministry Peter** and Rhondda Grant The Rev. Jane C. ’78 and William+ H. Hays The Rev. Martin ’71 and Nancy Holler Lilly Endowment Inc. The Louisville Institute Magee Christian Education Foundation The Rev. Donna ’86 and Dr. Paul Newendorp “Donna experienced good memories while attending Iliff in the eighties. Now it’s a blessing to be able to support others with their ministry goals.” Kim Patmore** and Thomas (Tom) A. Haller The Timothy G. Pfeifer** Charitable Gift Fund Rollie R. Kelley Family Foundation Schlessman Family Foundation George Allen** and Mary R. Sissel “I am so impressed with Iliff’s liberal missions and with the range of cultural and religious backgrounds of Iliff’s masters and doctoral degrees students. They all make major contributions to serving the needs of mankind.” Transforming Chaplaincy Project The Rev. Dr. Thomas V.* and The Rev. Marilyn N. Wolfe

Our Future We continue to follow the vision of a communal plan for our future. During the 2014-2015 academic year, the community of the Iliff School of Theology committed to a year of active discernment that led to a new strategic plan. The first phase of the plan is a three-year cycle that will take us through 2018. Led by President Tom Wolfe through a collaborative visioning process, the community was able to create a collective call to action. In brief, the group determined seven areas of strategic focus: 1. Sustaining and Enhancing Academic Excellence 2. A  ttracting and Graduating a Diverse, Meaningfully Engaged, High-Achieving Student Body 3. P  reparing and Sustaining Graduates in Lives of Leadership and Service 4. D  iscerning the Role of Faith, Community, and Academic Leaders as Stewards of the Relationship of a Complex World 5. I dentifying New Paradigms Impacting Traditional and Emerging Faith Communities 6. Financing Our Future 7. Internal Operations

5 3 17

* Staff and Faculty | ** Board of Trustees | + Deceased *Staff and Faculty | **Board of Trustees | + Deceased Evergreen Members


125 years

in the making


Elizabeth Iliff Warren announces an offer of $100,000 to endow a theological school

The Iliff School of Theology formally opens, affiliated with the University of Denver



Iliff incorporated as an independent institution from the University of Denver


Accreditation by the newly formed American Association of Theological Schools

Ira J. Taylor Library opens with 45,000 volumes

Here’s a look back at the key milestones. 1973


Accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges as a professional doctoral degreegranting institution

2013 Establishment of the Spiritually-Integrated Financial Resiliency (SIFR) Initiative. SIFR Scholars commit to a three-course sequence of classes in finance and leadership.


Joint inauguration by Iliff and the University of Denver of the PhD in Religious and Theological Studies degree program



Dedication of the $3.6 Launch of the Journey million Bacon Education program, the premier Center, which includes a progressive flexible 15,000 square foot addition residency MDiv to the Ira J. Taylor Library in America



Under the leadership of Tom Ira J. Taylor Library Installation of the 352 panel Wolfe, the community of renews a partnership with solar array complete, which the Iliff School of Theology offsets 65% of our annual the University of Denver committed to a year of electrical use. Go to www. libraries to increase to see an active discernment that led available resources many to a new strategic plan aerial video of the project. thousandfold


Founders’ Society ($1,892 to $9,999) American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Laura May and Herbert (Herb) Bacon Barbara and Dennis Baldwin**

Young Sun Pahk ’90 and Dr. Young Taek Hong ’87, ’93 The Rev. Dr. Emery ’61 and Deborah Percell Dr. Herschel Randolph Phelps

Barbara A. Boigegrain

Dr. Richard (Dick) L. ’60 and Ethel Phillips

Katherine (Kathy) Sharp Borgen ’00, Borgen Family Foundation

The Rev. Robert (R.J.) and Ruth E. Ross

“I give to Iliff because Iliff gives in return to the greater community in a broad outreach addressing the moral concerns of this perilous time.” Donna Bates Boucher** The Colorado Trust Directed Contributions Program The Phyllis M. Coors Foundation Dr. Thomas (Tom)** and Susan Craine The Rev. Robert+ ’43 and Mrs. Barbara Neighbors Deal The Rev. Katherine (Kay)** and Douglas (Doug) Farley Andrew (Andy)** and Kim Folkerth Maria L. Garcia Berry Elizabeth Herbrand Geiger

Rocky Mountain Conference UMC Anita Sanborn** and Robert (Bob) Thomson Saint Lawrence Foundation for Theological Education


Feminist Voice of

Boyung Lee

Dr. Verne A. and Diana Smith Dr. William+ ’55, ’57 and Joy E. Sparks University of Denver The Rev. Dr. Joseph Uemura+ ’49 and Nancy J. Whiteside James (Jim) M.** and Scotty Wilkins+ Suzanne (Suzy) Iliff** and J. L. (Cap) Witzler Dr. David* ’13 and Sara Worley The Rev. Dr. J. Charles (Chuck) ’74, ’78 and Kathleen (Kathy) Schuster The Rev. Dr. Craig and Barbara Whitcher

Scott Halford** The Rev. Dr. Earl K. ’52, ’78 and Mrs. Rhonda K. Hanna Barbara Kelley

Pat and Wills Long Barbara McDonnell** Esther M. Mesquida Susan (Sue) Arnold and George Mitchell “When I retired from Iliff in 1998, I wanted to be sure that the work and mission I had been part of continued. We decided the best way to be sure the strong voice for liberal religion and the active community presence Iliff offers continues to be heard through our annual contribution.” * Staff and Faculty | ** Board of Trustees | + Deceased


Evergreen Members

Bishop Henry White Warren, one of the founders of Iliff, espoused the progressive ideals and values that have defined and shaped the Iliff educational experience through the years. While the cornerstone was being laid, he spoke about his vision of Iliff’s restless spirit.

“In doctrine it fears no criticism, courts always an advance, God’s thoughts are yet as high above ours as the heavens are above the earth.”

The Rev. Dr. Naomi Olivia Harris ’04, ’12

C. Bennett (Ben)** and Barbara Lewis

Studies in the English Bible

“The Iliff School of Theology has been established to promote Progress in Doctrine and experience. It is based on the best that it may rise to some future better than any present best.”

Dr. Frederick (Fred) L. and Carol J. Grover

The Rev. Dr. Catherine (Cathie) L. Kelsey* and Dr. Terrence (Terry) N. Tice


Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee is proud in describing herself as a feminist communitarian educator. She takes the meaning of the word, “education” very seriously [Latin’s e (out) + ducare (to lead) = “to lead out.”]. To her, education is helping people find truth that is already within them. “It is helping people to remember what they know and to reflect critically on this in their present life contexts in and through communal process. Through communal education we, who lead and are led, develop something new for the future together, particularly a more just world that works for EVERYONE.”

Rev. Dr. Lee sees that women have been practicing communal wisdom-creating and sharing for ages, despite their historic lack of access to formal education. “Women’s ways of knowing have so much to offer for our world where individualism, competitiveness, and profit-driven neoliberal ideologies dictate our current society.” As the first Korean-American woman dean in the Association of United Methodist Theological Schools, Rev. Dr. Lee’s theological and scholarly pursuit is fueled by a commitment to social

justice. Throughout her career, she strives to embody her commitment in her leadership and pedagogical practices. Iliff is pleased to welcome Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee to the position of Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty. Read more about Rev. Dr. Lee’s academic journey at

“There are great crises of advance in the lives of nations. There should be in the lives of individuals. Certainly there is room, as certainly there is power. Be possessed of the possibility. Study the means. It is thoroughly believed that any great mental achievement must be based on spiritual insight, perfect purity of purpose for one’s self, a heart of sympathy, a hand of help for others, and an eye single to the glory of God.”

Board of Trustees 2016-2017 Chairperson: Kim Patmore Vice Chairperson: Anita Sanborn Secretary: Ramona Martinez Assistant Secretary: Alisha Eno Treasurer: George Sissel Trustees Christine Alonzo Dennis Baldwin Greg Baldwin Donna Bates Boucher Dr. Thomas Craine The Rev. Dr. Michael Dent The Rev. Katherine Farley Andrew A. Folkerth David Furgason William W. Grant Scott Halford Ben Lewis Dr. Carolyn D. Love Ramona Martinez Barbara McDonnell Adrian Miller Bishop Robert J. O’Neill Kim Patmore Timothy Pfeifer Andrew Quiat Anita Sanborn William Schilling George Sissel Jim Wilkins Peter D. Wills Suzy Iliff Witzler Ex-Officio Bishop Karen Oliveto Bishop Elaine Stanovsky The Rev. Dr. Thomas V. Wolfe Honorary Trustees Herb Bacon Barbara Baldwin Susan Duncan The Rev. Lonnie Eakle Lee Everding Rhondda L. Grant The Rev. Dr. Naomi O. Harris Wills Long Janet Manning


Mud Up from Bottom of the Pot




“In the 32 years that I taught at Iliff, I have found Iliff students to be extraordinarily bright, extraordinarily hard-working… very, very open, interested in being challenged, having their thinking challenged, thinking the world through in different ways, because my job was always to stir the mud up from the bottom of the pot, so that students could sort out the world in a different way. That can be pretty thrilling to some Photo Credit: United Methodist News Service



– Tink Tinker

Dr. Tink Tinker has been teaching at Iliff for 32 years. He will be retiring this November, so we thought it was an excellent time to talk with him about his tenure at Iliff from the beginning. We asked him to reflect on changes to Iliff and himself with us in a video interview. Here’s a brief excerpt: “When I first came to Iliff, I was interested in finding creative ways to hold Indian culture in tension with the gospel of Jesus Christ, trying to find a middle way to be both Christian and Indian. Iliff gave me the running room to actually explore that and to discover that it was a dead end. I couldn’t do it and be honest to the Indian self, so I became more and more deeply involved in Indian traditional thinking, Indian traditional culture, traditional spirituality, trying to probe what that’s about having grown up in a mixed family where my father was Indian, my mother was not. I didn’t quite have all the tools, culturally, to explore that as a young man. So it was only after the PhD—through doing the PhD really—that after the PhD, I was able to successfully explore my own Indianness. I was able to go back to the reservation to begin talking to elders and to make it a part of my research project as a faculty person at Iliff School of Theology. Iliff even found resources to enable me to go back to the reservation for periods of time. My second year at Iliff, I had a quarter’s leave that I spent at a reservation full time, living with one of the teaching elders at that reservation. As a result, I began to deal more and more intentionally with this thing we call colonialism. Colonialism was always there, but it was kind of in the background back in the early part of my intellectual development. Only

when I began to get serious about looking at what’s going on in traditional culture today was I forced to deal with colonialism as a front-burner issue. That’s what made it harder and harder to hold on to this christian and Indian at the same time. Colonialism has been a very wicked force in the last 500 years. And for better or for worse, it has deeply— to use a theological, postmodern term—“imbricated” with christianity. The two are inter-meshed with one another; they are part of the same fabric with one another. So, as I wrestled with colonialism, anti-colonialism, my thinking changed radically, my theology changed radically. Iliff certainly changed as I changed…” To view a video of the full interview see:

As we begin to bid farewell to Dr. Tinker, we have been happy to welcome Rev. Dr. Jennifer Leath, Rev. Dr. Michelle Watkins, and Dr. Rubén Arjona to our core faculty! Go online to read more about

these wonderful additions to the Iliff team.


annual support

Total Operating Revenues & Breakdown

annual fund earnings

6. 5.



More than double our historic 10-year average





10-Year Average

Fiscal Year 2016

Endowed Scholarship


“Thank You to all our

Over Prior Year

stakeholders for their increased engagement this year.”

$739K 2. Student Grants

$495K 3. Annual Fund


– David Worley, Ph.D., Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Enrollment



Total Charitable Support

1. Methodist Education Fund


Matching Scholarship Program




Fiscal Year 2016




Fiscal Year 2017

$262K 5. Endowment Gifts

$119K 6. Annual Scholarship


Fiscal Year 2017



4. Budget-Relieving Gifts



annual Scholarship



1. Tuition & Fees

$4,112K 2. Gifts & Grants





Fiscal Year 2016




Fiscal Year 2017




Up $10,351 to $65,621 over the prior year

Total Operating Revenues


$7.5M 2.

$1,586K 3. Scholarships & Program Support from Endowment


$832K 4. Unrestricted Operating Funds From Endowment

$654K 5. Housing & Miscellaneous




1. Instruction, Research & Library

$4,739K 2. General Operations*

$2,119K 3. Facilities, Maintenance & Preservation



Total Operating Expenses $7.5M


4. Student Housing


Figures are based on in-house, end-of-year accounting. Audited results are available upon request after November 2017. *This includes, but is not limited to non-curricular student programs and support, student and alumni resources, community accessibility and engagement.



Gifts can Impact the Everyday Needs

legacy Society

How Your

Membership in societies is renewable annually June 1st to May 31st


Students at

Innovators’ Society ($10,000+) Technological Innovation: $30,000 provides improved livestreaming services for chapel and technology that connects online learners with on campus events.


Founders’ Society ($1,892 to $9,999) Student Focus: $6,000 underwrites five first-year Journey students, so they can come take short-term classes at Iliff’s historic campus.

Laura May and Herbert (Herb) Bacon

Susan (Sue) M. and James (Jim)+ Duncan

The Rev. Charles ’86 and Mrs. Jackie L. Bader

The Rev. Doris Dunn ’86, ’88

The Rev. Walter E.+ ’67 and Charlotte Bailey

The Rev. Lonnie R. ’67 and Terry Eakle

The Rev. William (Bill) E.+ ’64 and Mrs. Sue Ellen Ballard

Dr. Pamela (Pam) M. Eisenbaum* and Dr. Mark K. George*

David R. and Lt. Col. Christy Baum

The Rev. Thomas (Tom) M. ’65 and Lillian (Lil) English

The Rev. Dr. Bonita (Bonnie) L. Benda ’78, ’83 and The Rev. Bill Roy Kirton The Rev. Eugene ’76 and Mrs. Barbara Nowlen Beye Ann and Robert Blessin Dr. Louis+ and Mrs. Mary Lou Bloede The Rev. Dr. Walter J.+ ’53, ’61 and Patricia (Pat) A. Boigegrain Donna Bates Boucher** The Rev. Dr. Betty Jo Bradford ’99, ’06 and Mr. Lance Cain

To join a giving society, please go to

Dr. Delwin (Del)+ and Dr. Nancy J. Brown The Rev. Virginia (Ginny) Carey Chase ’92, ’95

John Wesley Iliff Society ($1,000 to $1,891) Faculty Research: $1,200 grants allow our core faculty to research around the world and gain useful insights to take home to enrich their classrooms and publications.


The Rev. Dr. Robert F.+ ’53 and Mrs. Lois Clazie

Elizabeth Iliff Warren Society ($240 to $999) $700 provides technology support for one online Canvas class for 18 students per quarter.

The Rev. Ray ’59 and Dawnia Clements Calhoun (Cal) Cox The Rev. Robert+ ’43 and Mrs. Barbara Neighbors Deal The Rev. Richard N. Dearing ’62, ’71 The Rev. Jordan+ ’51, ’53 and Mrs. Jeanne Detzer

Mrs. Lee Palmer and Dr. H. Edward (Ed)+ Everding The Rev. Robert+ ’57 and Dr. Esther Elaine Fleenor The Rev. Dr. John P. ’65, ’79 and The Rev. Jean H. Foreman ’85 Dr. Gerald+ ’57 and Florence Forshey Terry Fowler ’89 and Catherine Ritchie Anita A. ’85 and Richard L. Fricklas Darwin and A. Carlynne+ Gano The Rev. Richard ’68 and Yvon Gay The Rev. Donald (Don) L. ’57 and Carole L. Germain The Rev. Linda ’91 and Mr. Dennis Gertenbach The Rev. Charles D. ’66 and Mrs. Alta L. Gilbert The Rev. Dr. John C. ’46, ’59 and Mrs. Roberta Gingerich Greta P. and Michael P. Gloven

The Rev. Leslie (Les) L. ’95 and Betty Ludlam

Mr. Victor (Vic) and Marilyn (Lynne)+ Quinn

Mr. C. Orville Strohl+ ’34 and Mrs. Marjorie Stroh

The Rev. Dale+ ’56 and Marjorie M. Luther

Dr. Robert P. ’52, ’55 and Marjorie Robinson

Dr. Jeffrey H.* and The Rev. L. Louise Mahan

Dr. Richard Rossiter ’84

Ebenezer B. Sunanda+ ’63, ’67 and Rosa Pareja de Sunanda

The Rev. Kathleen (Kathy) M. Haley ’98

David and Charlotte Maldonado

The Rev. Dr. T. William (Bill) ’46 and Mrs. Ruth Hall

Dr. Joretta L. Marshall ’80 and Joy Allen

The Rev. Eugene (Gene) B.+ ’53 and Madeline L. Rowbotham

Galen Lee Goldsmith ’91 Mr. Robert (Bob) W. and Tricia Graf Mrs. Rhondda and Mr. William (Peter) W.** Grant

The Rev. Dr. Earl K. ’52, ’78 and Mrs. Rhonda K. Hanna Karen Frances Hansen ’93 The Rev. James (Jim) H. ’76 and Linda E. Harris The Rev. Jane C. ’78 and William H.+ Hays The Rev. Ronald (Ron) ’66 and Patricia (Pat) Hodges Marsena (Mars) Rainbow Holsopple* The Rev. William (Bill) R. ’55 and Ann Iiams The Rev. Jane Harlowe Keener-Quiat ’86 and Andrew (Andy) L.** Quiat The Rev. Dr. Catherine (Cathie) L. Kelsey* and Dr. Terrence (Terry) N. Tice

Bishop Calvin (Cal) D. ’54 and Velma McConnell The Rev. Rodger McDaniel ’99 Mr. Richard (Dick) D. and Verna+ McMillen The Rev. Dr. Linda Ann McMillen ’02 Robert+ and Dolores Meader Dr. Bonnie and Dr. Donald (Don) E. Messer The Rev. Clair E.+ ’55 and Phyllis Mitchell The Rev. Dr. Nobuko ’78 and Robert (Bob) Karl Miyake-Stoner ’96 The Rev. Darrell Eugene and India Mount

Kent M. Savage ’66 The Rev. Albert (Al) Scarffe ’49 The Rev. Paul ’62 and Elaine J. Scheibner The Rev. Dr. Scott Jay Schiesswohl ’85, ’06 Lee and Dolores Schlessman The Rev. Dr. Douglas (Doug) W. ’88 and Jan Slaughter Dr. Shirley Heckman+ ’67 and Dr. Clarence H. Snelling

The Rev. John C. Thompson ’72 Dr. Thomas H. and Mrs. Merle M. Troeger The Rev. James (Jim) Laurie and The Rev. Jane E. Vennard The Rev. Marilyn Klinger ’88 and Philip (P.K.) Ware The Rev. Fletcher (Fletch) ’66 and Shirley Wideman Dr. Dana W. and Linda Wilbanks Suzanne (Suzy) Iliff** and J. L. (Cap) Witzler The Rev. Dr. Thomas (Tom) V.* and The Rev. Marilyn N. Wolfe Mr. J. Robert (Bob) Young

To learn more about our Legacy Society, go to

The Rev. Genie H. ’82 and Gary Kistler

The Rev. Dr. Sharyl Bender ’97 and Robert (Bob) Peterson

Dr. Arnold R.+ ’50 and Mary H. Lewis

Anita Sanborn** and Robert (Bob) Thomson

Dr. J. Alton+ ’53, ’56 and Dorothy Jean Templin ’54

The Rev. Donna ’86 and Dr. Paul Newendorp Kim Patmore** and Thomas (Tom) A. Haller

R. Peter (Pete) and Diane Kufeke

The Rev. Jay ’88 and Dr. Kristen A. Rundell

Dr. Glendora (Dusty) D. Taylor ’76, ’80

Dr. Stanley Mullen

Noble+ ’46 and Dr. Mary W. Kime

The Rev. Kay E. Krebs ’06

Rebecca (Becky) Rouse ’06

Dr. Richard (Dick) L. ’60 and Ethel Phillips Sally Ponfick ’81, ’87

* Staff and Faculty | ** Board of Trustees | + Deceased

If you have or would like to include Iliff in your estate plans, please contact Caran Ware Joseph at [email protected] or 303-765-3111


John Wesley Iliff Society ($1,000 to $1,891) The Rev. Megan M. ’07 and Rob Armstrong “Since leaving Iliff I have grown ever more aware of the knowledge and skills that I acquired during my Iliff education. They have shaped me and enabled me to engage injustice, social issues, and religious conversation. I continue to support Iliff financially to show my gratitude for what Iliff gave me and to help offer that experience and lifelong education to others.” The Rev. Dr. Howard ’60, ’63 and Kay Bailey Lt. Col. Christy and David Baum Best In Nature Diamond Nutriceutical, Inc. Dr. Louis+ and Mrs. Mary Lou Bloede

In the JOURNEY program, our cutting-edge model of hybrid education brings together the strengths of online and on-campus courses. Iliff’s online education expands the reach of our classes beyond the usual physical boundaries. Students and faculty are learning to gather in authentic digital spaces. Three times a year, distance learners come together at Gathering Days on campus in Denver. During the fall, winter, and spring Gathering Days, students took 32 courses and spent 299 hours in class on campus. It’s a time for intense learning, deep reflection, and life-giving fellowship. 15

The Rev. Glenn W. Lawrence ’55 Janet and Bob Manning Dr. Joretta L. Marshall ’80 and Joy Allen “Iliff continues to receive my financial support because I believe in the integrity of its vision and mission. Iliff offers students, graduates, churches and the communities they serve the kind of rich theological resources that transform the world.”

The Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber ’08

Bishop Karen Oliveto** and Ms. Robin Ridenour

The Rev. Dr. Betty Jo Bradford ’99, ’06 and Mr. Lance Cain

Ebenezer B. Sunanda+ ’63, ’67 and Rosa Pareja de Sunanda

Dr. James (Jim) ’73 M. and JoAnna Calhoun

The Rev. G. William (Bill) ’73 and Norah Pattison

Dale and Joan Nordstrom

Dr. William ’53, ’55 and Edythe M. Cascini

Dr. Ronald Carl ’03 and Katherine Pinson

Eloise Clark

The Rev. Dr. Gary Douglas ’80 and Jane Powell

Dr. Bob Daugherty

The Rev. Roger+ ’58 and Kay A. Shanks

The Rev. Dr. John Paul Davis ’08 and James (Jim) Hryncewich

Texas Instruments Foundation

Karyn and Robert (Bob) Downs The Rev. Lonnie R. ’67 and Terry Eakle

The Rev. Jane Harlowe Keener-Quiat ’86 and Andrew (Andy) L.** Quiat

Dr. Ved and Katharine Nanda

Dr. Carrie E. Doehring and The Rev. Dr. George Peter Magnuson

Learn about publications by faculty, students and staff at:

William Robert Jeavons ’12

The Rev. Dr. Walter J.+ ’53, ’61 and Patricia Boigegrain

The Rev. Dr. Michael (Mike)** and Sharon Dent

Hybrid Combines Digital and Traditional Course Delivery

The Rev. William (Bill) R. ’55 and Ann Iiams

Dr. Pamela (Pam) M. Eisenbaum* and Dr. Mark K. George* The Rev. Thomas (Tom) M. ’65 and Lillian (Lil) English John and Debbie Ford Dr. Gerald+ ’57 and Florence Forshey The Rev. Donald (Don) L. ’57 and Carole L. Germain The Rev. Margaret Rush and Jim Hankins Dr. Alberto (Albert)* and Theresa Hernandez Marsena (Mars) Rainbow Holsopple*

Robert (Rod) M. and Gail Shattuck Robert (Bob) and Deborah (Deb) Touslee “Iliff is a dynamic and inspiring community of thinking and caring people and so it makes eminent sense for us to support their intentional work that benefits all of humanity, both locally and globally. As an aside, the warm welcome to Iliff events is an added point of interest; we enjoy this personal connection as well. Over the years, we have found our relationship with Iliff to be deeply gratifying and we will continue our commitment to this fine institution.” Pauline Wagner ’74 and Rod Rippel Caran Lee Ware Joseph* ’12 Dr. Dana W. and Linda Wilbanks Mary M. Wilcox ’68 Josephine (Jody) C. and J. Kemper Will Peter (Pete) D.** and Rosemary Willis

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Alumni Association Board President - Trudy Robinson, MDiv ’98 Secretary - Megan Armstrong, MASM ’07 Members Warren Clifton, MDiv ’13 Beth Chronister, MDiv ’14 Jason Kennedy ’08 Jasper Peters, MDiv ’15

SIFR Iliff’s Spiritually Integrated Financial Resiliency Initiative (SIFR) continues to impact the Iliff community in significant ways, equipping the leaders of tomorrow. Cohorts of SIFR Scholars commit to a threecourse sequence of classes in finance and leadership.

The Matching Scholarship Program Iliff’s Matching Scholarship Program (MSP) provides matching funds for students who raise outside funding toward their educational expenses.*

The Matching Scholarship Program Students have access to coaching resources to help them think about funding sources for their education expenses and can request consultations with Heather Jarvis, an expert on student loans (also available to alumni).

ReSource Iliff’s new Resource program, providing opportunities for lifelong learning to Iliffians, launched in 2017. Watch for information about upcoming programs, as well as online resources!

*Individual and institutional limts apply, funds must be eligible, and students must fulfill program requirements.

“SIFR came to me as a gift from God, confirming my call to ministry…

Becca Boone, MASC ’13

experience!” Erin Power, MDiv ’14

SIFR Scholar,

For more information, visit

Angie Heesacker, MDiv ’17

it was a great

- Sandra Jimenez, MDiv ’17 SIFR, ReSource, and some components of the coaching and consulting program are funded by a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment.


new Members

2014-2015 Cohort

Mollie Ronge, MDiv ’13

Emeritus Member Lonnie Eakle, ThM ’67 Alumni Association Board members volunteer and create programming to benefit their fellow alumni and the community. 18

Brydie Harris (MASJE ’17) was selected by Iliff’s faculty to be our 2017 Student of the Year. Brydie is a Black, non-binary, scholar, poet, and activist. While at Iliff, they served on as Co-Chair of Student Senate and engaged in LGBTQ activism. Brydie is the founder of QTPoC Colorado, a group for LGBTQIA and two-spirit people of color.


of the


After graduating from Iliff, Brydie is pursuing a PhD in Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville in Kentucky while doing community engagement and outreach with the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking. They devote their work and life to radicalizing social systems in the pursuit of love and justice, including academia, as they work toward becoming an educator.

Go online to see video of Brydie in chapel delivering a poem they wrote called “I am”.

“There are few times in this life where you will be rewarded for being yourself. This is opposite from the logic that we tell children when they are coming into their own, but I have found this, unfortunately, to be true. Rather, being our truest selves often means that we are too proud, too unashamed, and too eager to be as queer, loud, unrestrained, Black, femme, (the list goes on) as our nature requires. Blackness, queerness, femme-ness, and other identities that are not white, male, cisgender, heterosexual and ablebodied, etc., are historically incongruent with academic and other social successes. Luckily for myself, I have never been interested in allowing systems of privilege to define success for me. When I came to Iliff I carried things with me that others could not see. I carried the feeling of my grandmother’s hands, how her dark lined palms held me, frying pans, and racial injustice with the same tender resistance and fragility and how the honey sound of my name in her mouth turned to a battle cry. I carried those other black queer kids who would never grow up to walk through academy doors, but who had stories and truths to reclaim. I brought my own definitions of success, and Spirit, and faith, and love. I carried these things, and much more, and brought them with me everyday until they became evident to those around me. There was no room for failure; I had all my tools for my definition of success. I did not learn to carry survival tools because the world is gentle and readily available to open its arms to me. I learned to carry tools of resistance and resilience because the world, including academia, has taught me to be wary of it, and the people who constitute it. I chose to attend Iliff, not because the school is a perfect place, but because they admit that it is not. Society is not just. James Baldwin said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” Admitting that there is a foundation of white supremacy, patriarchy, and heterosexism in the basement of all academic systems is the only way to decolonize them. Iliff is not afraid to name injustice even as its own scales topple and exist in imbalance as they learn how to become more just themselves.

“During my time at Iliff I had many opportunities to stand up for justice…” – Brydie Harris (MASJE ’17)


During my time at Iliff I had many opportunities to stand up for justice. Sometimes those opportunities manifested as push back from me when I thought those at the school were not living into a mission of justice. During other times I was able to stand with those at Iliff, especially with the students, staff and faculty who belonged to or supported the Iliff Queer Coalition and the National Alliance of Pan-African Seminarians. During a morning chapel I had the honor of sharing a poem that represented my own story, but also my unapologetic support of LGBTQ ministers, including queer and transgender minsters of color. There were many members of the staff and faculty who supported me in my activism in all of its manifestations, even when that meant asking questions and standing up against internal marginalization that I, or others, felt from within the Iliff community. This is one of the ways Iliff is different. It strives to face itself, as it must, and then change. I am grateful to have been a part of such a loving, at times frustrating, supportive, and imperfect community of people who are trying to see the truth of themselves, their theology, and others-even when it is ugly, even when it is imperfect, especially when it is cruel and needs to change. This is at the foundation of being a change agent. It does not simply mean changing the world, it also means being willing to be changed. I hope in my naming of the abundance of human capacity of resilience and bounty, but also my calling out of racism, cissexism, patriarchy, etc., that I helped bring change to Iliff during the past two years. As I move forward on my next academic adventure, I will be carrying the things I brought to Iliff, and the things I picked up from Iliff, that I have added to my arsenal of survival tools along the way.” – Brydie Harris (MASJE ’17)


The Year


Elizabeth Iliff Warren Society ($240 to $999)

Bishop Edward W.+ ’70 and Mrs. Carol Paup The Rev. Jill Adair ’14 and Gary Plant Christine Alonzo** The Rev. Dr. Ruben J. Arjona Mejia* The Rev. Dr. Gary ’74 and Laurel A. Armstrong Dr. Kelly Renee* ’11 and Nitu Arora The Rev. Thomas (Tom)* and The Rev. Kirsten C. Barlow Monica and Jason Benderly The Rev. Donald ’62 and Mary Ann Bleyle The Rev. Dr. Joy Brittain ’85 Packard Scott Nelson Brown* ’76 The Rev. Karin (Kari) Casey ’15 and Ryan Collins Karen R. Cotta ’08 Dr. Deborah (Debbie) B. Creamer ’04 Dr. John F. ’65 and Jean Esther Dale

Save the Date

The Rev. Lonnie Benjamin ’58 and Pat L. Johnston

James D. and Lillian Sue Phelps The Rev. Nancy ’77 and James W. Phillips

The Rev. Jin Ho ’84 and The Rev. Youngsook Charlene ’91 Kang

Laura Beth* ’13 and Erin Walrath Ralston

Dr. Philip (Phil) ’45, ’51 and Zodie+ Kaye

The Rev. Rebecca A. ’84 and Frank W. Shields

The Rev. Donald (Don) C. ’59 and Susan D. Keck

The Rev. Dr. Douglas (Doug) W. ’88 and Jan Slaughter

“When I arrived at Iliff in 1956, I was married three weeks, had no place to stay, no job, matter of fact no tuition, but I was confident I wanted to become a Methodist minister and needed Iliff to equip me for the task of ministry. I believe that from their scholarship fund the school paid for more then half, so when I finished in 1959, I was not in debt. After 43 years of serving in ministry in Northern Illinois, I retired to North Carolina and decided to pay back as much as I could for the rest of my life through the 1950’s Scholarship Fund. Iliff cared about me, I’m grateful for the gifts given to me.” The Rev. James (Jim) D. Keith ’66

The Rev. Clara Davenport ’78 and Paul Thompson

Iliff’s front entrance is undergoing a major renovation with the construction of a landscape-lined driveway, 90 parking spaces, and a rock bubbling water feature. Work started this summer and is expected to be completed by the fall quarter.

Stephen (Steve) G. and Claire B. Parker The Rev. Robert N. ’59 and Nancy Lee Paul

The Rev. Roddy C. Dunkerson ’82

The Rev. Jason D. ’08 and Sarah Elizabeth Kennedy

Dr. Donald M. Fairchild ’67

Noble+ ’46 and Dr. Mary W. Kime

Dr. Micah David Saxton* ’14

L. Darby and Lorraine+ Smith Ronda and Dudley Smith The Rev. Granville D. and Pastor Charlene A. Smythe The Rev. Charles F. ’58 and Phyllis M. Stanley Dr. J. Alton+ ’53, ’56 and Dorothy Jean Templin ’54 The Colorado Episcopal Foundation Dr. Robert (Bob) Toll ’72, ’84 Dr. Katherine Turpin* and Andrew J. Blackmun Dr. Theodore (Ted) M. Vial* Dr. Jenny Whitcher* ’12 and Keith White The Rev. Dr. Jason Comer* ’10 and Elizabeth Minus Whitehead

Dr. James A.+ ’57 and Ruth S. Farrell

The Rev. Genie H. ’82 and Gary Kistler

Ellen Fitzgerald

Andrea Kling

The Rev. Fletcher (Fletch) ’66 and Shirley Wideman

Richard (Rick) M. Foster

Dorothy (Dottie) V. and Dick Lamm

The Rev. Reuben ’71 and Shirley A. Wilbur

David (Dave) W.** and Peggy Furgason

Dr. Carolyn Love**

Debra Witzler

The Rev. Karl J. Giese ’87

Pamela A. and Jacques Machol

Dr. John (Phil) Philip and Carolyn G. Wogaman

Dr. George ’80 and Suzanne A. Gordon

Dr. Jeffrey H.* and The Rev. L. Louise Mahan

The Rev. James F. ’72 and Miriam B. Hanke

Ms. Marie Michele Marchand ’03

The Rev. Olga Jane Hard ’02

Dr. Taylor ’51, ’57 and E. June+ McConnell

The Rev. James (Jim) H. ’76 and Linda E. Harris

Kelly L. McCormick*

The Rev. Ronald (Ron) ’66 and Patricia (Pat) Hodges

Diana Louise Neff ’05 and Douglas (Doug) R. McCallum

J. Karl Jones Family Trust

Allan L. Nesbitt ’62

* Staff and Faculty | ** Board of Trustees | + Deceased | Evergreen Members

For all donors, please go to All gifts acknowledged in this report were given June 1, 2016-May 31, 2017. Every attempt at accuracy has been made. To report errors or omissions contact Marsena Holsopple, [email protected] in the Institutional Advancement Office, 303-765-3122

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